I love online shopping, aside from the convenience, I just love it when the delivery man rings our doorbell and delivers the package I have been excitedly waiting for to receive, unbox and use. santa-uskoopI always imagine that the delivery man is Santa Claus and I’m getting a gift even if I knew that I was the one paid for it. lol 🙂

Christmas is in the air !!!

Speaking of Santa Claus, it’s nearing Christmas again and you might not be finished doing your Christmas shopping list. It’s really hard to find suitable gifts nowadays since some items that we want to have or buy for a special person is not available in the Philippines or it’s available here but because of the duties and taxes, the price is just too shocking.

Never fear, USKOOP is here! 🙂

You can visit their official site at www.uskoop.com.ph

Uskoop - Joys of asia - joysofasia,comWhen it comes to online shopping, I have tried almost everything and some of them have pros and cons. USKOOP has put a sense of  balance in online shopping that you literally don’t have to worry about a thing once you have paid for your purchase.

What really sets USKOOP above its competition is that there’s no human intervention in terms of determining the “final price” to be paid so you can basically search for anything you want to buy from any U.S. merchants and their system will automatically compute for the final price and all you need to do is click a few things and input your data and delivery address.

Once you make the payment, Uskoop will buy it for you so you don’t have to worry about duties and taxes, they will process delivery so you don’t encounter the risk of your package being placed on-hold in post offices.



Please watch this easy-to-follow video to know how you can shop using Uskoop.

To help you further understand how to buy from USKOOP, here are the steps to follow (source: Uskoop site):



Here are some products that I wish to buy at Uskoop.


You can’t find these here. Here in the Philippines, at the most, you get  free SD card or if you’re lucky, a tripod is included but in Amazon store, there are a lot of cameras and camera kits to choose from and combining the prices of each individual item, I’ll have to spend 60k+ pesos but in Uskoop, the final price is just 42.3k pesos! 🙂


#2 – Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Wifi 32GB (Space Grey)

Since my iPad is a little old, I really need a replacement so I checked Amazon and inputted the URL to Uskoop and behold! It’s 4.3k cheaper to buy in Uskoop than when you buy it from Lazada Philippines! That’s a lot of savings! 🙂



#3 – Ricoh Theta M15 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera (Pink)

360-degree cameras are very popular now plus I would get to capture my surroundings. This is perfect for parties, special occasions and travel blogging.




#4 – Joby GorillaPod Magnetic Flexible Tripod

I need a flexible tripod, something that I can hang anywhere and I can place on magnetic surfaces to get amazing shots for my instagram account. 🙂 There are locally available magnetic flexible tripods but the prices are just too steep and when buying online, I’m not sure if these are authentic. If I use Uskoop though, I would be assured that items are authentic so I’m choosing to buy my items at Uskoop!



#5 – Womail Motospeed Inflictor CK104 Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards that are available locally are too limited. The selection here are not so great and when I search online, local stores sell it for really steep prices that makes me cringe. When I searched Uskoop, I found out that the price of this gaming keyboard is almost half the price! Amazing!


Want to learn more about USKOOP? Me too.

Here are the BEST FEATURES of Uskoop that makes it the best online shopping portal in the Philippines.



Click on any of USKOOP’s  Best Features to find out more!


uskoop-girl Uskoop is an online shopping portal that is uniquely different and convenient than most of its kind.

Other sites would list all the items they have to offer but Uskoop takes it one step further by letting online shoppers pinpoint exactly what they want to buy from other U.S. online stores.

Don’t you just love this level of online shopping freedom?



With Uskoop, you only have to do the following:

U choose!

U decide!

U buy in an instant!

U wait for your package!

U enjoy shopping convenience.

That’s it! No more fuss! No more tax problems, fraudulent transactions, no traffic, no need to walk to each and every store and exhaust yourself!

I remember the illustration of how women shop, we normally go from shop to shop, comparing prices and ultimately deciding only once we’ve seen EVERYTHING! That’s too tiresome don’t you think? That’s why I prefer Uskoop more than anything else.

