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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Speculations, Spoilers and Possible Happy Ending

This article is a work in progress… some changes will be made once I get more clues.

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Based on actual Goryeo history, some similarities of the two dramas as well as some clues we gained from previews, stills and images online, as well as the novel with the Chinese title 步步惊心 “Bu Bu Jing Xin” by Tong Hua, here are some possible events that may (or may not) happen in the next few episodes of our favorite Korean Drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Please note that these are just guesses so some of these may not actually happen and these are not actual or official “spoilers”.



After enjoying watching Episode 17-18 of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, let me summarize the Spoilers and Speculations from my previous article (CLICK HERE FOR LINK) so we would know which ones came true, which ones will never happen in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and which ones are still going to happen in the last 2-3 episodes. I will also add more spoilers and speculations at the bottom so we can have more events to watch out for. 🙂


1) Wang So married Princess Yeon-hwa.

Wang So agrees to marry Yeon-hwa to ensure that Wang Wook’s family, the Hwangbos, as well as the rest of the powerful clans in Goryeo wouldn’t revolt against him. This signals the end of the power struggle between Wang So and Wang Wook. However, their struggles for LOVE is another story since Wang Wook vowed not to allow King Gwangjong to have both love and power.

yeonhwa-queendaemok yeonhwa-gwangjong


2) Wang So already married Princess Kyung Hwa.

Though it wasn’t shown in the drama, Wang So already married Princess Kyung Hwa or  Gyeonghwagung (first daughter of Wang Mu) but she’s already a Buddhist priestess. This was mentioned by Woo-hee when Hae Soo was complaining to her about her being bored and had nothing to do but wait for King Gwangjong. You may remember that Princess Kyung Hwa was sent to the Buddhist temple for her safety right after it was announced by Wang Mu that she would be marrying Wang So. In a previous episode, Wang So even handed the king the date as selected their Astronomer Choi Ji-mong. No surprises there. 😉


3) Hae Soo became the King’s consort & will not be able to marry Wang So. 

As expected, she left the Damiwon and is now treated as one of the royals.  She cannot marry the king because of the scar on her wrist. She told him it’s okay because she doesn’t want to be a Queen because of all the rules and expectations that go with the title. Wang So shed a tear while hugging her and told her, she would be his ONLY QUEEN, which we all know is not true because he would end up marrying Yeon-hwa. He didn’t mean it literally, it meant that Hae Soo will be the only queen in his heart.


4) Predestination Paradox moon-lovers-scarlet-heart-ryeo-makeup

Hae Soo started some sort of domino effect when she told Wang Wook to be careful of Wang So. It also affected a lot of things and events when she hid Wang So’s scar. As mentioned by a dying Wang Yo in Episode 17, he decided to kill his brothers because of that specific event, when he was cast aside during the rain ceremony. He didn’t like the feeling of being unwanted and somehow, that made him become more aggressive towards claiming the throne.

He also didn’t want to experience what Wang So felt when he was ostracized by his own mother. He blamed Hae Soo for what happened because according to him, he wouldn’t have done what he did if Hae Soo didn’t make Wang So’s scar disappear.

Though there was a domino effect, it still turned out that Wang So was Gwangjong even if he became the 4th King of Goryeo instead of the 3rd (according to Ji-mong). Because of Hae Soo, Wang Yo, who didn’t have the star of a king was able to become Jeongjong, 3rd king of Goryeo.

Even if Hae Soo tried her best to change her visions and tried to save King Taejo, Wang Mu, Wang Eun and his wife, they still ended up dead. King Taejo even told her in the past to let things happen as they happen and to be an “observer”  rather than try to change history.

Because no matter what Hae Soo does, the ending would be the same and she would find herself in the same situation. He also told her to focus on the present rather than the future.taejo3

4) Wang Yo died and Wang So became Gwangjong, 4th king of Goryeo. 

