UPDATE: Click HERE to check out the latest about Kang Gary’s wife

When Kang Gary left Running Man last November 2016, fans have been rooting for him to come back. When he appeared in a special “Member’s week” episode, all the fans had their hopes up that peaceful Gary, the other half of the internationally famous, “MONDAY COUPLE”, would once again, rejoin Running Man.

After the member’s week episode of Gary, he stayed low key. However, Kang Gary shattered his silence with his instagram post.

Translated via Google, his message was:

“I have made a thousand years with someone I love today. I did not have a wedding ceremony but a marriage ceremony. My wife is an ordinary woman and I have waved my soul in an instant. You may be surprised by the sudden announcement of your marriage. It is our hope that you will bless us with a joyful new future! I will live happily ever after.”

Actual rough translation of his message (from AllKpop):

“I got married to the person I love today. There was no wedding, but the two of us became a married couple through our own expression. My wife is a non-celebrity woman, who shook my soul in a moment. Though there may be those of you who are shocked by the marriage news, I hope you bless our new future with a happy heart. I’ll live well and happily for the rest of my life. Posted by Gary.”

His wife, who isn’t a celebrity, wasn’t exposed for privacy purposes. Maybe in the future, we would get to know who she is especially when they announce when they’ll have their first child.

A lot of fans are shocked and disappointed. Some even thought it was an APRIL FOOLS joke, but seeing that it’s already April 5, it’s obvious that this is not a joke and as a Running Man Fan/Supporter, we must just be happy for our peaceful Gary.

There were even reports that the Monday Couple (Gary and Ji Hyo) would get married this year. It turns out that Gary did get married but to a different person and MUSIC wasn’t the only thing he concentrated on, he also focused on LOVE and taking a major step.

His Instagram post of a plant with a sunshine halo may mean that he’s ready to nurture his own family and he’s ready to branch out and explore a different path… married life and eventually have children of his own.

It’s still unknown how Gary celebrated their marriage and whether the rest of the cast were there to celebrate this special event with him.

Though our hearts ache to know that there will never be a MONDAY COUPLE moment ever again, we support Gary’s decision in making his marriage a secret to avoid any outrage from fans and to make their marriage more solemn and private.

Congratulations to Kang Gary and his wife, may you have more happiness and blessings!

I found this on Youtube (video by MVTeeVee), let’s just reminisce the best of Monday Couple Moments… we’ve rooted for them for so long, at least we’ve enjoyed each and every moment they interacted on our favorite variety show, Running Man! 🙂