Online shoppers like us won’t have to be forced to buy something in a site just because nothing else is available.

Imagine not to have yourself restricted to what’s available in an online store. You can scour the internet and buy literally anything from a U.S. online store or merchant.

saynoUskoop gives us the freedom of choice to buy U.S. and international or overseas items without worrying about delivery, taxes, duties, etc.

It is UNIQUELY convenient since I’ve already mentioned, that they automatically compute for the final price (in real time and almost no waiting time involved) so that buying decisions are made in an instant. No other online shopping service can do that for ALL items.

The fixed final price is all inclusive, which means it includes the landed price and the delivery cost to our home address.

Awesome right? 🙂

What’s great is you don’t have to drive to the mall and encounter horrendous traffic and you don’t even have to endure the long queue when paying for items.


You can just use your laptop or pc, cellphone or even your tablet when doing your global shopping, choose from different payment options that are most convenient to you and voila! You only have to wait until your order is delivered straight to your doorstep!

My fears of becoming victim to fraud and fake items are eliminated because Uskoop will take care of you and make sure that you only buy from legitimate stores and items are 100% authentic.

Online shopping limitations are basically gone with USKOOP especially if you consider these features:

  1. No need to pay US Sales Tax. This is covered by Uskoop.
  2. No need to use a US shipping Address. The items are sent to Uskoop and they send the item to you.
  3. Single checkout from different US online stores. Even if you buy from different online stores, you only have to pay and process your payment ONCE! Now that’s total convenience! 🙂

What makes it better is when you buy directly from the shops in the U.S., you are entitled to after sales customer service unlike when you buy it from local merchants and distributors (where after sales service is very limited to none).

And what it best among the rest is LOCAL DELIVERY is FREE for residents of Metro Manila!


Currently, Uskoop covers any of USA-based merchants that have online shops. However, expect much improvement in the future as Uskoop reaches out to even broader locations such as: Europe, Japan and South Korea. 🙂 I’m really excited about this and hopefully, it would be accomplished soon because I love to collect anime figures from Japan and Hallyu items & cosmetics from South Korea.


Uskoop saves time and effort by delivering your item/s to your doorstep anywhere in the PH via air in 10-15 business days.

You don’t have to go to the post office anymore to claim your package.

Usually, you have to go personally to the post office so you need to file a leave but with Uskoop, you  only need to wait for the package to be delivered to your home.


One of the worst things that we often have to do when buying online is to WASTE time just because we need to claim our package.

We normally have to set aside some time or even file leave of absences just to claim an item we purchased abroad.
If ever we choose to buy items or gifts ourselves, we are faced with the perennial traffic problems we have.

Not only that, we have to push and shove people if there are sale events and wait our turn from the looooooooong queue of people paying for their purchases.

Uskoop removes all of that and  helps us save time and effort.

Imagine, just a few clicks and we’ve already done our shopping! This is so perfect especially during the holiday rush!


33You don’t have to worry about credit card acceptance outside your home country because Uskoop has you covered.

You also don’t have to go out of your house to buy something.

That helps in reducing your exposure to bad elements (and people) outside your home or office.

All you need is a credit card or a debit card to buy anything you want in the U.S.

36No need to risk going outside and travelling to your local post office and you’re also shielded from local post office employees who take advantage of people who buy things abroad.


37There’s a support hotline and you can call Uskoop in case your have concerns or complaints.


38 Fraud and fake items are avoided when you use Uskoop because they will ensure that your items are authentic and of good quality before they ship it out to you.


Order online securely at the comfort of your own home without worrying about your credit card details because Uskoop site is secure plus you can enjoy and choose from multiple payment options.

Credit card issues are also common with online stores and sometimes when you’re not careful, you even get charged twice!

When it comes to ordering online, SAFETY and SECURITY is a must and these shouldn’t be compromised to ensure that online shoppers can safely buy things and input their credit card or debit card details online.

