The “AshLloyd” formula or the combination of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz is a formidable force in terms of romantic comedy movies in the Philippines. With three blockbuster films under their belt, this duo has proved time and time again that their movies are very entertaining and worth watching. Here are the earnings of their first three movies together:

A Very Special Love – Year:2008 – Earned: ₱179,235,324

You Changed My Life – Year:2009 – Earned: ₱225,623,307 (Top12 Highest Grossing Filipino Film of all time)

It takes a Man and a Woman – Year:2013 – Earned: ₱375,024,507 (Top3 Highest Grossing Filipino Film of all time) -as per Box office Mojo however, earnings was at ₱405,258,082.


If the success of their first three movies is any indication of the success and support they would get for their fourth movie, then we would be expecting a lot from this fourth movie. Note that this is NOT a continuation of their A Very Special Love Movie Series. It’s a different movie but as a fan I hope there would be an after-wedding movie continuation of their first movie together.

Before I start with the Finally Found Someone movie review, please watch the trailer of the movie below:

Finally Found Someone  is another movie collaboration between STAR CINEMA AND VIVA FILMS and similar to the first three movies of ASHLLOYD, it’s another ROMCOM or Romantic Comedy that you should not miss. Originally the title of the movie was “DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND” however, the production team opted for a new title, “FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE”. Personally, I’d prefer a title that’s similar to the theme song so it’s both catchy and easy to remember. This is what they usually did for their previous films which turned out to be blockbuster movies. “I Just Fall in Love Again” would have been a perfect movie title but I guess they have their reasons for the movie’s title. Well, that was what I thought before I watched the movie.

After watching the movie, I really think “DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND” was a more appropriate title than Finally Found Someone and much like the “title guessing” we normally do for Maalaala mo Kaya, the cards with the “Dear Future Husband” and the phrase itself was pretty relevant throughout the course of the film.

You’d better watch the movie because it’s definitely worth the money. It’s not the movie that would make you feel remorseful about someone (no major “kontrabida” role), it’s just about the struggles of a woman to move on and find herself and not be too fixated on the thought of being in-love. Here, April is naive and idealistic about love and her dreams of having a family. Raffy’s character is to show her that love is just one side of the coin and she can enjoy and learn more about what other things she loves if she’s willing to explore. April on the other hand, teaches Raffy to be truthful about his feelings and emotions and to fight for something that he considers worth the trouble. It’s also about being true to yourself and to say what you need to say despite the consequences. 

Except for the initial antics during the first part of the movie (wherein April had to push the bridal car, get carried out from an elevator, and the ladder scene), please don’t expect Laida Magtalas “persona” to be present throughout the rest of the film. Sarah’s character, “Aprilyn/April” is an exact opposite, since she’s pretty laid back and wasn’t as enjoyable to watch as Laida. I’m saying this so you won’t expect the lively Ms. Magtalas and now Mrs. Montenegro to make you laugh. It’s a totally different character but Sarah was able to play it well since her character seemed more real and relatable. You will definitely respect her character once the story progresses. John Lloyd is a natural actor, he’s so good that whatever he does on screen seems to be superb acting. Movie patrons/audience loved whenever he flashes his smile (lots of kilig squeals). Kudos to Sarah and John Lloyd for their awesome acting skills. They’ve proven time and time again why they deserve to be boxoffice royalties.

The storyline is pretty simple and you’d probably guess what would happen next. The characters are laid out simply so there might be no surprises. The backstory of the characters were not played out in the movie but was presented via the “2 Truths and a Lie”, where the person would say 3 statements and the other has to guess which statement was a lie. This game would probably be a good game to play with drinking buddies… or not! lol. Since you might spill something you don’t exactly want to say to your friends.

There’s also a lot of kilig moments especially when the two were texting and calling each other. This is very relatable since most relationships start with this.

Finally Found someone - John Lloyd Cruz Sarah Geronimo Star Cinema Viva Films - joysofasia Finally Found someone - John Lloyd Cruz Sarah Geronimo Star Cinema Viva Films - joysofasia

Will the movie become a blockbuster hit? I’m sure it will be because their chemistry is off the charts! I don’t know but some parts of the movie feels a little awkward since it kind of seems too real to me, especially the parts where their eyes meet. There’s that kind of awkwardness and longingness in their eyes. I think it was akward because Sarah already has Matteo. You’ll really find yourself wishing Sarah and John Lloyd were both single since they look great together however, let’s not forget that in real life, Matteo is the keeper of Sarah’s heart.

