Month: September 2015

Dinosaur Island: Mini Jurassic Park in Baguio

This is a theme park using Animatronics Technology and showcases, you guessed it! DINOSAURS!
Dinosaurs are sprawled within different areas and a guide tells about the different dinosaurs and how they differed from each other.Funny moment was when the guide pointed out to one of the Dinosaur’s Girlfriend, a Silver Swan image on top of the mountain across to where we were.

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Bell Church

Page With Dual Sidebars Here is a basic page layout with dual sidebars Bell Church of Baguio The Bell Church is located along the road leading to the town of La Trinidad, Benguet. You can actually see the Welcome to La Trinidad arc from the entrance of Bell Church. It seems a little rustic and the surrounding environment isn’t that great but once you enter the Bell Church Compound and see the arches and chinese-style buildings and decorations, and see the dragon designs, you’ll definitely feel like you’re transported into another country. It is very similar to Thean Hou in Malaysia except the Bell Church seems to be more serene and too eerie. I can’t go there alone because I feel too many strange feelings and cold spots (it was hot that time) in more than one location. This location scared me more than the Laperal White House. I can’t understand why though since I don’t have a third eye. The pagoda and garden was closed during our visit there. We must really look at the opening and closing times of tourist Anyway, lesson learned. The “Church” is not a Catholic one, it’s for our Buddhist brothers. The dragon pond with koi fish looks great, we even played a little by shooting coins inside a specific portion of the pond. The houses on top of mountains can be...

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Grumpy Joe

We went to Grumpy Joe to have a quick breakfast before we start our Baguio tour. Since we wanted to visit Laperal White House in the morning (scaredy cats lol), we decided to have Pizza’s for breakfast.

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