Bamboo Art Exhibit (Bamboo Carvings) in Baguio

Laperal White House in Baguio now houses the winners and some entries of the Bamboo Art Exhibit in Baguio which is now rebranding the popular tourist destination from a scary ‘haunted’ house into a bamboo art gallery (exhibit) which some locals call “Bamboo Museum”.


It’s not actually a museum though since the bamboo exhibit is only located at the ground floor. Don’t expect it to compare to Bencab Museum because the latter is a real museum.

The bamboo carvings do have small details which would wow locals and tourists because of the intricate designs.  The scary looking house was turned into an art gallery (Ifugao Bamboo Carving exhibit) in 2013  by the PBFI.

The said move is to promote public awareness with regards to the benefits of bamboo & to encourage cultivation of bamboo forests.