Last March 18, 2018, we (Joys of Asia) were invited to attend the press presentation of the newest members of the A-PLUS PAINTBABES. The event was held at the World Trade Center which coincidentally hosted the WorldBex 2018 (March 16-18, 2018).

The “A-plus PaintBabes” are the brand ambassadors of A-plus Paints, a paint company from the Philippines that manufactures House Paint, Industrial Paint, Automotive Paint and Construction Chemicals. The A-Plus PaintBabes are the Facebook and social media celebrities whose funny and witty videos are now going viral. As representatives of A-Plus paints, they appeared on commercials, billboards, movies, local TV shows, and other forms of advertisements. A-plus PaintBabes was formed as an advocacy for sharing their talents and to bring joy to people. They have been actively conducting shows all over the Philippines from one mall to another. They also organized and engaged in charity events like fun runs for a cause, donation drives, gift giving and feeding programs.

For the past few years, A-plus has chosen their representative “A-plus PaintBabes” for their exceptional beauty and talent. They are good role models and social media influencers, garnering fans from all ages and gender.

Last January 2018, an online audition was conducted to choose new members of A-plus Paintbabes. Out of the 80 girls who vied for the chance to be one of the A-Plus PaintBabes, only 12 were chosen for the final screening. Last February 18, 2018, a talent contest was done to determine which of them would be chosen to be part of the now-famous A-plus Paintbabes. Four finalists came up on top and the four talented and gorgeous ladies were introduced to the public via the press presentation, which started around 3pm and were attended by selected media people, bloggers, vloggers and social media personalities, including original members of the A-PLUS PAINTBABES.

The four newest members, Angela Gloria, Nathalie Cole, and the famous 90’s SURF Commercial “Lumen Twins” Charice Andrea Caparas Hermoso & Charlotte Angela Caparas Hermoso were introduced one by one as can be seen in the video below. The host for the event is A-plus PaintBabe Kelly Welt.

Background on the new members of the A-Plus PaintBabes:

The original A-Plus PaintBabes showed their full support for the four new members.

Angela started with commercials. Nathalie had a girl group called SUGAR AND SPICE. You can hear their songs on SPOTIFY. She gave us a very short sample of her sweet voice but it was enough to notice that she really does have a talent in singing and as you will see later in this blog post, she’s also a beatboxer, which is really cool.

Aside from the beauty and charm of the four newest members of the A-Plus Paintbabes, a lot of attention was given to Charice and Charlotte since they were the famous Lumen Twins from the Surf Commercial from the 90’s.

The Lumen Series SURF Commercials were a big hit especially the one wherein the twins of Lumen and Lando sang for Lumen as a tribute to all moms during Mothers Day. The twins in that commercial were Charice and Charlotte, who is now part of the A-PLUS PAINTBABES. See the commercial below for reference:

Both of them showed their talent and captured our hearts as they sang and danced in the 90’s Surf commercial so it’s no surprise to see their more talented adult version. Charlotte’s talent is more on dubbing, Charice’s talent shines when she’s dancing.

After the brief introduction of the newest members of the A-PLUS PAINTBABES, here are the videos I’ve taken while the PaintBabes answered the Questions coming in from the media.


To start with the press presentation, I was privileged to ask the first question as part of the media. My question to them was: “What title do you want to be associated with as an A-Plus PaintBabe?”. I asked this because now that there are a lot of celebrities, models, and social media influencers, it’s very important to have a certain identifying talent or personality that would help people identify and get to know them better.

What title do you want to be associated with as an A-Plus PaintBabe?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: Best Dubber ~ I want to show my trademark, I’m also outgoing & active.

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: Funniest ~ I’m funny, friendly and approachable.

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: Best Dancer ~ I’m proud of my talent and I’m not shy to show it.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: Prettiest ~ Because of my dimples, aside from being cute I have other talents.


Speaking of talents, A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie showed her talent in beatboxing. It was just a short sample but everyone loved it. Below is a video of her beatboxing talent.

What paint color would you pick and why?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: Freedom Green ~ I’m true to myself and I’m free to express myself without affecting my image as an A-Plus PaintBabe.

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: Blue Horizon ~ It’s my favorite color and it represents a calm mood, especially when it comes to struggles in life.

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: Santana White ~ I’m pure and transparent. I don’t hide anything and I’m true to myself.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: Sweet Havana ~ I’m sweet and cute, silly, & girly.

What can you do in support of Women’s Month?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: Think before you click, I’ll be a good role model and emphasize on our good image in the sense that I won’t do something just because I want my social media posts to become viral and trend.

