Right now, one of the most important things we possess is our smartphone. It connects us with our family, work, business, and the whole world. It keeps us entertained and updated via social media sites, news available online, emails, etc. Our smartphones are also used to store photos and memories of special events, occasions, and when we’re recording important milestones.

With all the scary things happening nowadays, our smartphone also aids us in case there are natural disasters, bombings, accidents or emergencies that we need to report asap. Having mobile phones enables us to ask for help from our loved ones, call local hospitals or the police or even take photos/videos to serve as evidence.

So nowadays, it’s extremely important to be prepared and ensure that we take care of our smartphone’s battery for us to be ready for any kind of accident, emergency or natural disasters that may happen around us.

In this blog post, I’ve decided to include 5 of the best Smartphone Charging Tips that will help us take care of our smartphone’s battery.

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Determine what apps to keep, delete or disable


Select only the apps you actually use and need and determine which ones you should keep, delete/uninstall or disable from running in the background. Here are some things you can do to ensure that your selected apps don’t take its toll on your smartphone’s battery life.

A. DELETE/UNINSTALL USELESS APPS & WIDGETS – Delete unnecessary apps/widgets or those that you haven’t used for several months. I’m guilty of installing apps and not using them more than once. I just ignore them and forget they’re even there. These apps might have push notifications, updates, or run in the background.

For those that you use frequently, make sure that you update those apps since most updates ensure that the apps are battery and memory optimized.

Also, if you have so many of these unnecessary apps, you’ll have to scroll more windows to find the app you actually need. Instead of having so many unwanted or unnecessary apps on your phone, delete them so you will not only save battery life but also some space on your phone as well.


Did you know that closing and re-opening an app constantly is more harmful than leaving an app that you’re accessing every day in the background? So if you’re going to use an app almost every day, it’s better to leave it opened in the background.

Likewise, apps you don’t really use should not be allowed to run in the background. You can do this by going to the settings and restricting the background data for each app.


Notifications will activate your screen even if you’re not using your Smartphone. Unsolicited notifications can only lower your battery life so it’s better to control this by ensuring you only get notifications from very important apps.



Usually, your email app fetches data from the server automatically. The less frequent it is, the lesser energy you’re using. Instead of having this set to automatic, it will improve your battery life if you set this to manual, which means your email will only fetch data when you’re online and you’re actually checking your email.

However, please note that this is only advisable if emails are not a major part of your business or work and if you check your email regularly. Otherwise, just limit the fetching of new data from every 15 minutes to an hourly basis.

Similarly, disabling auto-syncing of apps (you need to manually sync your apps) will ensure that you control your smartphone’s activity. Having auto-sync enables apps to automatically update when connected to a wifi so sometimes, you get surprised why your smartphone is suddenly low in battery even if you’re not using it much.



Some apps automatically gets your GPS and location without even you knowing so make sure to check which apps are running the location services from your smartphone’s privacy settings. Not only does it drain your battery, it also invades on your privacy. If you need geo-tagged posts however, you need the location services on. But if you’re not particular with regards to geo-tagging of your posts on social media, it’s better to turn this option off.

Maximize Charging

Tips to ensure you maximize the length of your Smartphone Battery's Life


A. Keep your smartphone’s battery charged between 50-80%. When it gets lower than 50%, charge it but as much as possible, don’t charge your smartphone’s battery to 100% or maximum battery charge because it strains your battery and lowers its effective life. Make sure you are using charging cables that helps in ensuring that your smartphone knows when to stop taking in more battery charge.

B. Conserve Your Battery. If you need to conserve battery life, avoid activities that affect your battery the most such as playing mobile games, watching videos and movies, and taking photos/videos.

C. Don’t Drain Your Battery to 0%. Draining your battery to 0% then charging it to 100% will lower the performance of your smartphone’s battery.

According to a study by Battery University, partial discharges reduces the battery’s stress and prolongs battery life. The more that the battery is discharged completely (0%), the less cycle or battery life it has.

D. Avoid overcharging your battery

Most smartphones nowadays are smart enough to know when they’re fully charged but it’s important not to abuse this because it would take a toll on your smartphone’s battery life.



Adjust settings to Optimize Battery Life


A. For AMOLED Screens, Dark Wallpapers are better than Light Colored Ones – Darker Wallpapers use lesser power to light up the screen compared to brighter colored wallpapers. This is because AMOLED screens only illuminate the colored pixels.

B. Turn your WIFI & BLUETOOTH settings off – Stop your smartphone from constantly looking for WIFI & Bluetooth connections. Just turn it on if you need to use it.

C. Disable Auto-brightness and use the least brightness possible when you don’t use your smartphone that much or if you’re trying to conserve energy. There are some people who would choose auto-brightness but it is best to just do it manually and adjust to the lowest brightness that you are most comfortable with.

D. Ensure that you use battery saving features of your smartphone – Most smartphones are now equipped with features designed to enable the users to enhance and optimize their battery  & memory use. These settings even provide suggestions to better extend your battery life. An example of which can be found below.

E. Set your DO NOT DISTURB Schedule – Many smartphones have this option so it’s better to make use of it. Basically, it means that all notifications will be muted & the vibration feature from your smartphone will be turned off from the schedule you’ve set.

F. Turn off vibrate and haptic feedback – It takes more power to vibrate your phone than when a tone is played. Also, try to turn off the haptic feedback from your phone. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s that vibrating sensation you get when you click on keys on your phone.

G. Enable your Smartphone’s Auto-Lock Feature – This ensures that when you’re not using your phone or if the phone remains idle for some time, it automatically turns off the display to save battery power. If you’re already using this feature, make sure that you decrease the time it takes to enable the feature. Just do adjustments in case you need to read something really long without touching the screen.

