Month: November 2017

My Most Rewarding Experience with Sodexo Gift Certificates

Personally, I prefer receiving Sodexo Gift Certificates over cash/items as a gift, prize or incentive at work. Why? Because when items are given as presents, sometimes I already have one so I would either keep it for future use or recycle it by gifting it to my family and friends so that the item will be put to good use. Also, I must admit that there are plenty of times when I received something that I couldn’t use or wouldn’t be able to but I couldn’t give to others because of its sentimental value so it just sits in...

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Visa-Free Travel to South Korea until April 30, 2018!

Good news KDrama and KPOP fans! You won’t have to wish for Kim Shin (GOBLIN) to teleport you to South Korea anymore!  Get your passports ready as SOUTH KOREA has announced via Yonhap News Agency, that they are allowing Filipinos to enter their country without a VISA! But before you scream and jump for joy, please note that there’s a catch…. Since there’s currently a tension between South Korea and China (i.e. security and political issues including the deployment of a US anti-missile system), South Korea’s tourism sector has been affected heavily, plus they want to boost the tourism performance of...

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