I love to travel because it helps me fight depression and it renews my spirit so I can take on life’s challenges.

However, all travelers know that traveling isn’t for the carefree because a lot of dangers are present in the streets. When traveling, you should always be prepared for the unexpected especially if you’re going to travel to another country.

One brand that helps travelers like me prepare for the unexpected incidents & threats to safety and security while traveling is URBANIZE.

The items that you can buy from Urbanize are all world-class and of very high quality. Most of the items there is the end result of many experiments and projects abroad to ensure that they provide customers with the best and most useful products while taking into account things such as security, ease of use, usefulness, etc.

Being prepared and ready for anything is what we should aim for especially when traveling so we would avoid losing important things or encountering bad elements while we’re busy exploring new places, experimenting with exotic food, shopping for souvenirs and absorbing the different cultures of different places and countries.

To help travelers be ready for anything and have some peace of mind while traveling, I came up with a list of 5 must-have Urbanize items that will surely help anybody while traveling and note that all of these products are designed not just for traveling but for everyday life as well.



#5 Cabin Zero Bag


Around this time last year, I’ve experienced having my luggage and bag forcibly opened at the airport, my padlock was gone and the built-in lock was tampered with. I called the attention of a security personnel and he told me the tampering done was probably just for “inspection” but the sticker he mentioned can’t be found anywhere on my luggage.

When I got home, I noticed that the once fully packed luggage was mysteriously loose inside. I found that a lot of items were missing from my luggage (mostly pasalubong items I hoarded at Jeju and I intended to give to my family) but I wasn’t able to document what was inside my luggage so complaining might be a tedious process.

I was pissed off because all that luggage contained was just the stuff I bought from Jeju and the people who took the items just left the packages of bite-sized chocolates and completely wiped out all the sizable items I bought from Jeju. It’s possible they just intended to eat it since my tripod was intact. Since it might be awkward to complain about missing food items, I just chalked it up to “experience”.

Needless to say, my trust in check-in baggage system have lessened considerably especially for expensive items because they might strike again and take more expensive items. I posted it on my Facebook account since I found the incident ridiculous & I related to the shared post about missing items from checked-in baggage. Below is a screenshot of the post.

Looking for a carry-on bag is difficult because the size must be right and the bag must be sturdy enough to withstand really heavy stuff. I need something that will allow myself to be confident, secure and comfortable while carrying it while exploring the different cities here in the Philippines and abroad. In other words, I want to be Urban Brave while using it.

I’ve tried several brands already but they always let me down. They are either too huge for airline compartments or too small to fit all the items I need. Plus, the straps aren’t really sturdy enough. Instead of saving money by buying cheaper products I ended up with trash and spent more money in the process.

The saying is indeed true that you get what you pay for so I’m in search again for THE bag I need for traveling purposes. The eureka moment happened when I saw this Cabin Zero Bag from Urbanize.


1. BE URBAN BRAVE WITH SECURITY FEATURES – It has YKK lockable zippers which help increase the level of security of the bag.  So many compartments can hold secret locations of emergency travel funds and many compartments would mean even if the bag was successfully opened or slashed without you knowing it, the culprit won’t easily get to your travel funds and gadgets. This will definitely make me enjoy my trips more because I would be focusing on the sights and experience rather than be paranoid all the time. And in case I lost my bag or left it somewhere, there’s a built-in Global Luggage Tracker provided by Okoban to help me find it instantly.


2. BE URBAN BRAVE WITH HIGH QUALITY, LIGHTWEIGHT & WEATHER PROTECTION –  It is made of waterproof/water resistant and very light material. My personal belongings won’t get wet even during harsh weather and I can carry more items because the bag itself is so light and spacious.

The quality is above par that there are no more worries about the bag suddenly becoming damaged while I’m on vacation. It is also covered by a 10-year warranty! A 1-year warranty is already awesome, just imagine that this bag has 10x that! And not only that, it says on their website that if you LIKE their Facebook page, they will extend that warranty to 25 years! Not even my bed has that kind of warranty.  Cabin Zero Bags are simply amazing!

What’s even more amazing is that the materials that made this very durable bag are from Asia.


3. BE URBAN BRAVE WITH STYLE THAT’S BUILT FOR COMFORT – It has modern designs and different colors available.

Personally, I prefer the colors Military Green, Urban and Jungle Camo, Hot Pink, MySore Red and Orange Chill. Looking at the names of the colors, it feels like ordering some refreshments. lol 🙂

It also has a lot of compartments which is perfect for organizing my belongings within the bag itself.

The straps are strong and thick but soft enough to provide comfort especially for long walks and travel distances.

Speaking of comfort, there are some styles that allow you to carry it on top or sideways, whichever style of carrying you’re most comfortable with.