This is already obvious from the moment Hae Soo had her visions of future events. wang-yo

I noticed that a loud footstep could still be heard even when Wang Yo already fainted. There was also the water being dripped on Wang Yo. The water came from above and landed on his face so I assume it was done by someone. In the next scene, Wang So, Baek Ah, Ji-mong and two other soldiers (one of which acted as lookout) emerged from the palace where Wang Yo was sleeping. They were wearing assassin clothes and had covered their faces as well. 25

In the background, the palace guards were bound together and unconscious. bound

I think that the trio may have intentionally frightened Wang Yo using costumes and shadows. I’m not sure if they’re also behind Wang Yo’s poisoning or if they only took advantage of the weakened state of Wang Yo.

Who poisoned Wang Yo? 35 Some may speculate that it was Hae Soo because of her nervousness while serving tea. However, she knew that morning that Wang So and his men were on their way to fight for the throne. This might be the only reason why she was nervous. I think it was Chae-ryung who did the poisoning of the drinks since Wang Won mentioned that he planned to ask her to do some other things which was why he persisted that Chae-ryung should stay at the Damiwon.


If it’s not the drinks that were poisoned, I think it’s not the ring either (I researched and found that mercury exposure would damage the ring) so I suspect that it’s the king’s cup or even the candles.

During that time, candles were used to make mercury vapors which are lethal when there’s constant exposure. There are a lot of candles beside the emperor’s throne and someone blew the candle on the night when Wang Yo lost consciousness because of the “ghosts”. Based on research, candles can cause low dose, long term exposures to Mercury.


Why did I come up with such a weird idea?

Remember in Episode 17, where Ji-mong told the couple that Wang Yo was ill because an envoy got struck by lightning in front of him? It was Ji-mong who scheduled when the envoy would come because he wanted to “SCARE THE KING”. Why the heck would he scare Wang Yo? They aren’t close enough to pull a prank on him.


I understand that the envoy was from Jurchen, they switched allegiance between Khitan (Liao) and Goryeo multiple times throughout history. This might be the possible reason why Ji-mong wanted to scare the king so he won’t entertain them anymore. However, after seeing Jimong, Wang So and Baek Ah emerge from the palace, I think that the trio were involved in scaring King Jeongjong.

Finally, Wang So was crowned as GWANGJONG, 4th King of Goryeo.



It was the LAST WILL or his LAST DECREE on Wang Yo’s hand but Wang So tore it before anyone else could read it. I think the speculation I had with the heart attack and the mercury poisoning might both be true. I will be discussing more about this later on.

5) Wang So found out who was behind the mercury poisoning of Wang Mu and Chae-Ryung was punished (killed) in the process. 

Wang So lamented that because of Wook, he had to punish Chae-ryung, who was close to Hae Soo and now, Hae Soo thinks he’s a monster.


Wang So explained that Chae-ryung was originally Won’s maid, who he referred to Wook.  When Hae Soo was transferred to the Damiwon and had a relationship with Wang So, they sent Chae-ryung to the Damiwon to keep an eye on her. Her duty was to spy on Hae Soo and Wang So and to supposedly frame Hae Soo.


What’s sad is Chae-ryung lied a lot to her. She could read and write (Wang Won taught her how) yet she told Hae Soo she couldn’t. She even told Hae Soo that she was emancipated yet she was actually a spy puppet for Won and Wook. She participated in killing Moo and told Wook about the tunnel where Eun was supposed to escape. That’s why there were royal guards waiting for Eun there.


Many fans were angry at Chae-ryung but I think she only did everything because she was forced to do it and because she was blinded by her feelings for Won.

That’s why she wrote to Hae Soo so she can understand the predicament she was in. Her final words in the letter were “Only you can tell if something is worth doing.” which meant, she was foolishly in-love with Wang Won. What’s weird is Chae-ryung’s questions to Hae Soo on Episode 1 kind of relates to herself. She thought Hae Soo was pretending that she has amnesia yet she’s the one who would pretend to be a regular maid in the She thought Hae Soo was pretending that she has amnesia yet she’s the one who would pretend to be a regular maid in the Damiwon.

She asked Hae Soo if she had a rendezvous with a man from another household, yet she’s the one who was attracted to Wang Won (who was already married) because he was the only one who helped her when she had nothing. She also asked her if she had a lot of debt yet she’s the one who became a spy/slave to Wang Won because she didn’t have money before. chaeryung

Despite that, I think that before Chae-ryung was sent to the Damiwon, she sincerely regarded Hae Soo as her friend. She said before that she would rather die than tell anybody where Hae Soo was going. They even planted a tree together. Hopefully, that’s not a lie too. divider

REMAINING SPECULATIONS (from the previous post)


This includes additional speculations and more spoilers.

