After the success of “No Other Woman”, featuring a story about a married guy who loved his wife but unfortunately got involved with a third party, we have seen so many versions of films with the same storyline.

Even the TV series, “The Legal Wife” was such a hit in the Philippines.

That’s because most people are very curious about it or some may have even gone through that situation and can relate to the story. Also, people are very interested in stories of infidelities because it reflects a very common occurrence in almost all kinds of relationships.



The Unmarried Wife  is another movie with the same “Infidelity” formula: a loving, unsuspecting and dedicated wife who catches his husband with his lover. However, what separates this film from the rest is the wife would be the main focus of the love triangle rather than the husband. The story would revolve around her choices and decisions.


Also, in this story, the husband, Geoff (Dingdong Dantes) was caught by his wife multiple times so that means the wife has already forgiven him before and he keeps repeating the same “mistake” until his wife, Anne (played by Angelica Panganiban) ultimately gives up on him. Anne will have a “suitor” named Bryan (played by Paulo Avelino) even if she’s already married. It’s her choice whether to go back to her husband, Geoff (played by Dingdong Dantes), who has been cheating on her countless times or choose to give her love to Bryan and end up cheating on her husband as well, since they were still technically married.


Though the story seems a little similar with the other infidelity movie of its kind (wherein the wife always battles the mistress), this movie is a must-see movie because of the lessons you will learn from it.


Also, in the movie, there was a scene where Anne said, Ang Ganda!!! (while looking at the scenery) and Bryan said to her “Sobra” (while looking at her).


This somewhat reminded me of a similar scene in One More Chance wherein Basha was in the field wiping her face & neck when Popoy’s Uncle notices him looking at Basha and asks him, Ang ganda ng view no? (referring to both Basha and where the scenery) So I think that in terms of storyline and romantic punches, they might be a little formulaic.  Some memorable lines were delivered in a series of punches as well and people around them have delivered potentially famous hugot lines (which you can see near the end of this article).

The movie is very realistic and there are no signs of overly dramatic scenes. It’s so realistic that it seems believable that this happened to a friend, a coworker or maybe we have found ourselves in the same situation before.

The scenes that depicted the infidelity were done rather quickly. If you expect to see some very erotic scenes, you will be dismayed because they aimed to have a  PG15 rating so it’s watchable by teenagers.  Also, they would lose the younger audience if they aimed for a mature drama. The real treasure in this drama is not the actual infidelity but how Anne reacted to it and the lesson you would learn in the end.

Their whole plot is very simple but they did manage to establish the story pretty well. Angelica did a great acting job as Anne. There were scenes that would have looked so much better if Angelica was a little thinner. Note: She’s not fat okay, that’s because movie cameras really make people look heavier than they actually are. Some shots just didn’t give her figure justice while some seemed a little awkward especially some of the scenes with Paulo Avelino. For me, they shouldn’t have done the “lifting” parts.

Dimples Romana, again (like her role in One More Chance), gave some sound advice and helped knock some sense into her friend. She’s a great supporting actress and she really fits the “bestfriend” role.

The confrontation between Paulo and Dingdong could have been made better though since it somehow lacked the intensity of an actual confrontation between a husband and the lover. I don’t know, I was waiting for some kind of highlight but it didn’t happen. If there was something missing, maybe it’s the intensity of finding out an infidelity. We’ve seen “No Other Woman” and “The Legal Wife” capture this tense moment because of the catfights but here in this movie, there are no physical catfights. Maybe they should have added it to make it more believable and worth the watch. 😀

Would I recommend people to watch it? DEFINITELY! It’s worth watching because, I really feel that once you’re in a relationship, you would at least get to experience the same things and learn lessons in it that you don’t have to experience anymore. i.e. If you really love someone, DON’T CHEAT!

I don’t know why, but a lot of people are attracted to cheating maybe it’s because of ego boost, monetary benefits (sugar daddy/mommy), or simply because they like dangerous relationships because the thrill of getting caught actually fuels their passion. Only people who have been in those kinds of relationships can tell us. Some may even tell us the reason is Love.