4. BE URBAN BRAVE AND HAVE NO FEARS FOR YOUR BELONGINGS IN THE AIRPORT & PLANE – No need to buy check-in luggage options, I can just hand carry it since it passed all major Airline carry-on dimensions. Since I’m hand carrying it, there won’t be problems like delayed or missing luggage. The YKK lockable zippers also play an important role in ensuring that I’m relaxed while traveling since busted zippers are really a source of stress. I should know because I’ve experienced faulty or busted zippers while traveling at least three times already.


#4 Qliplet


The reason why I picked the Qliplet as a must-have is because I’ve been to situations wherein I really needed something to hang my bag on especially when it’s raining and the floors are really muddy.

There are times also when I’m eating at a restaurant/fast food chain here and abroad wherein there are no extra seats for my bag.

The problem is, here in the Philippines, bag theft is very rampant and they can operate within seconds so you can’t exactly put your bag on the floor.

Also, it would be really uncomfortable putting your bag on your lap at all times especially while eating.

There was also a time in the airport when I was busy loading my bags on the push cart/luggage carrier, I failed to notice that one small bag slipped out of it. Good thing there was this Good Samaritan who ran about 10 meters just to hand me my bag. I was so relieved because the bag contained one of the most important possession I had that time. My passport! Imagine the nightmare I would have had if I left my bag there or an unscrupulous person picked it up.

Honestly, I am really glad that Qliplet was invented so that I can have something handy. It’s not a life saver but in certain situations wherein you need to do a McGuyver-kind of thing especially while hiking, camping or trekking, the Qliplet will prove to be very useful.



1. BE URBAN BRAVE BECAUSE YOUR BAG WILL NEVER HAVE TO TOUCH THE GROUND – Rainy days are a nightmare especially if I’m doing photography while touring or if I’m alone and I want to use my free hand to switch lenses. After raining, the streets are muddy & most of the time and you can’t necessarily put your bag on the benches outside without ruining your bag or getting the bottom part of it wet. It’s not acceptable especially if you’re carrying your DSLR, laptop or gadgets. There are also times when we go to public restrooms and there are simply no hooks to hang our bags. The rest room’s floor is definitely not a place I would place my bag on.

2. BE URBAN BRAVE TO COMPILE BAGS WITH YOUR PORTABLE HOOK/CARABINER – No more missings bags especially when you’re shopping for pasalubong! In the airport, you can organize your things and clip smaller bags to your main bag so nothing slips out of the luggage carriers.

3. BE URBAN BRAVE TO BE CREATIVE – I can probably think of limitless ways of using the Qliplet. It’s a must-have especially if you’re into trekking, camping or hiking.

It can even serve simple purposes like a headset holder, hook for clothes, when you want to use your hairdryer as a clothes dryer and there are no hangers, etc. The only limit to using the Qliplet is your imagination and creativity.

Here’s a video to show some ideas on how Qliplet can be used:



My bag has been slashed once. I don’t normally ride a bus but I was on fieldwork that time and I needed the bus tickets for reimbursements so I rode on it even if I knew that there are a lot of scary things happening on buses. When I alighted at SM North Edsa, I noticed that the sling bag I was carrying had a few cuts of blade or scalpel on it. It was something sharp because the person who did it had access to the inner part of the front pocket. Luckily, I don’t normally use wallets and my money and cellphone were deep inside my pants so he failed to get anything valuable. The sad thing was, the pickpocket damaged my favorite bag, the old but sturdy one I used while I was still in college. It was something sentimental and I had no choice but to use a different bag.

There was also one time while alighting from the LRT at Balintawak Station, I went to the restroom first and even checked that my backpack was closed properly. I was walking downstairs when somebody yelled at me and told me my bag was open, and when I checked, it really was opened wide. Good thing that I placed my jacket inside so the contents of my bag were underneath the jacket. If it weren’t for that jacket, I would have lost my cellphone, iPad, and laptop. Imagine, the time it took for the pickpocket to open my bag was merely seconds! I related what happened to me to my officemates and they told me that pickpockets are very rampant there.

Because of those situations, I have selected the CAMSAFE Z15 as my bag of choice when it comes to roaming around different cities and countries.

Anti-theft Features of Camsafe Z15:

· eXomesh® slashguards (front pockets and base)
· Carrysafe® slashguard strap
· Smart zipper security
· RFIDsafe(TM) blocking pocket
· Roobar(TM) anti-theft anchor lock
· Interlocking zip pullers
· Turn & lock security hook


1. BE URBAN BRAVE TO ROAM WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT PICKPOCKETS – Let’s be honest, here in the Philippines, pickpockets are everywhere and they strike just when you thought that you’re safe and nothing’s going to happen. Abroad, there are still similar dangers that make it difficult for people to explore and tour different places out of fear from pickpockets.

The zippers are heavy-duty and have locking mechanisms that allow secure closure, making it difficult for casual thieves to get their hands inside your bag.

CAMSAFE Z15 also renders slashing tools useless. A lightweight eXomesh Slashguard is built into and concealed in the most commonly vulnerable areas of the bag for protection from slash-and-run pickpockets, therefore making your DSLR and gadgets safer.