1) Hae Soo might marry Wang Jung.

In Episode 18, Hae Soo witnesses Chae-ryung being beaten to death and how power seems to be overcoming Wang So. She felt that she desperately needs to get out of the palace and the only way to do it is by marrying Wang Jung, who has with him, an official decree that he can marry Hae Soo. Like a true gentleman, he didn’t force Hae Soo to marry him and instead, intended to use it in case he needed to save Hae Soo.

He kept this a secret and dropped subtle hints to Hae Soo such as asking her jokingly to marry him (Episode 20) and when he and Hae Soo were talking about plans for the future, he asked about her marriage plans. There’s one problem though. Hae Soo didn’t know that Jung was planning to marry her in order to take her out of the palace.

Hae Soo will probably hesitate since she still loves Wang So. In the preview, Wang So finds out about Hae Soo and Wang Wook’s past relationship. Wook may have also revealed the truth of their relationship because he wanted to help Hae Soo escape from the palace. Wang So tells her that he doesn’t want to see him again. Hae Soo wouldn’t have any choice left but to leave the palace heartbroken with Wang So and thankful to Wang Wook. I think this would be the time for Yeon-hwa to make her moves on Wang So. :’-(

In the last episode, Hae Soo already gave her beloved hairpin (given by Wang So) to Baek Ah so he could give it to Jung with the message, “I WANT IT”. We also saw in the preview that Wook exposed their past relationship to Wang So, if they followed the novel and Chinese version, that ploy was meant to make Wang So agree to allow Hae Soo to leave the palace.haesoo-pin


In the Chinese version, Ruo Xi marries the 14th prince but they do not consummate their marriage. This might also apply with Jung and Hae Soo because she’s sick and she doesn’t have that much time left.

However, I’m thinking that the writers might put a twist to it by having Hae Soo live on her own. She mentioned in a previous episode that she’s building up funds for her retirement and she might have the chance to use that. Jung might just be there to help and support her if she needs help.

Unfortunately, Wang Jung lost everything to Wang So, including his title and money so he might be the one who needs help. However, picturing Hae Soo alone and sick isn’t really adding up so I think they would follow the original version where 14th prince Jung marries Hae Soo so he can take care of her properly while she’s sick and dying. wangjung

2) Wang Wook won’t die…. YET.

If the Chinese version was followed, 8th and 9th prince would die only after Ruo Xi’s Hae Soo’s death. In the Chinese version, they are following the history of Qing Dynasty so if you noticed with Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, they changed some things especially major events that concerns “important people” in the history of Goryeo. It’s possible that he would be placed under house arrest or even tortured like Hae Soo.


I’m not sure about Won but our Wookie can’t die yet because he isn’t remarried at the moment. History would change in a major way if Wook would die because as mentioned previously, his first son became the 6th king of Goryeo. Wook may not be as important as Wang So but he was the father of a king and I’m sure they won’t change this in the Korean Drama. marriage

There is one problem though… It didn’t indicate in the preview how much time has passed since King Gwangjong became king. If we see Wook married and with children in the next 2 episodes, there is a possibility that he would be put to death by King Gwangjong. He and Wang Won are actually in danger of being executed by Gwangjong in the next 2 episodes.

Oh and another thing to think about, in Episode 11, Wook said, he and Yeon-hwa are indebted to each other. So I’m thinking that maybe in the preview, we’re being led to think that Wook would die but someone else (who’s dispensable) would die or get punished in his place. Even if Yeon-hwa wants to betray Wook so she can be Wang So’s only queen, I think she’s also considering the fact that she might get punished too if Wang So finds out that she’s the one who tried to poison Wang Mu but it was Wang So who got poisoned in his place. She might turn her back but not betray him.



3) Hae Soo dies and she is not pregnant so there will be no miscarriage either.

