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Game: Choose or Create Your Own Ending Quiz for MOON LOVERS: SCARLET HEART RYEO (while waiting for Part 2 / Special Episodes)


IU posted this picture to her instagram account, it’s a scene of Go Ha-jin (possibly) crying and someone (hopefully Wang So) handing her a handkerchief. Here is the link to her instagram post:

And here is the screen capture of the image she posted:

The caption in IU’s instagram post was:

잉? 손수건..? #🌙❤️

This is translated as:

huh? handkerchief..? #MoonLovers

If you have watched the Chinese version, SCARLET HEART Part 1, the ending was Zhang Xiao/Ruoxi (counterpart of Go Ha-jin/Hae Soo) sees Yinzhen (counterpart of Wang So) inside the museum. She was crying that time because she realized that everything was real and she did go back in time and met Yinzhen. It wasn’t a dream. She was still crying when present version of Yinzhen notices her looking at him while tears were flowing on her cheeks. He goes towards her and asks if they knew each other. She did not reply then he tried to find a hanky to offer to her as courtesy but he couldn’t find one so he just smiled apologetically then leaves her behind. She just looks on while he walked away.  Check it out on the gif below (no copyright infringement intended, posting this for comparison purposes only)



When I checked the ending of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo again (Episode 20), I noticed something. Go Ha-jin was also wearing the exact blue top (same as the one IU posted in her Instagram) so this means it’s really part of that scene. Upon seeing the illustration of Gwangjong standing in front of the palace, she begins to weep and fall down on her knees. The photos in the Instagram post of IU seemed to look like she has already fallen down to her knees. There seems to be a continuity.


For evidence purposes. Screencaps of Finale of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo – No copyright infringement intended.

So is the hanky scene posted by IU in her Instagram supposed to be the DELETED scene from the final episode of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo?

I really think so. If they will be releasing that scene, it would probably be a special episode or part of 2 special episodes however, we are all hoping that this would be included in the Season 2 so that there would be more episodes for us to enjoy.

Adding this to the SOON Instagram posts of Lee Joon Gi as I have mentioned below, then the hopes of seeing Go Ha-jin with the present version of Wang So seems brighter. A glimmer of hope, that’s all we need, and so far, we have three (2 instagram posts from LJG and 1 Instagram post from IU). 🙂

Oh, and another thing I’ve noticed is this guy who I couldn’t seem to see the face (he keeps showing his back) yet he seems to be prominent in the shots taken and he’s wearing eyeglasses. Choi Ji-mong wasn’t even centered in the shots (hmmm I wonder why?? ^_~ ). So I’m thinking, maybe that’s Wang So’s present reincarnation. Note also that Lee Joon Gi posted in his Instagram a picture that seems to be taken during his filming of Gunman in Joseon wherein he also wore glasses and his caption was “GUESS WHO’S BACK!”. It’s mysterious because out of the blue he just posts that during the time that Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is nearing its last 2 episodes. I don’t know if I’m just paranoid but that’s just my observation and speculation so I may be wrong. Please don’t hate me. I’m just sharing these speculations so that other fans can also share my excitement over these findings and clues. I uploaded the screenshots below so that you guys don’t have to be troubled. 

Update 11/8/2016: Fans from Instagram have said THIS IS NOT WANG SO. Sorry guys I’m so bad in figuring out people’s backs, nape, and ears. lol 🙂 I’m still going to keep it here on the blog just in case. I also posted this correction on my social media accounts. 🙂


For evidence purposes. Screenshots from Finale of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo – No copyright infringement intended.

Honestly, despite the sad ending, I still consider this the best Korean Drama I’ve ever watched because I really love historical and “fantasy” dramas and I came to love not just the main characters but also the rest of the cast including the antagonists. They are such great actors and actresses that even those with small parts like Lady Oh made me weep bucketloads. I really appreciate the great acting skills of the main characters as well especially Lee Joon Gi, IU and Kang Ha Neul. It would be likely that they would win awards for their superb acting skills! 🙂 Let’s all hope for that.

And to the Korean fans, please show your support to the cast and crew if ever they do air a special episode or a new season (part 2). I can’t understand why the ratings do not reflect how awesome this drama was made. Ratings clearly do not justify how great this Korean drama was. Thank goodness all the other countries especially China and U.S. are showing their love.  Thanks to! 🙂

Below is the original content of my blog post:


MOON LOVERS: Scarlet Heart Ryeo has taken the world by storm!

It was based on actual Goryeo history and the storyline was developed based on the novel with the Chinese title 步步惊心 “Bu Bu Jing Xin” by Tong Hua. There is a Chinese counterpart of this drama entitled “Scarlet Heart” which was also very popular in China.

However, I think that Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo was able to break boundaries and basically removed all borders as I have been getting readers on my blog literally from all over the world because of this Korean Drama.

The ending was unexpected and all the fans have been found wanting more from the cast, director, writers and producers.

I even posted a petition on which you can find below:

change-orgIt has garnered over a thousand signatures and still counting.
I am aware that there are other petitions too and I have been able to sign them as well.
We want to the producers, SBS network, the director, cast and crew that we really appreciate their work and we really love Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.
So by having multiple petitions from different countries all over the world, they would know how much the Part 2 would mean to us, fans.

