UPDATE: RUNNING MAN is ending and airing their last episode on Feb 26, 2017, Episode 340. For details, click the link below.

Goodbye Running Man: Official Last Airing (Finale) will be end of February 2017

It’s a sad week for RUNNING MAN FANS all over the world.

We haven’t even recovered yet with regards to Kang Gary leaving Running Man yet we are faced with new controversies and the with 2 members (possibly 3) leaving Running Man, what will happen to the show?

I understand that SBS and producers are very concerned about the declining ratings of the show but they should have consulted and should have been more open with the Running Man members as well since they might have some ideas on how to increase the show’s ratings. They are very popular not just in South Korea but worldwide so I don’t see any reason why the members should be kicked out. They were like family and doing this hurt not only the two members but also the remaining ones who are already contemplating of leaving as well.

One Running Man member who is contemplating to leave the show is none other than the RM favorite and Asia’s prince, “Giraffe” Lee Kwang Soo. He’s very close to both Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong Kook and I’m sure that he and the rest of the RM members are feeling hurt and confused over the recent news and controversies.


If Lee Kwang Soo leaves Running Man, it would spell DOOM for the show. Seriously speaking, if he leaves, he takes the essence of variety with him. Jae Suk and the remaining members, Haha and Suk-jin will be unable to fill the huge gap that will happen if Kwang Soo decides to leave the show. Even if they add new members, I doubt that people will support the new show anymore out of hurt and grief.

Currently, Lee Kwang Soo is still contemplating and undecided whether to stay or leave Running Man. Let’s all hope he doesn’t leave Running Man, for the sake of the remaining members, fans and production staff. In an interview last November 2016, Lee Kwang Soo shared how he has realized that he’s been doing Running Man for 7 years and the show has given him countless opportunities and fame worldwide. “The show has brought me to where I am now. Seeing the members once a week feels great. It takes about a day to film Running Man every week, but it has become a part of my life. It has become natural like drinking water after I wake up in the morning,” he said in the said interview.

Haha on the other hand, has already decided he will stay as a member of Running Man Season 2. No news yet whether Suk-jin will stay as well. Yoo Jae Suk did not provide any comment regarding the issue and if this man leaves, it would definitely be the end of RUNNING MAN and there’s no use making a Season 2. They would have to rename it and introduce a totally different show.

Meanwhile, KANG GARY deletes his 88 instagram posts and unfollows 145 people recently. This may be his way of saying that he’s very unhappy and hurt about what happened to his Running Man family.

UPDATE ON GARY’S INSTAGRAM (12/16/2016): Kang Gary posted just one black and white photo of him with Jong Koong and Ji Hyo with the following caption:

너무너무너무 고생 하셨습니다 그리고 감사했습니다 👏👏👏👍👍👍

English Translation: You guys worked very very very hard. Thank you!

Though the 2 members, Ji Hyo and Jong Kook are confirmed to leave Running Man, we are still hoping the other members continue on to Season 2. We just can’t say goodbye to Running Man. We will surely grieve the loss of the two most favorited members of Running Man, #SpartAce. Let’s see what happens in the next episode and when they launch the Running Man Season 2.

Also, I suggest they leave the announcement of new members under wraps because it would greatly affect those who are joining Season 2. Kang Ho Dong already declined because of the controversy and I’m sure the others would decline as well if news of them joining Running Man are revealed.


How about you, what do you feel about this new controversy?

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