With the announcement of Kang Gary’s son’s birth finally confirming the mystery behind the existence of his wife (which until now remains a mystery), we don’t have to speculate anymore and instead, we would like to express our happiness for Kang Gary and his wife for this very beautiful blessing.

If you can remember, we published this blog post last April because of the Instagram announcement of Gary about getting secretly married to his non-celebrity wife:

We followed it up with this blog post with this one, asking about the existence of his wife because his wife’s full and open picture has never graced the internet or social media. 

So far, Kang Gary has been very secretive about his wife and we don’t know anything yet about Kang Gary’s son except for a picture of his cute little feet and the gender of the baby.

In Kang Gary’s Weibo account today (November 17, 2017), Kang Gary’s son’s feet can be seen on a photo accompanied by this message to his fans and friends: “I’d like to share with everyone; this is my son! Please give Gary junior your blessings!”

Kang Gary Junior’s cute baby feet as posted in Kang Gary’s Weibo Account

Even the baby’s name was not announced (unless it really would be Kang Gary Jr.) unlike Haha and Byul’s cute sons, Ha Dream & Ha Soul, who are known by everyone who has ever watched Running Man and Haha’s other variety shows and projects like Infinity Challenge. Unlike Haha and Byul (who are both popular celebrities) however, only Kang Gary is the celebrity so he has the option not to reveal the identities of his wife and son.

It looks like Kang Gary plans to make their family life more private in order to enjoy the benefits of living a normal life and away from the danger that a celebrity life (or family of a celebrity) can pose to a celebrity and his family.

Take for example, South Korea’s National MC, Yoo Jae Suk… he’s a very well-known and accomplished MC and lead of several variety shows in South Korea. Although he has received many awards for his efforts as an MC and celebrity, he doesn’t fare well when it comes to vacations with his son, Yoo Ji Ho and announcer wife, Na Kyung Eun. In an interview, he even mentioned that one of the things he regrets about being a celebrity is not being able to go on vacations with his son as well as not being able to spend time with him inside an amusement park or any place that has lots of people. However, note that Yoo Jae Suk has been a very good father to Ji Ho since he spends all the time he can with his family after tapings. Yoo Jae Suk was even photographed joining a father and son event this year in South Korea where he even joined the tug of war so we really commend him for his efforts as a father.

With this in mind, let’s respect Kang Gary’s decision not to reveal the identities and pictures of his wife and son. If you’ve seen Kang Gary and his family strolling in South Korea and in other countries, please do not take pictures and post them online. Please respect their privacy.

To all Running Man Fans, let’s keep the identity of Kang Gary’s son and wife hidden from the public’s eye so that they can enjoy a normal and blissful life. If in the future, his son would also become a successful and popular rapper or celebrity like his father, he would have our full support.

Also, please support Kang Gary’s single, “CONCERN”, which he released last October 11, 2017 (but was banned by KBS) and future album. The song, “CONCERN” is a message to his fans to keep concerns to a minimum and to just relax and not worry too much. This was perhaps because most of his fans were worried about his surprise wedding and mystery wife. He also expressed that he is happy and contented with his wife.

Chu Ka He (축하해) Kang Gary!