It’s the Holiday season! The temperature is colder but hearts are getting warmer since this is the season of love, gratitude and sharing.

This holiday season, let’s fill the Air with Gratitude! AirAsia, the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline, recently launched their Christmas Campaign with their Christmas  #ThankYou Video which you can view below:

This video really connects me to the air of Christmas Spirit in terms of sharing the spirit of appreciation & gratitude towards everything. It has inspired me a lot. Even small things and gestures should be appreciated by other people, not just this Christmas but all year round.

Since I’ve been very touched with this Christmas Video by Air Asia PH, let me just talk about a few things so I can also share with you the lessons and inspiration I got from it.


Because of AirAsiaPH’s #ThankYou Video, I am grateful for:

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How often do we just shrug off greetings and Christmas cheers from our security guards? They protect us from harmful elements and they start our day with simple greetings of good morning and welcome. I’ve handled the recruitment and selection of security guards before so I know what they go through.  They stand the whole time, they have to be alert at all times, even though they’re tired and their feet are probably numb from standing all day long, they always put a big smile on their faces as they greet people going in and out of the establishment or building they are assigned to. That is real dedication that we shouldn’t take for granted.

Through AirAsia’s Christmas video, I’ve learned to appreciate them more and hopefully people would be more gracious and say good morning back to them or at least smile back at them to let them know how much we appreciate their work.  #ThankYou


Countless times, when I’m rushing and have to catch the elevator as it’s about to close, it’s always a good thing when there’s a good samaritan who’s willing to wait for me and reopen the elevator door.  Small things like this may mean little to some but to the one who got in (like myself who’s always having buzzer beater moments) and didn’t have to be late for an appointment, it meant a lot.

Some people think that people like attendants (in hotels, planes, etc) are there to serve their every whim. Most of these attendants also have other tasks to do and when they help customers, they should be thanked for it because they’re giving their gratitude to us by means of GENUINE CONCERN AND SERVICE.

I’ve always said thank you to these kind people. I love how this was included in Air Asia’s Thank You Video because small things like this shouldn’t go unnoticed. Let’s spread the air of gratitude for kind gestures! Speaking of kind gestures, when I pay for my fare in passenger jeepneys and fx/vans, I always say thank you to the ones who pass the fare on to the driver. I noticed that people smile back when I say thank you. It’s not their job to do that and they’re not required to do it but at least we should be thankful that they did it anyway.

Opening doors especially for people who are have their hands full, allowing a family holding a baby to get in the taxi first so that the mother and child won’t have to stand long in the taxi queue, giving your seat to the elderly and pregnant women, these things should be done not only during Christmas and these things shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you are a recipient of kindness, try your best to say thanks and give back or pay it forward.

I’m inspired by Air Asia’s Thank You Video so I’m blogging it here so that people would do their share too in spreading the air of gratitude especially this Christmas Season. So next time, when someone does something good for you, no matter how small or trivial it is, don’t forget to appreciate and say thanks to them.  #ThankYou


This year, there has been some incidents of road rage, people shooting others or beating them up just because of hotheaded arguments on the road… it’s also because many of us aren’t willing to give way especially during traffic and rush hours.

However, this Holiday season, Air Asia reminds us to be willing to give way to people and to appreciate people who are kind to us on the road and to be grateful wherever we are and not just when it’s convenient. Let’s spread the air of gratitude to motorists who are willing to let us pass the pedestrian lanes also. I hope more would share this Christmas spirit of gratitude by sharing Air Asia’s  #ThankYou Video.


Another thing that was highlighted in the AirAsia Thank You Video was being grateful to people who serve us in restaurants. They give us their service with a smile and they make us feel special and comfortable. In return, a nice tip and a message of thanks would definitely make them happy, knowing how much we are thankful and appreciate the work they’re doing.

