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This blog is co-owned by Lester and Joy Lora, bloggers and social media managers from the Philippines. This blog focuses on Asian Dramas, Movies, Food, & Travel.

This blog focuses on the blogger’s interests and hobbies such as Asian Dramas, Movies, Food, & Travel.

Joys of Asia’s blog/website name was selected because the main blogger’s name is Joy and this blog focuses on anything related to Asia such as Asian Dramas, Hallyu Actors and Actresses, KPOP, Movies, Food, & Travel. We also cover special features and other stuff that are available and can be enjoyed by people in the Philippines and those within Asia. The “JOYS” of Asia also implies that we feature only those that bring happiness and joy to our readers.

Our aim is to explore, enjoy and highlight anything that deals with Asia to promote the BEST places, food, entertainment, products, and services that can be found in Asia among our Asian brothers and rest of the world!

We want to share our ideas, opinion, and knowledge so that readers would be able to enjoy their interests even more. We also want to introduce new items, products, services, food, amazing sites and tourist attractions to our readers. You may see several featured items here but trust that these are of high quality and dependable.

We value our integrity so we will not compromise it for payment or freebies from sponsors. Low quality and misleading products/services have no space in this blog.

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