Last week, I talked about PERA SWIPE and how to register your PERA PAL account. In case you missed it, you can find the said blog post here:  For this blog post however, I will focus more on how you can maximize and earn more PERA SWIPE POINTS using the said app.

Before anything else, let me just recap some important things about PERA SWIPE. Also, please don’t forget to use “joysofasia” as your referral code when you register on the app so that you’ll get 500 points instantly.



To recap, here is what you should do after you download the PERA SWIPE app:

STEP#1: Download & Launch

Download PERA SWIPE by installing it using Google Play then launch the PERA SWIPE App.

STEP#2: Register

Open the app and fill in the required details to register your account to Pera Swipe and officially become a PERA PAL!

STEP#3: Agree to Terms of Use

Read and Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

STEP#4: input mobile number

Nominate your main mobile number to connect your cellphone number to your Pera Swipe Account.

STEP#5: Activate Your PeraPal

You will receive an activation code on your mobile number. Place this code on the Pera Swipe App to fully activate your Pera Swipe account.


Input “joysofasia” as your referral code to earn an instant 500 points.

STEP#7: Start Swiping Now!

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a certified PERA PAL! Start swiping and start earning now!

Now that you know or remembered how to register your PERA SWIPE Account, let me tell you more about how to maximize your earning potential by using the PERA SWIPE App. 

This is based on my personal experience. For me, here are the best ways to earn points on PERA SWIPE.


1. Make sure that you’re connected to your WIFI when you unlock your phone or when you do the swipes. This is because you will earn points ONLY if you’re connected to the internet since the app needs to count your PERA SWIPE POINTS in real time.

2. Always check for PERA EVENTS. These are events within the app that you can choose and participate in. Make sure that you comply with the instructions. If it says type “PERAGON!”, just type PERAGON! on the comment section and don’t write anything else such as your account name, referral code,etc. because they will deduct 500 PERA SWIPE POINTS if you do not follow the instructions.

Once you participate, you will be taken to the page that contains the instruction and deadline of participation. For points to be credited, you need to participate within the valid period of the event, otherwise, you won’t get any points for your effort.

3. Make sure you upgrade your PERA SWIPE Account by accumulating more points. The PERA SWIPE Mascot you’re using depends on the number of points you have and each PERA SWIPE Mascot gives you unique benefits.

4. Swipe 100 – If you regularly check and unlock your cellphone or if you just manage to swipe up and down to view the different offers from PERA SWIPE’s partners, you are bound to get at least 100 swipes a day. What makes 100 swipes special? Well, if you swipe at least 100 times a day, you’ll get 100 points the following day!

5. 10+10 Promo – If you don’t have the time to unlock or swipe your phone 100 times a day, you can just do it at a minimum of 10 swipes per day and you’ll get 10 PERA SWIPE POINTS the following day. That means that even if you fail to reach the 100 swipes required for the SWIPE 100 promo, you can still get 10 points. Amazing huh?   However, note that if you receive points for SWIPE 100, you are no longer eligible for the 10+10 promo.


6. Attendance Check – There’s also the Certified Pera Pals Attendance Check wherein you simply have to follow the instructions and wait for your bonus points to be credited to your account.

Join Events Pera Pals - Pera Swipe - joysofasia

7. Participate in Facebook Events and Promos – There are constant and ongoing promos in Pera Swipe’s Facebook and Social media accounts so make sure you visit them and earn more Pera Swipe Points in the process. You can visit their Facebook page at

8. EARN Unlimited points by REFERRAL – Invite your friends to download and use PeraSwipe, each referral will get you 500 PeraSwipe Points! Isn’t that awesome! I was able to save up enough points for mobile loads but I’m currently saving more points so I can convert my points to GC’s and other rewards. 🙂






PERA SWIPE is definitely the best Mobile App today which will help you save some money and earn exciting prizes and rewards just by swiping up and down and unlocking your phone. No wasted time, no wasted effort. I invite everyone to install PERA SWIPE now so you can start earning and don’t forget to input “joysofasia” when the app asks for the referral code so that you can gain 500 points instantly.

For more info, please visit their website at

Or you can follow PERA SWIPE’s Facebook page.

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 ***NOTE: I will constantly make changes to this article to update it for latest ways and tips to earn more PERA SWIPE POINTS! 🙂