February for me is the month of love, not only because of Valentines Day but also because our wedding anniversary and couple anniversary also happens every February. My husband and I have just celebrated our anniversary last February 4. We’ve been married for 6 years and we’ve been together as a couple for 17 years. There are so many memories we have of each other that it’s not easy to choose just one memorable experience.



If I really had to choose the most memorable experience I’ve had with my husband, I would pick “our wedding day preparation” because it was the first time that we worked harmoniously towards the same goal, as a couple.

Most people would scratch their heads and be confused because most married couples would consider the sweet wedding proposal or their actual wedding day as the most memorable moment but I personally choose the preparation or the behind-the-scenes of our wedding.

While some couples dread the preparation of their wedding and just pass on most of the responsibilities to wedding planners and to their families because of lack of time or patience, we were different. We actually enjoyed working on our wedding preparations together and choosing, booking and personally buying all the things we need. We preferred to be hands-on because that’s probably the final test whether our personalities would clash and it would definitely test our tolerance to each other’s “dark side”. Stress reveals who you really are as a person and yes, we encountered a few minor arguments but the good thing is we stayed true to ourselves and said our preferences rather than say okay to everything then lash out later on. It’s important to be honest and understanding when it comes to choices and decisions about wedding items and suppliers.

Planning and preparing definitely caused a lot of stress and headaches but on the other hand, we became closer and we got to choose what we really wanted and we learned to compromise. We personally chose each wedding supplier, we checked out the church we wanted, we went to our venue options, we had a taste-test for the food to be served, we even went to Divisoria with the wedding dress maker to select the cloth and texture needed for the Wedding dress and the dresses of the bridal entourage, etc. This hands-on experience I think, was the reason for the great start to our married life. Though we argue sometimes, we always make sure that we don’t drift apart and we always compromise and the learning process towards a harmonious relationship became a normal & continuous process.

What I loved about preparing our own wedding was we were allowed to be playful and creative. We didn’t mind if some items that were incorporated into our PRENUP and WEDDING were a little childish because age for us, is just a number. We still enjoy playing games together and we still love toys and other cute things. Even before we were married, we were partners in fun and enjoyment like MARIO and LUIGI. And we both love RED. Since he wasn’t able to wear red because of his LUIGI persona before, he wore RED pants. lol.



For our wedding theme, it was an easy choice because I already had RED in mind before I asked him, but I didn’t reveal it to him yet so I could check if he had other colors or theme in mind. When he said his choice was RED, I smiled and told him that I also picked RED as our wedding theme. #MeantToBe 🙂

Actually, one of the main reasons why we wanted to be hands-on with our wedding was because we wanted things to be personal and more memorable. We want everything to reflect our personalities and what we love as a couple and at that time, we really love RED so we practically painted our wedding RED! We wanted our wedding theme to capture our fun & happy side and show how our combination would appeal to our family, relatives, and friends.


Why did we choose RED?

  • The main reason, of course, was because it’s our favorite color.
  • It’s the color that we both love because it best describes our love for each other. Fiery, Passionate and Full of Love
  • Red represents purity, joy, life, creativity, beauty, enthusiasm and celebration.
  • Red represents passion and love.It
  • is also used for good luck and represents happiness and prosperity.
  • “Paint the town red” means celebration, partying, fun, and excitement.
  • “Red letter day” means a memorable, joyful day
  • Red is highly visible and captures attention.
  • Blood is colored red, blood represents life and we know that we’ll be together as long as we live.

So that’s how we agreed that RED would be our primary color and since we needed another color, we chose black so that the red would really stand out and that combination was not a popular one during that time.


Here are just some of the RED-themed items we prepared for our RED wedding as well as the memories behind them:

1) WEDDING INVITATION ~ This actually tested my creativity. Instead of picking pre-designed ones, I designed it myself (including the map at the back) then we had it printed by my in-laws who run a print business. Since there was effort involved in creating our wedding invitations, the whole experience was more personal and memorable.

I used plain black and had our Surname Initials printed RED and embossed.

We even bought RED Clowns as pens to be used during the signing of the marriage contract. The red clowns symbolize our promise to each other that we would make each other happy during the times when we’re really down.

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2) WEDDING RINGS ~ Our wedding rings were black and were Lord of the Rings-inspired. We even had it personalized and inscribed with our “secret” message in Elven font. The “container” of our ring is a red-themed TIC-TAC-TOE game board. Instead of X’s and O’s, it had Hearts and Plus signs. The game board symbolizes that we would keep our marriage healthy by enjoying our lives together and to compete only in terms of affection for each other. Each time we face a problem, we “level up” and we will try our best not to fight and instead, make effort to show our love and earn hearts and plus points for our relationship. We encountered a problem with the delivery of the rings because they were bought abroad and online and the rings almost did not make it so we had to buy temporary ones. Thank goodness they arrived just a few days before our wedding day!

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3) FLOWERS & BEARS ~ For the bridal bouquet, we were the ones who searched for the black feathers and black felt handle. And of course, we chose roses since these are my favorite flowers and they were RED. No surprise there.


Obviously, all of the flowers had to have something RED. Since I wanted the flower girls’ baskets to be unique and comfortable to carry. I placed red and black soft feathery material on the handle and I placed a bear inside the basket. The bears we bought were white so we chose bears wearing something RED to match our wedding theme.

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4) MY HUSBAND’S WEDDING ATTIRE & ACCESSORIES ~ For the church, his polo was black and his necktie was RED. For the reception, he changed to a RED polo with black tie. His hanky, belt, and watch are all RED. At first, we thought of a red suit but we thought that it was too much so we just used some red accents.