Also, just a bit of confirmed chika I saw online (during the digital conference I saw on Youtube), Sarah really did have a crush on John Lloyd ever since they starred in an episode of MMK (Maalala mo Kaya’s KWINTAS episode). It got to the point that she can’t let go of her character and she watched John Lloyd’s previous movies. That would probably explain why they have such a good chemistry together.

Finally Found someone - John Lloyd Cruz Sarah Geronimo Star Cinema Viva Films - joysofasia

The ending for the movie was, like most of their films together (except the last one), very wholesome. I think you get my point.

Does it deserve a sequel? Honestly, I don’t think so. There isn’t much going on with Sarah’s character but John Lloyd’s character has some potential since it was reputation management. If Sarah’s character was different (a celebrity or something similar) then the movie would have deserved a sequel. However, they made the movie realistic and somewhat relatable so it is better off without a sequel. In fact, in terms of acting, Director Theodore Boborol even mentioned during the digital conference (which I saw on Youtube.hehe), that he aimed to make their acting as realistic and authentic as possible since the theme of the movie is authenticity and being true to one’s self.

I’m inviting everyone to watch “FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE” in cinemas. It’s something that actually enjoyable to watch and the movie isn’t corny and doesn’t have “overacting” characters.  In terms of coffee, the movie is blended perfectly and doesn’t have a bitter after taste.

Please don’t patronize pirated movies so that we can enjoy more and better homegrown movies. The movie is showing in major cinemas nationwide. Let’s support Filipino movies. 🙂



Quotes and Hugot Lines

Finally Found someone - John Lloyd Cruz Sarah Geronimo Star Cinema Viva Films - joysofasia

***APRILYN (Sarah Geronimo)***

“Nasan ka na, anong petsa na, muntik na ko mahulog, muntik na ko mamatay…”

“Dear Future Husband, today is the worst day of my life, bakit nasan ka, all these years akala ko sigurado tayo sa isa’t isa pero bakit nangyari to? Ikaw ba talaga ang the one? Ikaw ba talaga ang para sa akin? Darating ka pa ba? Kung nasan ka man sana makita kita.”

“Sana alam mo na hindi ko kayang manakit sayo. Sana alam mo na iniisip kita…kung kumain ka na ba? Nakauwi ka ba ng maayos? May masakit ba sa yo ngayon? Kamusta ang araw mo? Pagod ka na rin ba mag isa?”

“Future husband gusto kong malaman mo na hindi ako mapapagod na hanapin at hintayin ka. Aasa pa rin ako. Magkikita rin tayo. Promise ko sayo,hinding hindi na tayo maghihiwalay. Promise ko sayo makikinig ako sa lahat ng saya at problema mo. At pag nagkita na tayo, yayakapin kita ng mahigpit para maramdaman mo ang pagmamahal ko sayo. Sana magkita na tayo. Naniniwala ako na love will think of a way.”

“Dear Future Husband, alam mo ba kung anong oras na? Oras na para dumating ka! Love, your future wife.”

“Dear Future Husband, aayusin ko muna ang sarili ko. Sana mahintay mo ako.”

“Hindi nagsisinungaling ang mga mata.”

“Trending topic lang ba ang nararamdaman ko?”

“Love deserves another chance and I’m the girl who gives second chances.”

“I am the girl who gives second chances ‘di ba? So I am giving myself a second chance.”

“Umiiwas kasi ako sa mga bashers, so harsh!”

“Ang cute ng cookie ko no?”

“Yun ba talaga ang gusto mo? Ang bumalik ako sa kanya?”

“Mahal kita, and love needs truth to be true. To me, Raffy, you were worth the truth. Akala ko ako rin.”

“Alam mo kung bakit ka tatandang mag-isa? Dahil takot kang sabihin ang totoong nararamdaman mo. Ako hindi. I have fallen in love with you.” 

“Randy, naka-let go na ako. I realized na ang pinanghahawakan ko pala hindi ikaw kungdi ang idea of my future husband and I got stuck in that dream.” 

 “Dear Future Husband, I love you, too. Love, your future wife.”

“Sorry late reply. ”

“Gusto ko sa atin lang ang totoo, alam mo na allergic ako sa mga viral viral na yan.”

“Ikaw lang pala hinihintay ko. Ang tagal mo dumating eh.”

“Dear Future Husband, sayong sayo ako.”

