OPPO F1s is definitely one of the best smart phones in the market today that specializes on selfies and smart phone photography.

I have already covered some of the best features of OPPO F1s in a previous post. So for this post, I would be discussing more details about OPPO F1s’ BEST features to help you better understand how to use them.

We commonly use smart phones as our primary mode of communication (sms, calling, video chat, work, etc.) but most of us buy smart phones for other reasons such as the following.




Most of us use smartphones for SELFIES, OOTD, GYM/FITNESS SELFIES, and GANG/GROUP PICS. This is why OPPO F1s is perfect for you if you prefer using it for profile pictures as well as for posting images on social media.


A popular way of using our smart phones is for playing Android-based games such as Pokemon Go. Because OPPO F1s uses MT6750 Octa-core 64-bit & 3GB RAM  so the graphics tend to load faster and lags are hardly experienced.


Taking “F00DP0RN” or mouth-watering pictures of food or drinks and posting them on social media is a very popular way of using smart phones. OPPO F1s uses 16 million colors so you are assured that images are bright and crisp.


Best way to keep memories from our vacations is by taking selfies, pictures of sunsets, landscapes, famous landmarks, as well as wildlife that’s why Oppo F1s’ 32GB Internal storage is very useful, it is also expandable up to 128GB.

Because of the 4 reasons mentioned above, we don’t just buy cellphones because of communication. We need to ensure that the specifications and features of the smartphone matches our needs and personalities. This is the reason why I think OPPO F1s is perfect for any of the reasons we ma have because of its jam-packed features that are truly great value for money. Below are the BEST FEATURES of OPPO F1s that show that it is the best smartphone in the market today.


 Best Features of OPPO F1s 

Oppo F1s specializes in Selfies and OOTD. The “S” in Oppo F1s might as well symbolize “Selfie” because it’s specifically built for selfie lovers and here are the features that proves it is the best SELFIE PHONE in the market today. Here are the BEST features  of OPPO F1s that makes it a must-have for people who want smart phones with high-end features at a very affordable price.


16MP Front Camera

Oppo F1s uses a 16MP front “beauty” camera which has 1/3.1 inch sensor and a f/2.0 aperture which means more light can enter the front camera to capture more vibrant shots even when there’s not enough light. This is why it’s the perfect smart phone to use for SELFIES and OOTD.

The beauty camera of OPPO F1s ensures that your selfies are sharp but flattering. Why am I emphasizing this? Some smartphones can help you capture really sharp images but the problem with it is when you use your phone to capture faces, you’ll end up highlighting parts which you wouldn’t normally want to show to the public (such as pimples, acne marks, wrinkles, warts, blackheads and other blemishes). OPPO F1s ensures that you’d get the best selfies possible with its most wonderful feature, BEAUTIFY 4.0.


13MP Rear Camera

Oppo F1s uses a 13MP rear camera which has an aperture of f/2.2 and it uses led flash. The rear camera is best used for shooting OOTDs as well as mirror shot selfies.  Notice that the front camera is more superior. That’s because OPPO F1s is intended for SELFIES however, the rear camera can definitely be depended upon to capture sharp and crisp images that’s needed for macro shots and especially helpful when we take pictures at night (Citylights, etc).



Beautify 4.0

There’s no need to download apps to make yourself more attractive and instagram friendly.

By using Beautify 4.0 on OPPO F1s, you are assured that you have flawless face and skin even without the use of makeup and color filters.

Beautify 4.0 also helps you maintain a natural look which is better than some apps because the enhancements are done subtly plus you can control the level of enhancement.



You don’t have to hurry up doing your selfies or OOTD to catch the sun’s awesome natural light, OPPO F1s makes sure that front cameras enables you to capture awesome OOTD and selfies even during the night.

Screenflash is patented by OPPO F1s.

This feature is perhaps the most important especially during night events, out-of-town trips, date nights, movie nights, etc.


Against the Light Feature

Yes, you’ve read that right. You don’t have to worry about the sunlight ruining your photo op.

No more mis-shapen face because of the sunlight!

OPPO F1s ensures that you capture clear and colorful images even when you’re shooting against the light.

Plus, the sun’s rays can even create halo-like outlines on your body, face and dress, making your selfies and OOTD more stunning.


Built-in Filters

Once again, you don’t have to download apps nor go to Instagram just to apply filters on your favorite selfies and OOTD. You only have to use the features directly installed on OPPO F1s. You can even tune your facial tones directly on your OPPO F1s without having to use any third party app because the filters are already built-in or it is already installed on the unit.

You can choose different tones such as: CAFE, BRIGHT, CANDY, SHINE, SOFT, FADE and MONO. All of which look natural and can be used to set your mood.


Selfie Panorama

Taking your selfie/groupfie but afraid to leave something or someone out of the picture? The reason why the Oscars Groupfie became famous (aside from having big Hollywood stars of course) is they were able to capture an amazing groupfie without using a monopod but still getting as much faces as possible.

You can do that too by using OPPO’s selfie panorama feature.

Whuuuut?? Yes, you can use panorama for your OOTD and  selfies and not just when you’re taking long pictures of landscapes,etc. This time, the panorama is in your front camera so you can easily take OOTD and selfies without having to crop out some details.

