Month: September 2016

Batanes Needs Our Help! #HelpBatanes #BangonBatanes

#HelpBatanes #HelpBatanes #HelpBatanes #HelpBatanes Batanes is a small island in the topmost part of the Philippines and is a constant part of people’s travel bucket list because of its serene and breathtakingbeauty. Many of us have already been there, while most of us are still dreaming and planning to spend a nice vacation there. However, due to Typhoons Ferdie (Meranti) and Gener (Malakas), on September 15, 2016, Batanes was placed under a state of calamity and a lot of residents (about 10,200 people) have been affected and are calling for help. They immediately need potable water, canned goods, food,...

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Win A Trip to Seoul, South Korea by voting for your favorite Hallyu Attractions!

To all fans of Korean entertainment, especially Korean Drama and KPOP, this is your chance to win a trip to Seoul for two and other prizes! Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a contest that is open to Hallyu fans everywhere. Getting a chance to win is very easy too, you only need to choose your top 10 Hallyu attractions in Seoul, cast your votes, provide your details (in case you win this will be used to contact you) and wait for the announcement of the winners as well as the top 10 Hallyu spots in Seoul which would be on September...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Train to Busan

TRAIN TO BUSAN is a must watch South Korean zombie film! If you want to just relax and enjoy an exciting movie with family or friends and you don’t mind a little blood, then you might really enjoy TRAIN TO BUSAN. When my best friend and I watched this movie, it felt like we were riding a roller coaster, complete with the screaming and excited shouting from the crowd. Emotions throughout the movie were also like a roller coaster, one moment everyone is celebrating their safety, the next minute, everything’s in havoc and everybody is running. Normally, it irritates me when other...

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