For fast food restaurants, I hope people would at least put together the plates and containers and clean up food scattered all over the table so that table cleaners won’t have a hard time doing so and it would make them work faster. I also hope those who are going to watch movies especially during the Christmas’ MMFF Season, would bring their food containers with them and throw them in the trash so we can be more considerate and grateful to the people working even during the Christmas Season. It’s not just for restaurants and movies, but everywhere else. It’s so awesome to spread this air of gratitude, that’s why I really love the video uploaded by Air Asia.  #ThankYou


I love window seats because it allows me to see breathtaking views unfortunately, we’re not always given the window seats especially if we failed to secure seat selection so be appreciative of people who are willing to exchange their seats just so you can secure the coveted window seat. I remember one time, wherein my husband and I failed to get the seat selector option so we were seated at different locations. We can’t just swap seats because as per the stewardess, the number of people was already calculated to ensure that there’s balance in the plane so you can’t just sit wherever you please.

A guy (may God bless his soul) went ahead and swapped seats with my husband so we can enjoy the ride together. I can’t believe that he gave up his window seat.  It’s these thoughtful things that make me really appreciate people’s kindness and how thoughtful and compassionate we are for others. To that guy, thank you for making the flight more comfortable for us. Here is what you can see on the window seat, it’s so spectacular and people who give up this privilege is definitely deserving of gratitude,

This (giving of seats to others) was also shown in AirAsia’s Thank You Video. I realize that I’ve taken for granted and just smiled at people who gave their seats to me, whether it be on an airplane, bus or on the MRT/LRT. After viewing Air Asia’s video, I would definitely let my voice be heard and say  #ThankYou to those who sacrificed their seat just to make me more comfortable.


Air Asia not only targeted adults in their Thank You Video but they also included one for the kids so it’s definitely great to share this video to your kids and let them view it so they would appreciate their parents more especially this Christmas wherein they usually get gifts from their parents. Teach them the spirit of gratitude by letting them see Air Asia’s Thank You Christmas Video. Perhaps they would be inspired to do what they can to make their parents, grandparents and guardians feel appreciated and loved. Actually, this isn’t just for kids but also for all people who have loved ones who love and care for them all year round!  #ThankYou


Lastly, see and appreciate how Air Asia staff and flight crew let us experience genuine care, appreciation and gratitude through their world class service. Even if we only pay just a portion of what we normally pay for flights since AirAsia gives us budget flights, know and be assured that their service is definitely above par and they go above and beyond what you normally experience in budget flights. They said in their social media account: “We thank you for giving us a chance to serve you. Our gratitude shows our commitment to do better.”. They also promised to continue improving their service to Filipino travelers.

Actually, I have experienced their genuine care personally. I accidentally cut my hand before one of our AirAsia flight from Malaysia. Unfortunately, it was too late for me to get a band aid because we might miss our flight so uncomfortably, I just used a tissue and alcohol to keep it from bleeding. The flight attendant probably noticed us when she passed by to check our seatbelts and she asked us if she could be of any assistance. I told her I badly needed a band-aid so she went to get the first-aid kit and helped me clean and place the bandaid on my wound. It wasn’t a life or death situation but still, I felt really happy being helped that time and I didn’t have to call her attention. She was just super attentive. I was able to thank her personally but wasn’t able to thank her properly via commendation nor was I able to take her picture but I really wish I had. To that person, if you’re reading this, I’m really thankful from the bottom of my heart. You made me a fan of Air Asia because of flight attendants like you.  #ThankYou

There was also a case wherein I made a mistake with our flight details, I knew based on the experience of a friend using another budget airline that it was a hopeless scenario and I would have to purchase a new ticket but still, I asked and took a chance with Air Asia. I asked help from their social media accounts (FB and twitter), they immediately responded and my problem got resolved so quickly that I couldn’t contain my happiness. I was so relieved because it was very important to me that I flew at the same schedule so I sent them a commendation for it. It was also around this time, three years ago when that happened.

