We’ve seen Running Man since its first episode when it was raining and the original cast members (minus Ji Hyo) were introducing themselves. Running Man (cast, PD’s, production, VJ’s, staff and crew) have been through a lot in their 7 years of existence. They’re like OHANA. Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind…. so they have decided to endure everything together and even with their ship sinking, they will hold their hands together and end one of the best variety shows known worldwide, RUNNING MAN.

After 329 episodes, and with news and controversies surrounding Running Man, it would be difficult to just continue Running Man without the support of the worldwide fans who have also considered Running Man as part of their family and part of their lives.

We are deeply saddened to hear that the cast and crew of Running Man had an EMERGENCY MEETING recently and they’ve made a decision to finish Running Man at the end of February 2016 with all of its 6 current members in tow.

I’m sure that a lot of tears were shed that moment.

SBS revealed the following: “We held an emergency meeting with the members as well as the production staff. After the discussion, we have decided that ‘Running Man’ will finish at the end of February with all six current cast members.”

PD Lee Hwan Jin’s statement: “We met with the cast members and we all shared our thoughts. In the end, we were able to smooth over all the misunderstandings that had grown over time. All the cast members and the production team, including Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo, shared their opinions, and we have decided to wrap up ‘Running Man’ at the end of February. For the sake of all the viewers and their great support, everyone has decided to do their very best till the end.”

So after 7 years of entertaining us and making us laugh, RUNNING MAN is no more!

Running Man has a special number, #7012 which means 7 forever! And the show ends with Episode 340 on February 2017. Below is just a play on numbers 7, 0, 1, 2:

Goodbye Running Man, we thank you for all the fun memories and laughter you’ve given us. All of the cast members, as well as the production staff and writers deserve an applause for giving their best effort in each and every episode. Let’s support Running Man and make the last few episodes the best and help them exit with a big bang! You guys will never be forgotten.

Though this is sad for all the fans, we think this is for the best so that there won’t be any gaps and grudges among the cast members and the production. We sincerely hope to see the cast or some of them soon in a different variety show.