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: Since it’s Women’s Month and also Summer already, I want to influence women to not be ashamed of their bodies, to be yourself. Your flaws and imperfections define who you truly are. Be flaw-some!

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: Women empowerment. I’ll show that I won’t give up whatever it is that’s been assigned to us even if others say that women can’t do it.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: As a social media influencer, I’m a good role model for teenage girls so I can inspire them to do great things.

Are you single?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: It’s complicated.

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: I’m taken.

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: It’s complicated.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: I’m single.

If you were to be an A-Plus Paint, where would you like to be applied?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: Schools. Students are visually motivated so if they see that their schools are colorful like A-Plus FREEDOM GREEN, they will be more motivated to learn.

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: Buildings. I want people to see the paint on the buildings and make them realize that life is beautiful. YOLO! Live life to the fullest!

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: Houses of the needy.  I want them to say that because of me, their houses are beautiful and colorful.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: Walls of people who have a lot of problems in life. I want to be their hope and their comfort zone.

What challenges/hardships did you go through to reach where you are right now?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: I was a little pressured because a lot of the ladies are really very pretty and they had experience communicating to the public. I am happy to reach out to people of all ages and gender while promoting A-Plus Paint.

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: I just tried to audition, if I were to pass it then good, and if not, it’s okay. There’s no pressure because it contributed to my personal growth.

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: I wasn’t pressured because A-plus Paint made it easy for us. We only had to do a video and introduce ourselves. The only difficult part is that a lot of famous and beautiful women joined but I was really blessed because I was selected along with my twin sister, Charlotte.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: I don’t put pressure on myself. Someone told me to join the search for A-plus PaintBabes so I accepted the opportunity to open myself to exposure and other projects.

What can you contribute as brand new ambassadors of A-PLUS PAINTS?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: What we can contribute is our good image and promoting in our social media accounts.

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: Our platform is social media. We want A-Plus Paint to be well-known to the public. We also want people to know what A-Plus Paints isn’t just about the products, we also want to be a good influence on our target market.

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: Social media is the target of all A-Plus PaintBabes, at the same time, we do videos that are witty but have moral lessons.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: Through our social media accounts, we would be able to endorse A-PLUS Paint.

What can your fans expect from you in the future?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: Our fans won’t feel like just fans, they would feel like they’re part of our family.

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: All fans are our friends, I will give my 101% because a lot of people want to be in the position we are in right now.

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: Expect that you will get to have a chance to bond with us more through our events and get-togethers.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: We would be treating our fans as friends and our events can be a venue for us to have fun and have more bonding time with them.

What do A-Plus PaintBabes have in store for 2018?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: Videos and shows that people would love.

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: TV guestings, car shows, etc.

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: Medical missions, charity events, and fun runs.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: Fun runs and events

Which original member of the A-plus PaintBabes do you idolize?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: A-Plus PaintBabe JANICA because she’s strong and she influenced me never to give up even if you lose something or someone and that eventually, someone better would come to your life.

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: A-Plus PaintBabe REGINE because of her, I was able to realize that I too can be an A-Plus PaintBabe and she, like other A-Plus PaintBabes embody women empowerment.

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: A-Plus PaintBabe STEPH because she’s my girl crush and idol not only because she’s pretty, she has a strong willpower.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: A-Plus PaintBabe KELLY because of her wide imagination and she’s capable of doing a lot of things and she gives us a lot of advice and trivia.

Which superhero would you like to be and why?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: My MOM because she can do anything. Teenagers now experience depression. I want to give them advice like my mom.

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: BATMAN. He has no superpowers and only uses technology to save other people. I want to be like that, even though I don’t have superpowers, I will do whatever I can do to help other people.

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: Wonder Woman because of woman empowerment.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: SPIDERMAN. Because it would be easy to paint anything.

Why do customers prefer A-Plus Paint?

A-Plus PaintBabe Charlotte: A-Plus is made for all weather conditions and at the same time, it’s safe for sensitive people, like those who are pregnant, etc. It’s also long-lasting!

A-Plus PaintBabe Angela: Filipino-made and it’s mission is not just to sell products but to add color to our lives.

A-Plus PaintBabe Charice: A-Plus Paints is very affordable and at the same time, offers a lot of colors and at the same time, it’s all about PINOY PRIDE.

A-Plus PaintBabe Nathalie: A-plus Paints is a LOCAL Brand and we should support and love our own brands.



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