I’m sorry to all who are still in pain and in shock over last episode’s revelation. Accept it because she needs to go back to the present and she wasn’t meant to stay that long in Goryeo. The Court Physician already confirmed that Hae Soo would die but he did not reveal how long. haesoo-death

There has been a lot of rumors going on about Hae Soo’s pregnancy.

So, is she pregnant?

If they were really following the novel, Hae Soo would get pregnant and have miscarriage. This would extremely weaken her because the court physician mentioned that extreme emotions would trigger her body to deteriorate and weaken. I think this is essential because even if Wang So wouldn’t acknowledge his love for her anymore because of her past with Wook (they promised to marry each other), this might not be enough to totally shatter her. So the miscarriage scenario is likely to happen and Hae Soo’s health will dramatically deteriorate, eventually causing her death. I’m going to be amazed thought on how they can pull that off because of time constraints. 

(Changed speculation last Oct 31, 5:04AM) Speaking of time constraints, I’ve estimated the amount of time needed and I don’t think they can pull it off without sacrificing the storyline of others (like Baek Ah and Woo Hee) so I think the writers decided to just skip it to give more time to the other characters since they have to squeeze everything in just 20 episodes. Anyway, the point is, Hae Soo will die.

She will go back to the present time. However, she carries with her the constant aching of her heart whenever she’s depressed.

Notice that on Episode 1, Go Ha-jin can be seen beating her chest similar to the time when she was Hae Soo of Goryeo.  We might find out something about it when she wakes up in the hospital. I am hoping she’s fine and would meet the reincarnation of Wang So soon so she won’t be sad or stressed and the pain in her heart would go away. haesoo-heart

In the original version, the main female lead wakes up inside a hospital after several weeks of comatose. This might be followed by Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Would there be a sequel or Part 2?

Sadly, I don’t think they would have a Part 2 for this drama. If the ratings were higher, there could have been a possibility of a Part 2 but they surprisingly didn’t do well in the Korean ratings game. I think this is because of the petty lolita “scandal” with IU. What’s confusing is their ratings in other countries are stellar and their acting skills (especially of the 3 main leads) are being noticed. What happened to “love your own”?

Seriously though, haters are really overreacting, immature and totally savage. IU seems like a really nice lady. She even gives unsolicited donations to the less fortunate yet she’s being hated for a very petty remark. I still think she has a good heart. You can google it and you’ll see that she’s one of the few Korean stars who always give back an absurd amount of money without expecting anything in return.

Also, their rival Korean drama was a feel-good type while we can note that dramas based in actual history often does not end well (or have a sad ending). Some people might not like the idea of their favorite Korean or Hallyu star killed in the drama. So maybe that’s what’s affecting the ratings as well. The acting especially that of Lee Joon Gi is superb! I really wish they gave this drama a chance. 😉 To those who loved and cried along with their favorite characters in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, hang tight.

Please don’t hate the drama because of some sad endings of your Korean Idol because your favorite stars gave their BEST EFFORT in this drama. Appreciate and celebrate how good their acting was instead. 😉 ….and if you are still asking, if there would be a SAD ENDING (like the Chinese Version) or a HAPPY ENDING, I really bet it’s a sad ending for the Moon Lovers Hae Soo and Wang So in Goryeo and a happy ending when they both meet in the present.

That’s the main plot of the drama which was taken from the novel so that won’t change. What they can change though is Hae Soo meeting the reincarnation of the rest of the cast and not just Wang So.

Note that there’s a mini-fan event where Lee Joon Gi would be watching the last episode with fans of the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. One of the representative from Namoo Actors said, “We hope it will be a meaningful and enjoyable experience for fans of ‘Scarlet Heart: Ryeo’ and Lee Joon-gi.”. That probably means that the ending is “ENJOYABLE”, otherwise the cinema would be filled with outrage and BOO’s by fans. 😉

4) The unread letter.

