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Joys of Asia accepts sponsorships for as long as we are NOT REQUIRED TO POST POSITIVE REVIEWS and please note that we practice FAIR INFORMATION provided to our readers so even if a product or service is already provided, our bloggers reserve the right to respectfully reject or not blog about your product or service (you will be informed if this is the case) if it does not meet standard quality or requirement. We value our integrity and the safety of our readers and we only give our readers the best information possible.  We will never use this blog to manipulate them into buying or using a service that are of substandard or poor quality nor will we give positive reviews to products or services that do not deserve it. If the product or service is indeed stellar and satisfying, we would definitely pour out all efforts, including creating images and artworks to promote your product/service. Thank you for your understanding.



If a blogger is free to cover an event or product/service launching, we will immediately inform you. Please allow a minimum of three (3) working days for our admin/s to respond to your request. Before we agree to cover an event, our admin/s will already determine if your product/service meets our requirements so that once we confirm our attendance, we would definitely publish a blog post about it and market it to our readers. Please allow from one(1) up to seven (7) days maximum for the blog post to be published. Thank you for considering JOYS OF ASIA as one of your trusted blog/s.



Please allow from 1-7 days for our admin to respond to your concerns. If has anything to do with legal and copyright concerns, we will respond to your within 24 hours and have the item taken down or edited (with your approval) with our public apology in case the item/photo/video has not been properly credited. We respect the rights of everybody and if there are images or videos depicted here, these are for promotional purposes of the same product or entity. No copyright infringement are intended. Thank you for your consideration and support.




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