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5) MY WEDDING DRESS AND ACCESSORIES ~ Since I still wanted to wear a white wedding dress, I asked for a red belt. I picked the design for my wedding dress and we personally shopped for the cloth and materials for it. I also carried inside my bag, a red rosary. Why? It was to keep me at ease during the whole wedding ceremony and celebration.

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6) RED & Black SNEAKERS ~ During the Church Wedding, I was wearing normal heels, however, since I wanted to be more comfortable during the reception, I changed to my red and black sneakers. I bought red and black sneakers at a mall then I cut out our names from black felt paper and stuck it to the shoes. It’s okay to wear this kind of shoes since people won’t look at your shoes anyway. And if they did look at my shoes, they’d see that even my sneakers were part of the wedding theme. Actually, we even used it for our photo ops before the reception, where we ran on a football field holding red balloons.

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7) WEDDING ENTOURAGE ~ All the ladies are wearing RED and black. We personally picked and decided on the color and belt accents of the entourage dresses. 

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8) WEDDING CAKE  ~ For the wedding cake, I google searched for a peg and sent the design to our former high school classmate, Bernz, who personally made our wedding cake for us. It was cool because it perfectly matched our RED WEDDING theme and we didn’t rely on the wedding suppliers to provide and look for the wedding cake for us. When I first saw the cake, I fell in love with it. It was so pretty…. and delicious too! 🙂

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9) WEDDING CAR ~ We tried looking for a red car but opted for a black one and placed red flowers on it instead of the regular white ones so that it can also keep up with our RED WEDDING THEME. Instead of renting from professional rent-a-car businesses, we rented an officemate’s car instead. 

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10) SOUVENIRS & GIVEAWAYS  ~ We personally handpicked the gifts and we were even the ones who wrapped the giveaways. And of course, we bought red wrappers to stay with the RED wedding theme.

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11) PHOTOBOOTH ~ I also personally designed our wedding photobooth template to ensure that I liked the design and photos used. I also sent them the logos and images for the tarpaulin. We used a Photobooth to capture the moment not only for us as a couple but also for our guests, families, relatives and friends.

Below is a sample of our photobooth template. We took some pictures with our pretty OTD wedding coordinators.

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12) FOOD BEFORE THE WEDDING ~ We didn’t plan it but I added this here out of coincidence. Even our food while preparing for the wedding matched our RED WEDDING theme. When our photographers took the pictures and I saw it after the wedding, that’s the only time we realized that it matched with our wedding theme. lol

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13) PRENUP THEME ~ RED is a big part of our prenup and wedding. Even our outfit and accessories during our PRENUP were mostly red and black. We didn’t hire someone to conceptualize our Prenup, we just looked for and bought the accessories we used for the shoot. We used red guitar balloons since we both love music and games. It was also easier to carry them than real guitars. We used Gorilla Masks because it shows how eccentric and wacky we are most of the time. We didn’t care if the Gorilla masks or the guitar balloons would look weird to some. We just wanted to express ourselves since it was OUR prenup photo shoot and we wanted to enjoy the shoot and not be limited by current “Prenup Standards”.

The important to consider when capturing memories and photos is to make sure that the photos bring out the real you, your personality and what you love. #CaptureTheRealYou

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  • FOLLOW YOUR HEART ~ There is no NEXT TIME, say what you want and follow you heart.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES & DON’T FOLLOW TRENDS ~ It’s okay not to follow trends & be unique.
  • LOVE IS MEASURED BY THE EFFORT EXERTED ~ If you care, effort is exerted. It’s not just always about the money.
  • SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS & BE YOURSELF ~ Be true to yourself & what you really want. You don’t have to pretend you like something if you really don’t. Wasted opportunities are difficult and sometimes, even impossible to recover.

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Our Red wedding (not the Game of Thrones version.lol) was a blast and whenever we look at our wedding pictures, instead of just seeing normal wedding stuff, we see the perspiration and inspiration that was invested into even the smallest of details during our wedding day… and that’s why I picked the wedding preparation as the most memorable moment we have as a couple.

They say that the journey is more important than the destination and that’s true for us. Because of the efforts we did for our wedding day, the memories of our wedding weren’t just for that one special day, but the entire process of creating a wonderful wedding that we would remember for a lifetime.


Looking back, if only we had OPPO F5 RED back then, it would have been an amazing addition to our RED WEDDING. Right now, we would definitely aim to buy this phone for our selfie purposes so that we won’t miss out out on wonderful memories to keep.

Nevertheless, we proved that even before we got married that we are #TeamRED!  And RED, as we have experienced is truly AMAZING and wonderful color!

What I’ve learned from the experience is that it’s okay to be unique and be true to yourself. You don’t have to follow the trend or what others are doing.

The same is true when picking your personal items such as smartphones. RED cellphones are unusual but it is more fashionable and sleek. We’re ecstatic to see the OPPO F5 RED, which is really a standout and obviously, it’s our top choice since it’s in our favorite color so it really caught our attention.

Aside from the awesome RED color that would make your smart phone unique, it has the latest technologies available such as its 6-inches FHD+ Full screen, super fast processor for our multi-tasking needs (octa-core processor, 6GB RAM), It has ColorOS 3.2, Fast Facial Unlock, O-share Wonder and Split Screen Views which makes it ahead of the competition. Plus, it comes with 64GB worth of memory, which is perfect to keep more memories with my husband, family and friends.  And since it is an OPPO, the world leader in terms of selfie phones, you’re sure to get the best selfies with its 20MP AI Beauty Front Camera, Facial Feature Optimization, Bokeh Effect for that truly astounding DSLR-like pics, and it’s meant to prioritize faces so you’re sure to capture amazing selfies even in poor lighting conditions.

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