Hae Soo was really interested in learning how to write that her eyes light up when she watched Wook do it (during her stay at the 8th prince’s residence). When she saw Wang So’s handwriting, she even mentioned that his handwriting was good and that she still has a lot to know about him. When Wang So became king, Hae Soo asked him to write the poem many times yet she didn’t reveal why. Perhaps she loved watching him write the poem again and again. haesoo-wang-so

When Wang So gave her that well-loved poem (when he was pushed to marry Mu’s daughter),  she placed another paper on top of it and traced Wang So’s handwriting. She kept doing it and once, Chae-ryung even asked her why she kept writing it (it already became a habit). writing

She mentioned that she loves the poem.  When Wang So became Gwangjong, she insisted that he write the poem several times. Her eyes were sparkling while looking at Wang So writing the poem. The picture above is Hae Soo’s handwriting, the picture below is Wang So’s.


This has some implication because in the original version, Ruo Xi (Hae Soo’s counterpart) had a similar handwriting with the 4th prince and when she was close to death, she wrote a letter for the 4th prince and asked the 14th prince to deliver it.

The 14th prince was shocked to see that she had the same handwriting as the King. This was a big no-no because it means she can use forgery or she might be used by powerful people to forge Royal Decrees. The 14th prince therefore, concealed the letter in another envelope before handing it to the 4th prince who refused to read it, thinking it wasn’t from Ruo Xi.

So she died thinking that the 4th prince has read her letter and still refused to see her. She died heartbroken. This might put into play the constant tracing of letters that Hae Soo has been doing for several years. And like Ruo Xi’s fate, Hae Soo might share a similar fate with her in terms of the unread letter. I really think that the poem and her constant tracing of the lettering written by Wang So will have a certain kind of importance in the last two episodes because why else would they show that to us repeatedly?


5) Baek Ah might use himself to cover for Gwangjong (Wang So).

Baek Ah is pretty loyal to Wang So and he and Hae Soo are the only two people Wang So really cares about. I mentioned about the trio: Wang So, Baek-Ah and Ji Mong, who may have been the ones who frightened Wang Yo that night. 26

Though they were wearing face covers that time, I think someone from the palace who witnessed the incident might have recognized one of them and might not have been thrown out. This would spell trouble for the 3 especially for Wang So.

So, in order to protect him and the throne, Baek-Ah might admit to the crime by his lonesome. Since he’s one of the king’s favorite person and Wang So was also responsible, he might have a lighter than usual punishment. In Jimong’s version of Goryeo, Wang Yo did not become King yet that was already changed.

Fearing that the future may have been compromised especially if Wang So won’t be king, I think Ji-mong decided to participate in frightening Wang Yo in order to “correct” and fix the situation. This may also be the reason why Ji-mong was very straightforward to Hae Soo regarding Wang So’s marriage, that she could not become queen because this might upset the balance and change Goryeo’s history tremendously.


6) Princess Woo-hee might have a tragic end.

WooAh fans, please don’t hate me for this… But I really have to say it. We’ve seen in the previous episodes that Baek-ah and Woo-hee are already planning to get married. In the Chinese version, Baek Ah And Woo-Hee’s counterparts got married and had a daughter.

Unfortunately, Woo-Hee’s counterpart drowns herself because she could no longer take being looked down upon by other wives in the household and they even suggested that her daughter won’t have a good future and 13th prince would be dragged down because of her low birth status.

On a future episode, it turns out they were wrong because she was a noble after all. She killed herself because she felt her existence is not favorable for both her husband and daughter.  She drowned herself and when Ruo Xi found her, she refused to tell the 13th prince about it.


In Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, a possible version would be, Woo-hee would commit suicide if Baek-Ah’s family doesn’t accept her real background and she might feel like she’s betraying her people. woohee

Remember, she sacrificed herself, her dignity, committed treachery and even killed people because of her people. I don’t think she can turn her back on her people that easily because she’s the last leader from a royal family line so she might have a difficult time to abandon her people. I suddenly noticed how water or bodies of water seemed to be connected to some deaths.

What is it with water and drowning anyway? Think of these events and tell me if I’m being paranoid. lol 😀

  • Choi Ji-mong drowned when he was young, that’s why he woke up in Goryeo like Go Ha-jin.
  • Little boy on Episode 1 almost drowned.
  • Go Ha-jin almost drowned in Episode 1 (she’s now presumably in a comatose state)
  • The real Hae Soo drowned and died (before Ha-jin soul took over her body)
  • Wang Mu was killed with mercury placed in his bath water, he died face down in his bath.
  • The bath house was where Yeon-hwa saw the indications that Eun was there.
  • In the original Scarlet Heart, Luwu (Woo-hee’s counterpart) drowned herself.