Remove From Heat

Make sure your Smartphone Battery is not exposed to hot places & direct sunlight


Store your smartphone’s battery away from direct sunlight, on a dashboard of a hot/humid car, inside your pocket or in places where temperatures are unfavorable or too hot.

This is because your smartphone’s battery discharges energy faster and its capacity is lowered because of the hot environment.

This has been tested and studied by the Battery University blog by Cadex Electronics. According to their study, elevated temperature hastens the battery’s capacity loss and the capacity of batteries are lowered and can no longer be restored.

According to Battery University, the recommended storage temperature for Smartphone batteries is 15°C (59°F) while the extreme allowable temperature is 40°C to 50°C (40°C to 122°F). And at an average temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, a lithium-ion battery will lose six percent of its maximum capacity per year.

So next time, make sure your Smartphone isn’t stored in hot and humid places, that includes the pocket of your pants, on the dashboard of your car and under direct sunlight.


Magneto Charging Cables are tested & proven safe & effective



A common misconception by most people is that off-brand (does not have the same brand as your smartphone) chargers will damage your battery and smartphone. However, this is a false claim because there are some existing off-brand chargers that have been proven and tested to perform better and last longer than their “original” counterparts.

What you really need to look out for are the “KNOCK OFFS” or those that claim to be original or those that people claim to be “CLASS A” because they try their best to look like the original but the materials used to make these knock-offs are of poor quality so these are the types of batteries that explode or are potential fire hazards.

There are authentic off-brand chargers/CABLES that are trusted worldwide, like MAGNETO and their Magneto Charging Cable

I’ve noticed based on experience, that original charging cables that came with smartphones aren’t as sturdy as I want them to be. Usually, it just takes a few months before I look for a replacement cable. Replacing the cable repeatedly is not economical and all the wire/cables end up as trash since I can’t recycle them.

MAGNETO CHARGING CABLE has a solution to each of our most common problems regarding Smartphone charging.

A) Protection from Overvoltage. Shortcircuiting smartphones are common especially if you don’t use a voltage regulator. Magneto Charging Cable ensures that your device is protected from an unstable or sudden surge of electricity because of its Output Overvoltage Protection. You smartphone’s battery is safe from overvoltage with Magneto Charging Cable.

In case you are wondering how this was tested, please refer to the video below:



You don’t have to bring lots of wires/cables to charge your devices. You only need to bring one Magneto Charging Cable because it has an adapter for Micro-USB and Lightning (Apple). Some have an adapter for Micro-USB HTC as well. This helps eliminate multiple wires/cables that end up in the trash so it’s eco-friendly.

Also, it makes compatibility issues a thing of the past as it is also MFI certified by Apple. This makes it so convenient especially when you love to travel.

It comes in 5 different colors, black, grey, silver, pink, and gold. In case you have more than 1 Magneto Charging Cable at home or in the office, you can differentiate the cables using their colors.

All wire/cable adapters are durable and are of high quality.

Noted that for some countries like the Philippines, where we differentiate smartphones into two categories only, there are some Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable that has two types of connector heads, one for Apple and the other for Android such as the one pictured below.




It was tested and confirmed that the Magneto Charging Cable is capable of outperforming even an iPhone which is quite remarkable. If we take into account the quality of the wire/cable itself, I think that it would last for several years and definitely much longer than its Apple counterpart. This Ultra fast charging makes it a better alternative to the original charging cables.


Most wire/cable connectors even if they’re from the original manufacturers are flimsy and weak. I noticed also that once the outermost layer of the wire/cable chargers starts to break apart, the colored electrical wires are already exposed, which might cause electrocution or fire.

Wire/Cable Connectors of Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable has multiple coating. The Teflon coated copper wire is already a major improvement from its counterparts but that’s not all it has. Covering the copper wire is an AI shield, Copper Wire Braid Shield, and High Elastic TPE. The cable of the Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable is tested to be 10x more durable that the original cables. This just proves that they’re more strengthened, durable and safer than most wire/cable chargers because of its multi-shielding structure.

You can twist the wire/cable again and again but it won’t affect its performance since it’s made from sturdy and highly durable materials.



The Magneto Charging Cable is tested for over 15,000 charging hours without any problem. Also, you don’t need to know which side is up because the Magneto charging cable is reversible. Once plugged in, it provides a strong and secure magnetic hold that your smartphone won’t fall off accidentally.

The Pogo pins, which are usually the first thing that breaks are tested 50,000 times  & not only that, the pogo pins are designed to reduce physical damage to your smartphone’s charging port because of the friction effects of pushing and pulling normal charging cables. Because Magneto Charging Cables are Magnet-based, there is practically no effort removing the cable from the smartphone. You just need to bend it up or down to disconnect.


F) LED Charging Cue – instead of constantly opening your smartphone to check if you’re satisfied with its charge percentage, you can just simply look at the color indicators on the Magneto Charging Cable to know whether you need to unplug it already.

G) Adapter also serves as an anti-dust plug. The adapter of the Magneto Charging Cable has a double purpose. Aside from connecting the Magneto Charging Cable to the Smartphone, it also serves as an anti-dust plug for your smartphone.

By using Magneto Magnetic Charging Cables, not only will you be able to take care of your smartphone’s battery, you will also have the convenience of carrying only one cable for multiple devices and you don’t have to constantly add damaged and broken charging cables as trash as the Magneto Charging Cables are built to last a long time.

If you’re interested in buying this Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable, it’s available at Widget City using this link: http://www.widgetcity.com.ph/product/magneto-cable/

So there you have it, 5 of the best smartphone charging tips plus a few extra useful info on the side. 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post and if you ever need to check our the tips again, don’t hesitate to use the button navigation like the one below.




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