I’m not an expert on relationships but I really wish that those who are reading this and are currently engaged in flirting with other people and cheating on their spouse or partner would stop doing it not because they might get caught but because they feel sorry for the pain they are inflicting on their loved ones. Better stop now while you can still save your relationship and your family.

I hate it when people who are loving and dedicated on strengthening their relationship get cheated on! It’s just not fair. And to the people who love to pursue married men or women, please have the decency to stop yourself from ruining a family. Place yourself in the shoes of the ones you have been cheating on and know how much pain and suffering you’re causing.

We have a lot of cases of broken families because people tend to pursue people who are already married. They just don’t care as long as they’re happy with the flirtation and attention from married people.  Remember that you can also be lawfully liable if someone presents an evidence of an illegal relationship.

To people who are in this kind of relationship (mistresses), think of your future too. You wouldn’t want to be the second choice forever right? Find yourself someone who will love you and would be able to marry you and start a family legally.  What would happen if the guy cheats on you even if you’re the mistress? Also, you won’t be youthful forever so find someone who will love you unconditionally.

I’m saying all of this because these types of movies and TV shows, they’re being shown to us as a lesson and reminder that CHEATING SUCKS and CHEATING NEVER PAYS! EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIRS DON’T LAST FOREVER! You’ll get caught eventually. To the people who cheat on their partner/spouse, please know that it’s really simple and easy to avoid cheating especially if you really love the person you married. There are no ifs and buts, cheating is cheating no matter which way you look at it.

Also, if your loved one cheats on you, don’t return the favor and cheat on him/her too because in the end, you’ll still lose. Revenge should not be a solution to cheating!



  • In case you are going to watch this movie, please note that the sequence of the movie is not done in a straight line. Several flashbacks were done, and based on the reaction from the cinema audience, made the movie a little confusing as other people chattered and tried to explain to their companions that what they were seeing was merely a flashback. It would help identify if something is a flashback by looking at Anne’s (Angelica Panganiban) hair.
  • The movie’s beginning is actually a scene near the ending of the movie so don’t confuse yourself into thinking that Anne was already a mistress before Geoff cheated on her.



Quotes and Hugot Lines

While waiting for the actual movie review, please check out the following Hugot Lines (Quotes) from the movie, THE UNMARRIED WIFE.

Hugot Lines From ANNE (Angelica Panganiban)

