Looks like we’re going to miss LEE MIN HO a lot starting this May 12, 2017.

Since Korean artists, idols, and Hallyu stars are not exempted from the required military service, Lee min Ho will start his on May 12, 2017, however, he would not be joining the boot camp training immediately because of the metal rod inserted in his leg when he had a car accident last 2006 & another one in 2011. Plus,  he’s still suffering from a fractured ankle. Instead, he will be joining as a social service worker in Gangnam so fans might still be catching a glimpse of their favorite Hallyu star.

This is the official statement by MYM Entertainment, Lee Min Ho’s agency:

“The enlistment date for Lee Min Ho was confirmed today. It is true that he will be starting his military service on May 12 in Gangnam as a social service worker.” — MYM Entertainment


As for Lee Min Ho, here are his thoughts on his military service based on an interview he made last year.

Question: Are you concerned that fans will switch to another idol when you are at military service?

LMH: I can’t say that I haven’t thought about it. But, if I thought of myself as a book, I am an unfinished book. It’s still a work in progress. No one knows what the ending will be. But I believe the process of writing a page or a chapter will be remembered. I will work harder to complete the book to everyone’s liking. It’s my responsibility and my duty.


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***Photo credit: DMZ (for the featured image)