If it didn’t do well in Korea (based solely on the ratings), it has garnered billions of fans worldwide stretching to China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and even in America!

It is a drama loved worldwide and I’m sure the producers would want to take advantage of this because no other drama has reached worldwide popularity as great as Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

It is also the number 1 drama in Drama Fever so its success is very evident and astounding.

Here are the messages from IU, Lee Joon Gi and Baekhyun:


Lee Joon Gi posted these 2 updates in Instagram:

Going back to the  main topic, a lot of buzz have been going on about the Part 2/ Season 2 of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo after Lee Joon Gi posted 2 images with the emoji “SOON”. Most people are speculating that this is because they are really coming back to do the second part (modern time) of the drama. Let’s just hope there’s some truth to that speculation.


Notice that the emoji with the word “SOON” can be seen on both posts. This is my FAVORITE EMOJI now!!!! 🙂


It’s as if it’s a teaser to the Part 2 or Season 2 of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo so the hopes of having a continuation of the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is really soaring high right now!


Even Choi Ji-mong agrees with us, there is no such thing as a coincidence! lol 🙂

In the finale, he went straight to Go Ha-jin and even mentioned a trivia about her present name (after reading her ID) as if somehow he knew her. 

Cho Ji-mong is still a mystery to me. His present would have been changed because Hae Soo changed the past but he could also have been a real time traveler. Who knows? This wasn’t explained in the ending so I’d like to know more info about him.

When the drama ended in the present where Go Ha-jin met Choi Ji-mong’s present reincarnation, and she did not meet Wang So, it was as if the fans (including me *sob*) were robbed of the moment they were actually waiting for.

So are the “SOON” instagram posts an indication that there’s a continuation of Go Ha-jin’s story? No one knows for sure except for the people who are directly involved in the drama. I think Go Ha-jin would have loved that. And we would definitely ship that idea as well! 🙂 Oh and one other thing, during Lee Joon Gi’s mini fan event, he mentioned Wang So and Hae Soo (Go Ha-jin) will definitely meet each other but he doesn’t want to give details so as not to spoil the “announcement”. Could this be the special episode everybody has been talking about or is this a clue to a major puzzle (i.e. Part 2!!!!)?

We are sincerely hoping these are CLUES to the upcoming announcement of Season 2/Part 2 of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. We won’t lose HOPE!!! 🙂

Remember the scene when Hae Soo said these?


Wang So actually replied to it in this scene:



What about you?

What do you think about Lee Joon Gi’s mysterious “SOON” posts in Instagram?

Comment your reply below. We’d love to hear from you.

Great news to fans of LEE JOON GI in Korea, Japan and Taiwan as well as some undisclosed Asian countries. He will do an Asian Tour and details will be revealed once the tour schedule is finalized.

A source at Lee Joon Gi’s agency Namoo Actors said last November 2, “We have confirmed dates for Korea, Japan and Taiwan, and we are currently negotiating dates for other countries. We will update fans as soon as they are confirmed.”



  • Lee Joon-gi as 4th Prince Wang So / 4th King of Goryeo, King Gwangjong
  • Lee Ji-eun as Go Ha-jin / Hae Soo
  • Kang Ha-neul as 8th Prince Wang Wook
  • Hong Jong-hyun as 3rd Prince Wang Yo / 3rd King of Goryeo, King Jeongjong
  • Yoon Sun-woo as 9th Prince Wang Won
  • Byun Baek-hyun as 10th Prince Wang Eun
  • Nam Joo-hyuk as 13th Prince Baek-ah
  • Ji Soo as 14th Prince Wang Jung (Later known as Grand General Jung)
  • Kim San-ho as Crown Prince Wang Mu / 2nd King of Goryeo, King Hyejong
  • Jo Min-ki as King Taejo
  • Park Ji-young as the Dowager Empress Yoo (Taejo’s 3rd Queen) – mother of Yo, So and Jung
  • Jung Kyung-soon as the Empress Hwangbo (Taejo’s 4th Queen) – Wook and Yeon-hwa’s mother
  • Kang Han-na as Hwangbo Yeon-hwa, Wook’s sister
  • Park Si-eun as Lady Hae, previous wife of Wang Wook
  • Z.Hera as Park Soon-duk, Wang Eun’s wife
  • Seohyun as Woo-hee, gisaeng and last Princess of Later Baekje
  • Jin Ki-joo as Chae-ryung, Hae Soo’s maid and friend
  • Kim Sung-kyun as Choi Ji-mong, King’s astronomer and homeless man in Episode 1
  • Sung Dong-il as General Park Soo-kyung, Soon-duk’s father
  • Park Jung-hak as Wang Sik-ryeom, Goryeo official and uncle of Yo, So and Jung
  • Woo Hee-jin as Court Lady Oh Soo-yeon, head of the Damiwon Palace
  • Kim Kang-il as Lady Kang, Taejo’s 22nd consort and 4th Prince Wang So’s adoptive mother
  • Choi Byung-mo as Park Young-gyu, Woo-hee’s uncle and the foreign minister of Goryeo

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