  • I have every reason to hold on tight to my husband, I am his wife, lahat ng karapatan nasa kin, pinaglalaban ko ang pagmamahal na binigay ko, ang buhay na pinaghirapan ko, pangarap na binuo ko at higit sa lahat ang anak ko, ang pamilya ko, pamilya namin na winawasak mo, ikaw anong pinaglalaban mo, yang kati mo?
  • Wrong? Mali? yung nakalimutan mong magbayad ng kuryente, yun ang mali…yung nakalimutan mo yung anniversary natin, mali yun… nung nagawa mo akong lokohin, mali din yun, pero para ulitin mo, hindi na yun mali, may sakit ka na!!!
  • Sorry? Sorry tapos ano? Tapos burado na lahat ng kasalanan mo sa kin? Tapos pwede mo na akong gaguhin ulit? Ano ba yung sorry sayo? Yung sorry ba sayo isang lisensya, para paulit ulit mo akong gaguhin, para paulit ulit mo akong lokohin? Ganun ba yun?
  • Bakit kaya ganun no? Sa dami ng naghihiwalay at kaliwaan parang ang dami paring nagpapakasal?
  • Eh kaysa naman tumanda kang talunan at sawi diba?
  • Happy Independence Day, araw ng mga single at independent PERO MASAYA!
  • Bakit ka umiiyak? Isang linggo pa lang tayong kinakasal nagsisisi ka na…
  • Just be my husband, just love me.
  • May irereklamo ako sa pinapakin mo sa asawa ko, may lason and a taste of desperation.
  • Ang akala ko kanina naliligaw ako, nagtataka ako bat andito ka sa Quezon City eh mas bagay ka sa MAKATI.
  • At naniwala ka naman na yan ang totoo? Mukha ka lang matalino pero nuknukan ka ng pagkatanga at uto-uto!
  • Ano tingin mo sa sarili mo? Nagiisa ka? Ikaw ang bukod tangi? Bakit di ba nasabi sa yo ng asawa ko na bago ka, may ibang babaeng haliparot na tumikim at lumingkis sa asawa ko?
  • Ngayong alam mo na ang totoo, mahal mo pa rin ba sya?
  • Can you not f*ck my husband?!
  • Ayokong mahawa sa kadumihan mo, wala akong dalang panlinis.
  • Tigilan mong paglalandi sa asawa ko,  pwede kong makalimutan ang pagiging edukada ko, kakaladkarin kita palabas, hanggang sa atapos ako sayo, at ikaw, kakailanganin mong iparetoke yang kakapal ng pagmumukha mo na yan.
  • Wag ka ng magkunwari na hindi mo alam kung bakit.
  • Alam kong niloloko mo ako, alam kong niloloko mo nanaman ako, alam kong niloloko mo ulit ako!
  •  Sa ating dalawa, kung may dapat magsisi, IKAW lang dapat yun! Pero bakit parang ako lang, bakit parang ako lang parati ang nagsisisi at nanghihinayang sa lahat ng pagmamahal, sa lahat ng panahon na binigay ko sayo at binalewala mo lang ang lahat ng yun na parang basura!
  • Simula ngayon, kasal na lang tayo sa papel, asawa na lang kita dahil sa anak ko. You don’t have to be my husband, just be my son’s father.
  • Eh ano ngayon kung lasing ako? eh amoy na amoy ko lahat ng kasinungalingan na nanggagaling dyan sa bibig mo. Lahat ng mga kasalanan mo na pilit mong itinatago sakin ng paulit ulit.


Hugot Lines From GEOFF (Dingdong Dantes)

  • Ilang sorry ba ang dapat kong ibigay para mapatawad nya ko?
  • I had to love someone else, someone who saw me and not my sin.
  • Mahirap talaga magpatawad pag nasasaktan ka pa.
  • I have the best wife in the world, and you deserve the best husband, pero parang di ko kaya.
  • Eh di there is more of you to love (referring to Anne telling him she’s got fatter).
  • Wala pa, diko pa sinasabi, baka magawan pa kasi ng paraan.
  • Bakit kaya mas madaling sabihin ang problema sa ibang tao kaysa sa sarili mong asawa?
  • Please, wag muna tayong mag usap ngayon baka pareho nating pagsisihan mga sasabihin natin.


Hugot Lines From BRYAN (Paulo Avelino)

  • Hindi lahat ng lalaki manloloko at hindi lahat ng babae faithful.
  • I want you to be happy and hindi mo lang alam kung gaano mo ako napapasaya.
  • Mahal kita, but you don’t seem to love me.


Hugot Lines From CRISTINA (Maricar Reyes)

  • However you think it tastes, your husband seems to like it otherwise, he wouldn’t keep coming back here.
  • Your husband keeps coming back here because you starve him.
  • You know a man can only go for so long without….. food.
  • I feed Geoff’s hunger, I satisfy him and he satisfies me.
  • Do you think this is just an itch that needs to be scratched?
  • I love him, unlike you who always denies him love.
  • Lagi nya sinasabi sa akin na sa akin lang sya nakakaramdam ng pagmamahal.
  • Kung marami man kaming nagmahal sa kanya, take it as a sign that he can’t stand you!
  • You have nothing to hold on to.
  • Can you not make a scene?
  • Bakit, anong gusto mo, sampalan? sabunutan? Yun ba ang gusto mo?