34Uskoop takes care of you and ensures that you are secured and free from malware, keyloggers and phishing scams because their site is secured with Norton by Symantec.


35Your credit card data is very important and losing it would mean having to pay for purchases that you didn’t even buy. A lot of scammers are doing everything to get hold of credit card info so make sure you see the sign at the left to know that your payment details are secure, just like at Uskoop.


39Numerous payment options are available for you and you can pay using credit card for online transactions. As mentioned, your payment details are secure and you don’t have to go outside your house to buy a gift or a personal item!



Uskoop PH takes care of everything.

It is a one-stop shopping-and-shipping service on one site!

Also, you can choose from so many U.S. brands and merchants online! 🙂

shopUsing Uskoop, you can buy different things online in just one swoop, or in this case, one uskoop! 😀

Choose from more than 10 million products from Amazon, Macys, Zappos, Walmart and more!

Even if you’re shopping for the latest gadgets, accessories, dresses, shoes, etc., you can buy everything you need and want all at once.

No need to process payment and delivery details for each and every site. You only have to tell what you want to buy and Uskoop PH will take care of everything from buying to shipping to your address to customer service and post-sale support.

Just imagine the endless possibilities of shopping at different US brands!



Prices are all-inclusive and Uskoop PH will take care of shipping, customs & taxes with insurance. Even if you compare it with two or more sites, Uskoop PH is the best option in terms of buying items in the U.S. Actually, I tried comparing Uskoop to a local online shop that’s quite popular in the Philippines, which is Lazada PH.

I searched for the items I wanted which I have mentioned earlier and lo and behold!

Four of them are actually lower in price in Uskoop while the other one is not available in any local online shop.

I was amazed because I was only aiming to find just one item that’s priced lower in Uskoop because we all know that when it comes from abroad, it’s supposed to have a higher price.

It came as a surprise to me that most of the items I’ve selected to buy in Uskoop are actually lesser in price than their local counterparts.

This definitely changed my opinion about buying items abroad. That’s all thanks to USKOOP! 🙂


To illustrate this, let me show you the actual price comparisons of the four items I want to buy in Uskoop: 

1) First item on my list is the Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Wifi 32GB (Space Gray).

Below is the comparison screenshot. As you can see, it I buy this item in Uskoop, it’s just PHP25, 520.18 including delivery fee but if I buy it locally, it would cost me PHP29,900.00 and that price is still not inclusive of the delivery fee so it would take me around another 100 pesos to have this delivered to my home. If delivery fee is 100 pesos for the local store and if I buy the item using Uskoop, my savings would be PHP5,649.82!!! Amazing! 🙂




2) Second item on my list is the Ricoh Theta M15 360 Spherical Panorama Digital Camera (Pink)

As you can see below, Uskoop price is definitely much lower than the local online shop price. If I buy it on Uskoop, my savings would be PHP5,181.37 (local price is PHP 19,470 + 100 pesos delivery fee)!!! It’s as if I’m getting major discounts when I buy at Uskoop! It’s so amazing, you have to find a better deal yourself! Go ahead and go to www.uskoop.com.ph, compare prices and get the ones that make you save so much money! 🙂




3) Third item on my list is the Joby Gorillapod Magnetic GPM-A1EN.

Here, the price difference is 773.05 (local price is 2,170 + 100 pesos delivery fee)! It’s not much but considering the price, it’s like getting a 31% discount from the local price of the item. That’s great savings that you normally won’t be able to see in other online stores.





4) Fourth item on my list is the Motospeed Inflictor CK104 Mechanical Keyboard (Rose Gold) This is a gaming keyboard that I have been eyeing since earlier this year and if you look at the price difference, it’s as if you’re buying it using a BUY 1 TAKE 1 promo! 🙂 The savings if you buy from Uskoop is 5,207.18! Note that for the local price, I added 100 pesos for the delivery fee. Uskoop has FREE delivery if you’re within Metro Manila which is a huge saving on its own!





Use promo code USKOOPTEN%

to get a discount worth 10% off on shipping & handling!divider

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