You simply tilt it from left to right to capture your selfie panorama. Oppo F1s automatically stitches the shots together to create the selfie panorama.


Automatic Selfies

Have you ever experienced a little difficulty taking a selfie because of the shutter?

OPPO F1s has “Palm shutter” which detects your palm so you can use it as a trigger for the automatic shutter instead of having to tap the shutter to start the timer.

There will always come a time when you can’t use a monopod or you can’t rbing your monopod with you so instead of using bluetooth devices to properly time your photo, you can just use your palm.

You can simply extend your arm as much as you want without worrying that you might not be able to reach the phone shutter to start the timer.


Not only can you use your palm to activate an automatic selfie, OPPO F1s also accepts voice commands so by saying “CHEESE”, the phone automatically takes a selfie shot.



Oppo F1s 3GB RAM coupled with 64-bit octacore processor ensures that you can do multi-tasking on your phone. You can also play games smoothly.

This is particularly important for hardcore gamers on the move. It’s like bringing your favorite game consoles with you.


ColorOS 3.0

Oppo F1s features the new COLOR OS 3.0 based on Android 5.1 which is more responsive and ensures solid performance and efficiency of this smart phone.

Based on the official OPPO website, OPPO F1s has:

  • 150 Optimized Scenarios
  • 41% Faster App Launch Time and Installation
  • 32% Faster Photo Album Boot Speed
  • Simple and beautiful aesthetics
  • Data processing for Phone, Contacts, Messaging, Search and Files are now 50% faster
  • 40% Longer Battery Life
  • Personalized Clearing – you can also automatically clean background apps according to user habits.
  • Sleep power saving – when screen is off, phone automatically kills any apps which uses abnormal power consumption.
  • Data Saving – Apps running in the background will be frozen to save battery and data.
  • Privacy Protection – Set Private contacts, apps and files to protect from unauthorized access.
  • Virus Scanning from Avast


Dual Sim + SD Card Slot

Oppo F1s features a triple slot tray. You can use 2 4G sims (Nano sims) that support top speeds up to 150mbps.

The triple slot tray also includes an SD card slot which enables you to expand storage up to 128GB. This is simply amazing as some smart phones only have 2 trays, one for the sim and the other for either a sim or a micro sd card.

Keeping more memories and having an almost unlimited selfie/OOTD opportunities makes it easier for you to have more instagram-worthy OOTDs and perfectly shot selfies as well as enough room for videos and games.


OPPO F1s Touch Access

Have you ever left your phone or have a friend asked to borrow your phone to text somebody then you found that  some of your messages were read or they’ve scanned thru your photos without your permission? Privacy is not so common nowadays but thanks to OPPO F1s, you won’t even have to worry about a friend guessing your password or someone memorized your hand gestures to  have the pattern needed to gain access to your phone. Fingerprint sensors are necessary now, which OPPO F1s calls “TOUCH ACCESS”. It boasts of a 0.22 second response which is amazingly fast, I’m sure that this would help boost our productivity.

What’s great about OPPO F1s is aside from the fingerprint recognition security, you also get to unlock your phone instantly. Plus, you also get to use fingerprint recognition to launch different apps using different fingers. This is probably one of my favorite features of OPPO F1s because this specific feature makes a lot of things really convenient.

5.5-inch HD IPS LCD display 1280 X 720 pixels, 267ppi
Corning Gorilla Glass 4
1.5Ghz octa-core MediaTek MT6750 processor
Mali-T860MP2 GPU
Android 5.1 Lollipop
32GB internal storage
Expandable up to 256GB via MicroSD card (dedicated slot)
13MP rear camera, f/2.2
16MP front camera, f/2.0
Dual-SIM (Nano)slot
Wi-fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth v4.1
4G LTE connectivity (Category 6)
Fingerprint scanner
OTG enaabled
3,075 mAh non-removable battery
Fast charging capable
154.5 x 76 x 7.4 mm
Color: Rose Gold, Gold, Gray



One would wonder how much the ultimate OOTD and selfie phone is, but it’s actually very affordable at PHP 12,990 (Philippine Pesos).

That is definitely amazing and a definite value for money or bang for the buck because its features are definitely more than what it is worth.

You also have an option to pay it monthly (PHP 2,165/month for six months) at zero interest via Home Credit.  You can ask your local stores and dealers if they have this option or better yet go to http://bit.ly/F1sHomeCredit for more information.

So is it worth it? My answer would be a resounding YES!!! I haven’t seen a smart phone with these features that’s so affordable and the total look of the phone is too classy compared to its price. I didn’t even believe that it’s priced so low at first. Honestly, if I didn’t know how much this was worth, I would have guessed that it’s around 20k or more.  More than that, it’s easier to save money to buy this phone so in case “something” happens,  I wouldn’t have a heart attack. So yeah, this phone is definitely on top of my NEED-TO-BUY list this year. And you definitely should check out this phone so you too can have an amazing phone at a not-so-scary tag price.




Sarah Geronimo is currently very hot right now especially now that she’s the cover of several Tech Magazines because of her endorsement of OPPO F1s.



Here is her commercial for OPPO F1s!  🙂

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