Eating here would turn any grumpy person into a HAPPY one!

We went to Grumpy Joe to have a quick breakfast before we start our Baguio tour. Since we wanted to visit Laperal White House in the morning (scaredy cats lol), we decided to have Pizza’s for breakfast.


We ordered their 5-cheese pizza because my favorite in Yellow Cab is 4-cheese, I was really interested what the 5-cheese tastes like.

It tasted amazing! I can’t get enough of it but I have to refrain from eating the whole thing because we still have lots of things to do for that day and I don’t want to have a stomach ache by eating too much.

It’s definitely a must-try! and we would definitely be back for more!!!

The drinks are served in mason jars, which is a bit common nowadays.


It looks great and is a different experience drinking in mason jars rather than the usual tall glasses.


Since we spend several days in Baguio, we decided to return along with some of my friends and try their main courses as well:





We would definitely come back for more! 🙂