Finally Found someone - John Lloyd Cruz Sarah Geronimo Star Cinema Viva Films - joysofasia

***RAFFY (John Lloyd Cruz)***

“Sir, I can lie and make up stories for you, only if you don’t lie to me.”

“Ang nagmamahal, nagpapatawad, love deserves a second chance.”

“What were you thinking? Were you thinking at all?! Alam mo ba ang mga consequences ng mga pinaglalabas mong memes na yan?!”

“Seriously? Cute?! She’s desperate and crazy! Actually nakita ko to eh, ngumangawa by the fountain.”

“Kung ako lang ang masusunod mas dadali ang trabaho natin if sisirain natin tong babae nato to save the mayor’s son.”

“Social serye. Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nagpatawad. Binalikan.”

“We’re also magicians, Noah; we can make things disappear.”

“Parte yan ng pagmamahal, yang sakit na yan. Lahat kaya mong harapin.”

“Balikan mo ang unang araw nang nalaman mong mahal mo si Randy. When you’re ready and only when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.”

“Ang lungkot kayang-kayang ikembot. Lungkot. Kembot.”

“I have a life you know!”

“It was never about the person. It was about the dream.”

 “You’re too honest kaya ka nasasaktan.”

“Flour pa ba ‘yan o libag?”

“Merong special dyan pero wala sa menu…. nasa harap mo.”

“Puro ka biro, seryosohin kita eh.”

“Is it too late to want someone in your life? Pwede ba kaya? Pwede pa ba?” 

“Dear Future Wife, today is a tough day. I broke the heart of a friend. Sana okay ang araw mo. If hindi, sana bukas pareho tayong okay.” 

“I want the public to know the April I know.”

“Pagod na akong magsinungaling, Ma. Pagod na akong magkunwari.”

“Ma, hindi ka bumalik. Iniwan mo kami. Iniwan mo kami para buhayin ko ang mga kapatid ko. Tapos nang umuwi ka, di ako pwedeng magalit kasi wala kang maalala, ang daya mo ma.”

“I’ll be telling my biggest truth. I am willing to gain the only thing that matters.”

“Wala po kaming relasyon ni Aprilyn, pero ang totoo po is that I’ve fallen in love with her.”

“Nasaktan ko na yung taong mahal ko so, meron pa bang mas nakakatakot dun?”

“My dearest April, ikaw ang pinakamagandang nangyari sa buhay ko. Ikaw ang katotohanan ko and tatanggapin ko ang lahat makasama lang kita.”

“Gustong-gusto ko magmahal. Gusto ko sana sayo ibuhos ang lahat ng yun. April, I do not want you to be the one who got away. I hope you to be the one. I hope I’m not to late.  I love you, Aprilyn. And now, I’m ready to fight. I will fight for you, and if you will allow me, I would love the honor to be your Dear Future Husband.”

“Dear Future Wife, It is really nice to finally meet you. Raffy by the way, your dear future husband.”

“Dear Future Wife, totohanin na natin to ha.”

***POPSKIE (Joey Marquez)***

“Hindi sad face ‘yan. Puyat face ‘yan. Puyat ang anak mo.” 

 “Hindi babalik??? Ituloy ang interview!!!”

“Naku anak, pasensya ka na, nagtagal ako sa banyo, dyan ka tuloy naihi.”

***Senatoriable Ray Allan Versoza (Extra at the start)***

“Sabi nila ang lahat daw ng tao may nakatadhanang THE ONE. Ang the one daw ang taong tatanggapin ka ng buong buo, kahit sino ka pa, tanggap lahat. Kaya kailangangan ko na magpakatotoo. Dahil ganito ako magmahal, ganito rin kita mamahalin. Totoong totoo!”

“I love you Bebe ko! I love you!”



WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Please do not read if you don’t like spoilers.

It starts with a viral video because of a spoiled wedding of Aprilyn (Sarah Geronimo).

You know that nowadays, it’s so easy to become viral right? Some people caught her crying in public and posted it online.

The reason for this was her “husband-to-be” didn’t appear on their wedding day and this left her totally devastated. She immediately sought him out and went to his apartment to ask him why he’s not coming to their wedding. While on her way to his apartment, she experiences numerous mishaps which went viral because people posted her videos to the social media.

After learning that her ex went out of the country, she grabbed lots of “You broke my heart” cards from the bookstore, sat near the fountain and cried her eyes out not caring who saw her. She was referred to in social media as #ChosBride while Randy was referred to as #GroomPanes.