2. BE URBAN BRAVE & SAFE FROM IDENTITY THEFT – RFID-safe blocking pockets and materials prevents your data from falling into the wrong hands by blocking out virtually all transmissions between 10 MHz – 3 GHz, which covers the radio frequency used in e-passports, credit cards / smart cards, and key cards to prevent identity theft of your personal information

3. BE URBAN BRAVE TO CARRY 3 LENSES, FILTERS & YOUR CLEANING KITS – I love photography but my current bag is very limiting since I can only fit 1 lens in there comfortably. When I use a much bigger bag, I can carry more lenses but I’m worried that bag-slashing pickpockets can easily snatch my lenses. Plus, bigger and bulky bags make it more difficult to change between lenses and filters. The CAMSAFE Z15 SLR can fit a camera with mounted lens, 2 extra lenses, flash, and battery pack or other accessories. It even has a small sleeve big enough for an iPad, tablet or even a 13″ Macbook air.

4. BE URBAN BRAVE TO LET GO OF YOUR BAG – Roobar anti-theft anchor lock can attach your bag to a secure fixture, thereby removing incidents of bag theft and similar modus operandi.






1. BE URBAN BRAVE TO BEND AND KEEP PANTS IN PLACE. Showing your backside is definitely a shameful experience but I can avoid this if I wear a JELT since the jelly portion of the belt helps your pants move with you and sticks to your pants even as you bend over to pick up things.

Jelt can keep my pants in place even when I’m bending, kneeling, sitting or doing an unusual pose in order to take travel photos.

2. BE URBAN BRAVE TO WEAR THIN TOPS WITHOUT THE BULGING BUCKLE. Even with thin fabric tops, the buckle isn’t as protruded as normal belt buckles are.

3. BE URBAN BRAVE TO BE FIT WITHOUT WORRYING WHETHER YOUR BELT WOULD STILL FIT YOU. You can stay fit and have fluctuating waist sizes since Jelt doesn’t have holes and you can easily slip it on and lock it in place.

4. BE URBAN BRAVE TO USE THE SAME JELT OVER AGAIN – Jelt’s life is extended due to the silicon gel lining inside the belt because the main material of the Jelt is not so stretched.

5. BE URBAN BRAVE TO PASS THROUGH AIRPORT SECURITY WITH YOUR JELT ON – The Jelt is made up of materials that won’t trigger metal detectors and alarms so I can just breeze through the airport security without the hassle of removing and reattaching my belt.

Here’s a video to show how Jelt actually works:



The usual problem whenever I travel is I often get thirsty and the worst thing happened while my husband and I were climbing the seemingly endless stairs of Batu Caves. I suddenly felt thirsty & that time, we couldn’t find a vendor nearby so I kept gulping so my throat won’t get dry. Unfortunately, the strange metallic taste started to build up inside my mouth. It’s a sign for me when I’m becoming dehydrated. It was probably the most uncomfortable experience I had during our trip. If I had a Hydropak Stash, I would have remembered to bring some water.

Another problem I encounter when traveling was when I order large or venti-sized drinks and then our ride shows up and I don’t want to bring something that would turn to trash or worse, might spill inside another person’s vehicle.There are also times when I just couldn’t finish the drink but want to drink it later. A Hydropak Stash would be perfect in this situation since I could bring my cold drinks with me for later.


1. BE URBAN BRAVE TO ORDER LARGE QUANTITIES OF DRINKS WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT WASTAGE. Wasting drinks is wasting money and when I’m traveling, I want to save as much as I can. Putting excess drinks to the Hydropak Stash and placing it on the hotel’s ref and drinking it for later is a welcome change rather than leaving barely touched drinks because I wasn’t thirsty that time.


2. BE URBAN BRAVE TO TRAVEL INTO PLACES WITHOUT REFRESHMENT STANDS OR VENDORS. Being well prepared is something that I want to be especially when traveling because I want every travel and vacation to be stress-free. Having a Hydropak Stash filled with water inside my bag would help me stay hydrated anytime and anywhere.

3. BE URBAN BRAVE TO REUSE HYDROPAK STASH BECAUSE IT’S PA-free and PVC-free & NATURALLY ANTIFUNGAL. We can’t always reuse plastic bottles. Sure, we can convert them into creative or useful items but some of them are not safe to be reused. Hydropak is proven to be safe to reuse over and over again so rather than use a potentially harmful disposable plastic bottle, I would rather use Hydropak Stash instead.

Here is a video to show you how a Hydrapak Stash works:


So there you have it… 5 must-have Urbanize items when it comes to traveling. I am not afraid to brave the urban jungle because of #URBANIZE.

For more amazing Urbanize items, make sure to check out the URBANIZE Branch nearest you. Urbanize has many items made for the everyday life that we need to use as we brave the urban jungle.

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