I was using a different FB account that time, I already deactivated my previous FB account because there’s just too many people I added to that account that I don’t personally know. I reactivated it (only for a while) to get a screenshot of our conversation so I can show it in this blog post. Below is the screenshot of our conversation way back 2013.

I especially noted how AirAsia acts like a family and a unit rather than having all the praise go to just one person. Notice in the conversation I had with them that they would rather be noted as a team instead of as an individual effort. I am really amazed and very impressed with their level of professionalism and service.

After that, we’ve been faithful and flew via AirAsia every time we had a chance to go abroad and when we’re going to a vacation somewhere in the Philippines. If there is something I would wish for, I wish AirAsia would be able to fly to and from Batanes soon. Air Asia’s service is just impeccable and amazingly awesome even at a personal level, considering how many passengers there are in a single flight. Flight attendants from Air Asia are NOT like robots who are only doing what they’ve been told to do. They are trained to assess passengers’ comfort level and they know how to take care of their passengers well. It’s like paying at a budget level yet receiving first class service.

Going back to the Thank You Video, I’m really glad that Air Asia gave us that Video for Christmas. Instead of just highlighting their company, they chose to include services and random acts of kindness of normal people that also goes unnoticed. The video was well made and it really touches our hearts.

Come to think of it, we normally just take for granted the hard work that people do just to make us feel more comfortable and welcome. With the Thank You Video of AirAsia, we would be reminded to show appreciation to those who put in effort and hard work to bring bright smiles to everyone’s faces. Touching another person’s heart by turning sadness to joy or a frown to a smile is a beautiful gift, and Christmas (or this Holiday Season) is a wonderful opportunity to stop being self-centered and do something amazing for everyone as well as be grateful for receiving kindness and great service. So please do your part and SHARE the Air Asia  #ThankYou Video.

#ThankYou #AirAsiaPh

This holiday season, let’s fill the Air with gratitude! Please share Air Asia’s #THANKYOU Video so that more people can feel gratitude towards everyone, especially those who provide us with genuine care & attention.


And speaking of gratitude, if there’s one person in the world (aside from GOD~who always gave us life and so much blessings, my Parents and Siblings~who have loved and supported me, and Air Asia~for providing budget airline fares so we could also have a chance to visit other countries) that I would love to say ‘thank you’ to, it would definitely be my husband, Lester.


#ThankYou for the love and for one crazy adventure after another.

I never knew that dreams could come true so thank you because you made it all happen. Each journey was special and you made me fall in love with you again each time. Here’s to more love, adventures, and awesome memories for both of us!

May we explore more Asian countries and other islands in the Philippines. I love you and #ThankYou for opening up a whole new world of amazing adventures & enjoying them with me! 🙂

Before we got married, I haven’t traveled much. I did travel from time to time but most of them are for business purposes or work-related so I wasn’t able to enjoy what that province or city has to offer. But because of my husband, I got to discover new places, and had adventures and memories that are worth more than any treasure in the world.

Below is a video of some of our journeys together. I did it because I was very thankful for our travels and adventures together. It wasn’t our anniversary when I posted this online (monthsary), but I really wanted to document our travels and journey together and it was my way of saying thank you to him. LIFE is a journey and I’m so glad that I am spending my life with my best friend and now, my husband. We’ve been through a lot of journeys together and each journey has taught us lessons and gave us memories we would never ever forget. The first part of the video are some pictures of us during high school and college. The middle part until the end are videos from our travels together. Back when we were just students, we really didn’t know that we’d end up together… and I’m thankful because God brought us together. 

We went to different places in the Philippines, we also explored other Asian countries and thanks to Air Asia, we were able to travel around Asia without worries and within our budget. We are not “rich and privileged”  and we’re a household earning just about average but that won’t stop us from enjoying life. LIFE is about adventures, memories and spending and enjoying time with loved ones. We always remember that we’re not here in this world to just work and pay bills. We’re meant to enjoy LIFE because this is the best gift that God has given us.