In the preview, the couple can be seen inside the Bath house where Hae Soo initially emerged and where Eun and his wife had their last happy moment. I hope this is not the same place where we would see Woo-hee dead in any of the two final episodes. baek-ah2

I think Woo-hee is also troubled by the treachery she did in the past by becoming Wang Yo’s spy and how she killed someone because she wanted to save herself. She and Hae Soo talked about karma and Woo-hee seemed to accept that all the things she has done would eventually come back to her and she would get punished.



She’s also the granddaughter of Gyeon Hwon, the one who killed Baek Ah’s relatives. Woo-hee didn’t lie about it but she kept it a secret from Baek Ah. he only knows she is a Hubaekje and Woo-hee didn’t tell him that she’s actually THE princess of Hubaekje. If this happens, both Hae Soo and Woo-hee would get their love scorned because they kept things to themselves.


There’s a photo of Baek Ah circulating online. He’s wearing a GENERAL’s armor so this indicates it hasn’t happened yet. I don’t think this is a manipulated image but I’m not sure if it’s 100% legit but if it is, I would have to assume that Baek-ah wasn’t able to save someone or something from falling.

I think the one he couldn’t save was Woo-hee. She probably jumped to her death. Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo changed the way people died. Chae Ryung was beaten up yet in the Chinese version, she was boiled to death. Since Wang Mu already died in his bath and Go Ha-jin already did the drowning scene in Episode 1, it would be redundant if Woo-hee would drown, so I think they chose jumping to her death as an alternative.


How Baek-ah’s family would treat her once they found out about her origins would be a barometer of how their ending as a couple would be like. Then there’s also Wang So, who knows a lot and has been keeping info to himself until he became king and can act on it.

7) Wang So may have lied. The will wasn’t left “blank”.

I’ve rewatched the scene where Wang So ripped the paper containing the name of the person that Wang Yo was leaving the throne to, about a dozen times and I really think that he lied to Hae Soo about it.


Here are the reasons why I think Wang So lied when he mentioned that it was left “blank”:

  • Wang Yo scrambled to get the last will done and he finished doing it so he tried to hand it to Hae Soo. Why would he go through all that effort if it was blank anyway? He could have just died without doing the will so everything would be pretty much the same. Why go through all the trouble of speed writing it? If he died while writing it, then maybe, there’s a chance it was blank.
  • Let’s say he didn’t want any of his brothers to get the throne, but there is another option. Aside from his brother Wang Jung, Wang Yo could have easily abdicated the throne and named his own son as the new King. Dowager Queen Yoo would have managed the kingdom while his son is still unable to lead it.
  • Wang So asked Hae Soo first if she’s read it before tearing it up. Why didn’t he just say out loud, “It’s blank” or “he didn’t name a successor” then showed it to Hae Soo before ripping it apart.
  • Wang So is determined to do whatever it takes to be King and if Jung or his nephew were written in that paper, then he would have to kill them to get to the throne so he did what he did in order to avoid killing more of his family members.


What was his reason for lying to Hae Soo? It may be because he doesn’t want her to get involved since she’s also close to the other brothers. Also, Chae-ryung was spying on Hae Soo that time & she’s her confidante so he can’t make any mistake and let slip any info to Wook and Won. What about you? Do you believe Wang So was telling the truth?


8) Choi Ji-mong saved Go Ha-jin in the present time.

There are also rumors that it would be the reincarnation of Wang So or one of his brothers (Wook?) who would save Go Ha-jin in the present time.

Though that may sound amazing, I don’t think it is possible because of the time and proximity elements involved. The closest people to the lake was already be seen when Go Ha-jin scanned around for people that may help save the boy.

Remember that Ji-mong once said that he died and was brought back to life (Episode 9)? He mentioned that when he woke up after a day, his mother thought he was different and he was wise beyond his years. He also mentioned having seen an airplane, elevator, and even skyscrapers though he didn’t mention what they were actually called (though in one episode he told Eun that what he made was called a “plane”). What if he joined Go Ha-jin during that eclipse (since eclipse doesn’t happen too often) and they both traveled through time.