Hugot Lines From Their Friends and Family

  • Di ba ikaw narin nagsabihangga’t nasasaktan ka pa, mahirap magpatawad.
  • He hurt you not because he didn’t love you, you have to be stronger.
  • Alam mo mabuti pa, makipaghiwalay ka na lang kasi kung di mo naman maibibigay sa kanya and tiwala eh bakit pa kayo kasal?
  • Maybe he cheated on you because you weren’t good as a wife.
  • Nakalimutan ba nya ang mission statement ng company? We take care of families, we don’t break them up!
  • Hindi ba pwede na kaya niloko ka ng batugang assh0le na yun eh dahil tarantad0 sya, period!
  • Kung mahal mo, you make or he makes time.



WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Please do not read if you don’t like spoilers.

Anne (Angelica Panganiban) and Geoff (Dingdong Dantes) gets married and their love produces a son. Anne is a career woman who has just been promoted after their boss was removed from her position after word broke out that she was having an affair. The company Anne was working for is family oriented and strictly follows guidelines about family and relationships.

Geoff’s job is to ensure that the company he was working for is able to respond quickly to oil price fix. Unfortunately for Geoff, he commits a booboo and risks getting sacked from his job. He doesn’t tell Anne about it and laments that it’s easier to tell other people his problem but not to his wife. While handling the job pressure by himself, he gets into an affair with his assistant (or co-worker). Note that this is just a semi-spoiler because we got to see this in the trailer.

Anyway, Anne catches both of them when she decides to surprise him in his office. Geoff asks for forgiveness and because both came from broken families and didn’t want their son to suffer the same fate, they decided to stick together and Anne sort of forgives him.

He’s not fully forgiven yet since Anne didn’t want to get intimate with Geoff so he ends up cheating on her again. This time, with another girl named Cristina (played by Maricar Reyes). Anne’s effeminate male assistant (Martine Escudero) catches Geoff and Cristina and tells Anne about it.

She drives towards the location and sees with her own eyes the infidelity. As soon as Geoff leaves the place, she goes inside the place and asks for the chef (which was Cristina). Cristina had no idea that Anne was Geoff’s wife so she cheerfully greeted her and was dumbfounded when she realized that she’s face-to-face with her lover’s wife.

The discussion ended without a physical catfight but words were like daggers so those experiencing the same situation might get affected.  Also, Cristina said that she actually loves Geoff.

Anne packs up Geoff’s things and places everything inside the guest room. She waits for Geoff to arrive. Geoff still doesn’t want to tell the truth even though it was quite obvious that Anne knows everything. She tells him that from that day onwards, they will only be married in paper and that all she asked from him is that Geoff signs the annullment and that he arrives at home at exactly 5am so their son would think he actually spent the night at home. After a while, Geoff confesses that he loves Cristina, which makes Anne run away from that scene and explode in tears inside their room. After a series of tearful scenes and stress in her job, she got a miscarriage, it turns out that she was a few weeks pregnant. She didn’t tell Geoff about it.

Anne contemplates about filing a case of concubinage but since her lawyer friend played by Dimples Romana, told her that Geoff would get jailed, she decides to just file annulment instead however it proved difficult. She even mentions to her friends that getting married is hard, staying married is harder but getting an annullment was impossible.

Anne becomes a bitchy boss since she used her assistants as her virtual punching bags, scolding them even at the slightest hint of mistake. She lamented why they kept doing the same mistakes, however, it was Geoff’s mistakes that were in her mind that time. She then meets Bryan (Paulo Avelino), who helped her become happy again so her team noticed that she was no longer bitchy.

As it turns out, Bryan has also been into a not-so-good marriage and he was still married to Louise (Denise Laurel), who seems to have anger issues since she mentioned taking maintenance drugs. Louise slaps Anne when she finds her inside their house. Anne was shocked since it turned out that Bryan made her a mistress without her consent since he told her his marriage was already annulled. It was even more difficult for Anne because she hated mistresses yet she became one, also, Louise posted a video online shaming her so she got fired from her job. Louise even followed her from a disco place then smashed a bottle on her head.

