UPDATE: November 17, 207, Kang Gary’s son/baby was announced via his WEIBO account, read more here:  http://www.joysofasia.com/kang–gary–son–junior–baby–boy/

The “million-dollar question” remains, Who is Kang Gary’s wife?

We’ve already mentioned about the great number of FAKE images of Gary’s wife circulating online (Read more here: http://www.joysofasia.com/ex-running-man-kang-garys-mysterious-secret-wife/)

Because of all the secrecy and mysteries surrounding Kang Gary’s marriage, there are some indications that I felt were quite “off”.

After watching Running Man for too long, I started to think that there’s more to it (shocking Instagram announcement) than meets the eye.

I started to feel that this is some kind of “mission”. lol 😀

Here are some of my thoughts about it and please note that these are just MY opinion:

  1. Korean Paparazzi & fans don’t even have a single image of Gary’s wife or girlfriend (before the alleged marriage). It’s understandable that Gary wants to keep their love life private but seeing that paparazzi can even take pictures of other Korean celebrities that were wearing masks and discreetly dating, I think that they could manage to at least capture a photo of her even if it’s blurry or even if she’s perfectly hidden by a mask and sunglasses.
  2. Gary’s manager, stylist, Running Man members, Leessang’s Gil and his close friends don’t even know about their marriage and they themselves were shocked about it. Nobody seems to mention about meeting the mystery wife.
  3. Kang Gary removed the Instagram photo he posted about his marriage. I’m still wondering why he did that. But I guess he wants a quiet life and for people and fans to focus on other things. I also think that some fans were hating on the idea of the wedding because they are Monday Couple fans and if I was Gary and I got married to somebody else, it would really be irritating to read hater comments on my marriage announcement.
  4. There’s not a single evidence that she exists. No photo together that confirms they were dating, not even a photo with her back turned from the camera was ever posted by Gary. I wish Gary would at least let us have a glimpse of any part of her, like her hand wearing a ring for example?
  5. Maybe Gary is doing some social experiment to see fans reactions? Or maybe he’s doing this for the sake of getting inspiration for his soon-to-be new hit songs (that he’s currently writing).
  6. His most recent Instagram post thanking his fans might be taken from Cui Hu Lake/Park in Kunming, China, where he spent some time before his Member’s Week episode. His picture when he announced his marriage might be taken from the same place as well. Maybe his “wife” isn’t exactly human, maybe it was a figure of speech? Maybe he was referring to Mother Nature (the place is quite picturesque) or his craft/music? Maybe it was his way of saying to us that he’s dead serious about his music because he sort of disregarded it (not given too much importance) while he was doing Running Man.
  7. There was a video online wherein he mentioned he had no work, no money, and NO GIRLS. He even mentioned Ji Hyo’s name probably because one of the fans typed it while he was on LIVE mode in Instagram. That happened before his “return” to Running Man for his Member’s Week episode. Then in February of this year, I’ve read something online about his interview that he’s ready to “MEET” and get married to the right woman. That clearly means he hasn’t met anybody special yet or maybe he’s hiding that fact?

Gary is such a mysterious man, full of secrets. But I really love him and his character in Running Man. The Monday Couple is one of the main reasons I got hooked on watching Running Man in the first place. But Monday Couple is just a role for Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary and they cannot do it forever. They have to live their own lives too.

It’s probably better to stop obsessing on who Kang Gary’s wife is and just focus on giving support to him and his music, as well as Running Man.

If Gary indeed has a wife, we hope for their happiness and a bountiful married life. I’m sure that one of the reasons why she is being kept hidden is because Gary is afraid that she’d get bullied and attacked by some ravage Monday Couple fans.

Not all fans are bad though as most of the fans have wished Kang Gary and his wife the best in his social media account, as evidenced by his most recent post, thanking fans for their continued support.



As for my opinion, I’m starting to feel like a doubting Thomas here and sorry but I’m not quite sure about it but until I find a photo of Kang Gary’s wife, I am really starting to doubt her existence. I don’t mean to offend anyone by this statement but that is what I feel…

…however, don’t get me wrong.

Gary deserves to keep everything a secret and even if he’s a celebrity, his “Wife” isn’t so let’s respect their decision since Gary doesn’t really owe anyone an explanation.

I still support him and I still feel that Kang Gary really belongs with his Running Man family and I hope that after he’s done writing awesome lyrics and music, he would rejoin Running Man once again even if there’s no more Monday Couple. It just feels a little empty without him and all of us fans miss him so much. Saranghae Gary Oppa! <3 🙂

There may be no more MONDAY COUPLE (MC) but we should keep supporting KANG GARY and SONG JI HYO as individuals. 😉