Not your ordinary ‘haunted’ house: It’s a Bamboo Carving

Baguio City, like most places in the Philippines has its own urban legends and stories. One of which is the Laperal White House. At first glance, it just looks like any normal and old Victorian house, however it does have its share of stories which residents are fond of sharing to tourists.


The taxi driver who drove us to Wright Park told us that there’s a lot of stories behind Laperal White House, some are sad but true, some are really scary while some were just made up by locals.


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Whatever stories are behind Laperal White House, one thing is definite, it’s become a tourist site & because of the amazing bamboo carvings, it’s definitely one of the places that you might want to see while in Baguio.


It’s located at 14 Leonard Wood Road, very near and a short walking distance from Grumpy Joe & the 50’s Diner so if you’re going to eat within that area, you might as well visit this place.

Cost of Entry: PHP50.00 each