This probably means that he did come from the future and I really think he’s the one who saved Go Ha-jin because of the following reasons:      

  • He was in the same location as Go Ha-jin and she even shared with him some soju. I’m pretty sure his role doesn’t just involve sitting there and doing nothing! 🙂
  • He saw her shoes, which meant she jumped into the lake. He looked up to see the eclipse, and maybe as he notices what’s happening, he would jump into action.


  • Ji-mong and Hae Soo both drowned in Goryeo and their souls were replaced by Go Ha-jin and the hobo (Ji-mong). They didn’t come to the same time because they had to replace souls of their own reincarnation (I’m not sure how the “process” goes so bear with me on this one).
  • Hobo Ji-mong gave a wise and sound advice to Go Ha-jin which is quite surprising so I think he wasn’t originally a hobo (homeless person), maybe he just ran into one bad luck to another like Go Ha-jin.



  • What if he’s not a hobo or homeless person since he was young? What if he studied before (including Goryeo history)? If he came back to Goryeo, that would be a major advantage to him plus, he mentioned that he confirmed/predicted something essential to the king, which led him to become the King’s astronomer.



  • Goryeo’s astronomer Choi Ji-mong gave Hae Soo, the same advice he gave to Go Ha-jin. Maybe when he was transported back to time, even if he became a child, he tried to remember what things occurred before he traveled back to time and maybe he repeated what he said to Go Ha-jin multiple times because that’s the last thing he could remember before he time traveled. Also, he can be seen winking to a clueless Go Ha-jin (Hae Soo).



9) Hae Soo’s ashes might be scattered on the Dongji lake where she and Wang So spent some time together.

This might be a little morbid and heartbreaking but I think that her ashes would be scattered on the beautiful Dongji lake, where they usually see each other. The bath house was where she first appeared but I doubt Wang So would scatter her ashes there because it did not hold a significant value aside from her seeing his scar for the first time.dongji

In case you’re curious. the Dongji lake is different from the lake where Go Ha-jin drowned (see picture below) unless the topography changed tremendously through time. 😀 Just a bit of information too, I scoured the internet for the real “lake” in case anyone wants to visit that place and thank goodness I found it! It’s a pond not a lake! That’s why I couldn’t find it initially. It’s known as the Wiyangji pond in Milyang Gyeongnam. It’s such a breathtaking place that I won’t be surprised if it would become a famous touritst spot or Hallyu location because of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. When I go back to Korea, I’m definitely going there. 🙂


10) Wang Yo (King Gwangjong) would still become a tyrant king despite Hae Soo’s effort.

He already has some indications because he executed people without a second thought however in Goryeo History, Gwangjong was actually a good king in the first 8 years of his reign. No one knows what changed that he became a tyrant but eventually built a lot of Buddhist temples to atone for what he’s done in the past. I think the change was brought about by Hae Soo’s demise.

To explain this further, back when he was a child, Ji-mong went back to the Goryeo Dynasty. Similar to Hae-soo, his previous self, died and his soul from the present time went back to the past in order for him to do what was needed to be done. However, in Ji-mong’s version of the Goryeo history, Wang So was the 3rd king and was already cruel right from the start and killed everybody that resisted or hindered his commands. Hae Soo was able to change this since Gwangjong in the drama is now freeing slaves and thinking about the good of his people, but why did history still record Gwangjong as a tyrant? cc

He changed from a good king to a tyrant in his 9th year as king (his reign was peaceful during the first 8 years). I’m thinking that this might be the time when Hae Soo died so he has no one else to influence his actions and decisions but Yeon-hwa, who was originally his first love before Hae Soo arrived and changed Goryeo history.

That’s why Ji-mong’s version of Goryeo had a tyrant Gwangjong from the start, it’s because he was scarred from childhood and carried grudges plus he had Yeon-hwa by his side, who was conniving and wanted revenge against Queen Yoo for what she did to her mother. Also, in the period of Purge (959–975), Hae Soo was no longer there when Gwangjong executed Wang Mu and Wang Yo’s first born sons, Prince Heunghwa and Prince Gyeongchunwon.

