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Dinosaur Island: Mini Jurassic Park in Baguio

This is a theme park using Animatronics Technology and showcases, you guessed it! DINOSAURS!
Dinosaurs are sprawled within different areas and a guide tells about the different dinosaurs and how they differed from each other.Funny moment was when the guide pointed out to one of the Dinosaur’s Girlfriend, a Silver Swan image on top of the mountain across to where we were.

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Bell Church

Bell Church of Baguio The Bell Church is located along the road leading to the town of La Trinidad, Benguet. You can actually see the Welcome to La Trinidad arc from the entrance of Bell Church. It seems a little rustic and the...

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Burnham Park

Burnham Park in Baguio Burnham Park was named after the American architect and urban planner, Daniel Hudson Burnham who was the one who designed the prominent roads and parks of Baguio City. Burnham park is the counterpart of...

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Laperal White House of Baguio

Not your ordinary ‘haunted’ house: It’s a Bamboo Carving
Baguio City, like most places in the Philippines has its own urban legends and stories. One of which is the Laperal White House. At first glance, it just looks like any normal and old Victorian house, however it does have its share of stories which residents are fond of sharing to tourists.

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