Truth be told that I only started traveling at the beginning of our married life. That’s the reason why I chose “AT THE BEGINNING” as the BGM of my video. It is perfect and appropriate because we had so many journeys, we’ve experienced ups and downs in life and when life isn’t going well, I look back to our adventures and memories and try to visualize the moment I walked down the aisle because that was the beginning of all our adventures and journey together.

Because of my husband and his love for traveling to different places and countries, I got to discover new places and had adventures and memories that are worth more than any treasure in the world. We went to different places in the Philippines, we also explored other Asian countries and thanks to Air Asia, we were able to travel around Asia without worries and we traveled within our budget. I am so thankful to my husband because he’s the one who’s always made me laugh and enjoy life to the fullest. #ThankYou

We started with nearby locations such as Baguio, Tagaytay, Subic, etc. Then we discovered that we could travel within our means even if we’re going to far away places such as Boracay, Tacloban and even travel outside the country, via Air Asia because they’re the #1 budget airline in the world today and they certainly made traveling much easier on the pocket.

Our international travel began right after our wedding when we went to Singapore (via Air Asia) for our honeymoon.

Our second out-of-country trip was in Malaysia and third was in Bali, Indonesia. We always flew via Air Asia because of their dedication and service to passengers plus I wanted to try out Air Asia’s hot meals and their chocolate chip cookies, which I heard from another blogger were really delicious.

And as it turned out, they really were scrumptious!

I love chocolate chip cookies and the ones in Air Asia flights are simply amazing. I also love their hot meals especially NASI LEMAK.

Below is a screenshot of my conversation with another blogger.

I commented on her blog after searching for Air Asia’s hot meals and I stumbled upon her blog 3 years ago.

So as soon as I had the opportunity to buy the hot meals, I tried NASI LEMAK (Malaysian dish) and it was really good and in my honest opinion, even better than the Nasi Lemak that were served in two 5-star hotels we stayed in at Malaysia. In case you’re interested, you can pre-order them so you’re sure that you’ll get your meals on the plane and to avoid disappointments of out of stock, etc. (Note: By the way, hot meals are served for INTERNATIONAL flights while snacks are served for both local and international flights. I added this after someone asked about it in the comment section.)

You can visit this for more info:

I also bought two boxes of chocolate chip cookies because as I’ve mentioned, these are my favorite cookies. Kids and people with sweet tooth will really love them. It’s actually not too sweet and just about right based on my sweetness tolerance level so I really like it.

I am really thankful to my husband for making me discover new experiences and adventures in this lifetime. I wouldn’t have known how wonderful it is to travel if it weren’t for him. I also want to thank Air Asia for making all our wonderful dreams of traveling come true because of their easy-on-the-pocket prices and promos. I look forward to our next set of adventures and travels together via Air Asia. I wonder where we’re going to next? God willing, He would open more opportunities and give us more blessings so we can travel more around Asia especially the ASEAN countries, revisit our favorite tourist attractions from countries we’ve visited before, and of course, discover more wonderful places in the Philippines. #ThankYou

I urge everyone, especially those with relationships/partners and families to travel the Philippines, Asia and the world via Air Asia because they offer budget travels but their level of service is first class and they truly care for their passengers/ customers. You don’t have to be RICH to travel to other parts of the Philippines and abroad, you just need to find the right travel partner and for us, that’s AIR ASIA. Indeed, with Air Asia, everyone can fly! 🙂

Also, please don’t forget to share Air Asia PH’s #THANKYOU Video so that other people would feel more grateful this holiday season.



This holiday season, Air Asia is thanking all of their passengers flying to MANILA by giving away PHP100 off from GRAB rides. A total of 100,000 vouchers with unique codes will be given away while in flight. Air Asia’s gratitude for their passengers this Christmas is truly amazing.

For sale events, contests and other promotional activities, please follow AIR ASIA on their website and social media sites.



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