11) DORAEMON would appear and confess that he was behind the TIME TRAVEL. doraemon

Okay, I’m just kidding. Sorry, I just can’t resist making a joke to lighten things up! 😀


12) Museum item/s that Go Ha-jin will see that relates to her time in Goryeo.

I’ve been thinking about potential items that Go Ha-jin might see when she visits a museum containing items from the Goryeo Dynasty and here are the prospective items:

  • Hae Soo’s hairpin (given by Wang So but will be in the possession of Wang Jung once Baek-ah hands it to him)hairpin2
  • Wang So’s half-face mask (i hope that at least one makes it to the museum)104
  • Wang So’s armor 105
  • Baek Ah’s drawings (It could be Lady Hae’s image but I’m thinking he would draw Hae Soo’s face once she dies in Goryeo as a sign of his friendship and to immortalize Hae Soo, I hope he would paint it though because paper tends to depreciate and age easily, although I’ve seen some images of manuscripts & drawings that survived from the Goryeo dynasty so it’s possible)baekah
  • Wook’s Flipbook (same concern as Baek Ah’s drawings/illustrations)


  • An Arrow (Wang Yo tried to shoot Hae Soo but was saved by Wang So, we can see in a different scene how Hae Soo carefully holds it because that arrow meant that Wang So still cares for him)arrow
  • Ji-mong’s flying contraption or his telescope (I don’t know about these items but it would be pretty cool to see them)plane

What about you? What thing do you want to see in a museum that came from Hae Soo’s time in Goryeo? Again, please note that everything I’ve posted here are merely speculations and just possible spoilers and ending so don’t get angry or dismayed if some or none of these turned out to be true. 😉



Goryeo’s palace shooting location was the Baekje Cultural Land while the beautiful pond in the drama is known as Wiyangji pond in Milyang Gyeongnam.baekje-cultural-land   If you liked this article, please LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE and I would really appreciate it if you share this with other Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Fans. Thanks 🙂



  • Lee Joon-gi as 4th Prince Wang So / 4th King of Goryeo, King Gwangjong
  • Lee Ji-eun as Go Ha-jin / Hae Soo
  • Kang Ha-neul as 8th Prince Wang Wook
  • Hong Jong-hyun as 3rd Prince Wang Yo / 3rd King of Goryeo, King Jeongjong
  • Yoon Sun-woo as 9th Prince Wang Won
  • Byun Baek-hyun as 10th Prince Wang Eun
  • Nam Joo-hyuk as 13th Prince Baek-ah
  • Ji Soo as 14th Prince Wang Jung (Later known as Grand General Jung)
  • Kim San-ho as Crown Prince Wang Mu / 2nd King of Goryeo, King Hyejong
  • Jo Min-ki as King Taejo
  • Park Ji-young as the Dowager Empress Yoo (Taejo’s 3rd Queen) – mother of Yo, So and Jung
  • Jung Kyung-soon as the Empress Hwangbo (Taejo’s 4th Queen) – Wook and Yeon-hwa’s mother
  • Kang Han-na as Hwangbo Yeon-hwa, Wook’s sister
  • Park Si-eun as Lady Hae, previous wife of Wang Wook
  • Z.Hera as Park Soon-duk, Wang Eun’s wife
  • Seohyun as Woo-hee, gisaeng and last Princess of Later Baekje
  • Jin Ki-joo as Chae-ryung, Hae Soo’s maid and friend
  • Kim Sung-kyun as Choi Ji-mong, King’s astronomer and homeless man in Episode 1
  • Sung Dong-il as General Park Soo-kyung, Soon-duk’s father
  • Park Jung-hak as Wang Sik-ryeom, Goryeo official and uncle of Yo, So and Jung
  • Woo Hee-jin as Court Lady Oh Soo-yeon, head of the Damiwon Palace
  • Kim Kang-il as Lady Kang, Taejo’s 22nd consort and 4th Prince Wang So’s adoptive mother
  • Choi Byung-mo as Park Young-gyu, Woo-hee’s uncle and the foreign minister of Goryeo

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