It was then that she wrote to her “future husband” and later on asking where he was. It was that moment when Raffy (John Lloyd Cruz) saw her.

Initially, this movie was supposed to be called “DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND” but was later changed to the new title of the movie, “FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE”. I think that during the shooting of the movie, the previous title was still in place because in the trailer, it showed Raffy writing to his “FUTURE WIFE” while looking at Aprilyn. Also, after watching the movie, “Dear Future Husband” was mentioned so many times.

Aprilyn is a nursery/kindergarten teacher while Raffy was some kind of Public Relations Officer or social media reputation management expert. He was previously handling a project regarding a senatoriable who wants to be cleared from his “gay issue” but something happened that made Raffy break out into frustration and made him lose the project to another person.

His superior assigned Raffy to the another project concerning the mayor’s son who turned out to be Randy (Enchong Dee). The Mayor was played by Dennis Padilla. Anyway, the mayor wants Aprilyn out of the equation or at least handled properly so that his son can run for public office. His son’s trust ratings went down because of the viral video of Aprilyn.

Raffy’s task was to make Aprilyn move on, feel better, and give Randy another chance.

It wasn’t an easy task as she was still heartbroken and frail.

And she looked like a mess…

Raffy didn’t give up and helped her by giving her some advice and moral support. He given made her laugh and taught her the kembot moves to lighten up her mood. The movie audience laughed hysterically while John Lloyd did his dance moves.

Eventually, she moved on and started looking better again.

After spending more time with Raffy, she forgot about her broken heart and started falling in love again, this time, with Raffy. Raffy taught her that there’s more that she could do with her life. Since she loves writing to her future husband on cards, she was able to design cards and profit from them. She even launched Honesty Cookies because she got inspired when she fed Raffy some cookies, he told her what’s in the ingredients that he can’t help but tell the truth.

It was supposed to be smooth sailing but then, Randy came back and the mayor demanded that Randy and April get engaged. The way April handled the situation was very emotional and inspiring. Raffy let her down but he did something else to gain her trust again.

By the way, most of the things I’ve mentioned were more or less, already in the trailer. I didn’t mention some really good bits and pieces from the movie so you can still enjoy them while watching.

Will their story have a happy ending? OF COURSE! No question about it. This is a light feel-good movie and if ever you’re single or broken hearted, this movie would make you want to really find that special someone who will make your life happy.

After the movie, I’ve heard a lot of patrons saying that they really enjoyed the movie and the movie was great. So I guess you’d better see the movie for yourself.


I Just Fall In Love Again by Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo is such an awesome artist, everything she does just turn out to be magic. Her movies usually have theme songs sung by her, much to the delight of her fans. If I can compare her with another amazing artist, I’d say she’s like her The Voice co-The Voice coach, Sharon Cuneta. Sharon is just the queen of Romantic Comedies+Theme song of her time. Sharon’s movies have theme songs attached to them that are truly unforgettable. The same goes for Sarah Geronimo.

I’ve watched Sarah’s movies and listened to the theme songs she sang. It’s like having a hit song and a hit movie at the same time. That’s what the two have in common. Sarah just delivers the theme song of her movie so perfectly that you’d find yourself humming the theme song and wanting to watch the movie more. I just fall in love again is just a joy to listen to.

It’s a feel good song and so perfect for this feel-good romantic comedy.


Directed by Theodore Boborol

Cast Members:
Sarah Geronimo as Aprilyn Esguerra
John Lloyd Cruz as Raffy Sandoval
Christian Bables as Noah Alcala
Joey Marquez
Yayo Aguila
Dennis Padilla
Tetchie Agbayani
Alwyn Uytingco
Alexa Ilacad
Joj Agpangan
Justin Cuyugan
Ruby Ruiz
PJ Endrinal as Markus
Lemuel Pelayo as Harold
Cara Eriguel as Denise
Marnie Lapus
Axel Torres
April Matienzo
Leo Rialp
Milo Elmido Jr.
Special Participation: Enchong Dee as Randy
Finally Found someone - John Lloyd Cruz Sarah Geronimo Star Cinema Viva Films - joysofasia


The video and  images (including Screencaps) in this blog post are from Promotional Materials and Official Movie Trailer by Star Cinema. No Copyright Infringement intended. The media were presented here were included to help promote the “FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE” Movie. The blogger did not receive compensation for posting this article. The content of this blog post came from the personal opinion of the blogger.

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