Though Bryan tried desperately to hold on to Anne, she decided to stay away from him. Louise, in the mean time pursued a case against Bryan and Anne. On the day of the hearing, Anne meets Louise inside a public restroom and asks forgiveness for hurting her and to ask Louise to give Anne and Geoff’s son a chance to have a better life than them. Louise got affected and decided to not pursue the case anymore. 

Anne says good bye to Bryan and Geoff decides to leave Cristina. Geoff tells Anne that there was only one woman he wants to be married to and that’s Anne. It was the day before their annullment is finally passed. Anne says sorry to Geoff for not being the best wife and for not fulfilling her duties as a wife. Geoff says sorry to Anne for cheating on her repeatedly and not giving her time to heal. They seemed to get along well in the end and Anne asks him to give her time. Geoff asks if she would still love him and if there’s a chance for their forever in the future. Anne responds, someday. Geoff says he will wait for that time. 

Though I have pretty much written the plot here, it is definitely advisable that you see this movie in the big screen. The acting of the main cast was superb and the lines delivered were very relatable. I definitely recommend others to see this movie because not only is it entertaining and relatable, it also has a moral lesson. 


Someday by Juris

Like most films, they also have a “theme song”, which is “SOMEDAY”, sung by Juris (previously the lead singer of MYMP). The said song was sung originally by Nina. The lyrics can be found below. 

We’ll just have to wait and see the movie to find out if the lyrics of this song is the same with the theme of the movie. 😉


Directed by Maryo J. De Los Reyes

The story was written by Keiko Aquino and was
produced under STAR CINEMA Productions and ABS-CBN  Film Productions.
Dingdong Dantes and Angelica Panganiban already worked together in past, which included a horror film titled Segunda Mano and a blockbuster film with Angel Locsin, “One more try” where Angelica also played as his wife. The Unmarried Wife is the film that would reunite these two very talented artists.

Director Maryo J. De Los Reyes was all praises in terms of Angelica Panganiban’s acting. He says she’s quite versatile as she can do comedy, drama, a little bit sexy, perhaps she can do everything! Like most movies of this nature, there are also love scenes in the movie which the director called “eros” (love) but I doubt they would go overboard because Dingdong Dantes is already married (to actress Marian Rivera) and sexy scenes might cause his wife to get jealous.

Direk Maryo was right regarding Angelica since she won the Best Actress for One More Try at the 44th Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation Awards and was awarded as Best Supporting Actress for Segunda Mano in the Famas awards in 2012. She also won the Comedy Actress of the year for Here Comes The Bride at the 42nd Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation Awards. She already did an antagonistic role as Madame Claudia Buenavista (Pangako Sa Yo) and is also a mainstay in Banana Split (ABS CBN TV Show) so in terms of acting, she really is very versatile!

Dingdong Dantes on the other hand, is also a very formidable actor who won Best Actor Awards for both Segunda Mano and One More Try at the MMFF awards. Combining both of them in one movie is a formula for a successful film and as early as now, I’m sure that a lot of people would be talking about their movie because the theme is very relatable and their movie trailers were very interesting.

Also, let’s not forget that Paulo Avelino can hold his own. He won Best Supporting Actor for the movie, Heneral Luna (as Gregorio del Pilar) and Best Actor for TV in Bridges of Love. This would also mark the first time that Paulo would work with Angelica Panganiban in a movie.

Cast Members:
Angelica Panganiban as Anne
Dingdong Dantes as Geoff
Paulo Avelino as Bryan
Maricar Reyes as Cristina
Denise Laurel
Dimples Romana as Carmela
Justin Cuyugan
Martin Escudero
Pamu Pamorada
Lei Navarro
Irma Adlawan
Marina Benipayo
Loren Burgos
Joan Falisoc
Jace Flores
Anne Feo


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