Recently, was invited to the Travel Blogger Conference for Travel and Win with Bonamine Contest.

The blogcon was hosted by the ever-beautiful and alluring, Ms. Regine Tolentino, who wore a cute and sexy flight attendant-style dress and did an amazing job making all of us comfortable in sharing our travel tips and experiences.


Below, I’m sharing her hosting video of the said event from her youtube account to let you guys have an idea how fun and entertaining she is, as a host.


The blogcon was held at Microtel MOA and attended by several top travel bloggers, who were all eager to share their experiences with motion sickness, taking Bonamine to relieve nausea and vertigo, as well as their travel experiences and tips.


Guest Speaker Ferdz of Iron Wulf even discussed Offbeat travel (Wander Through Unpopular Locales). He gave us, his fellow travel bloggers, some tips, and reasons why we should choose the “road less traveled”. The reasons he mentioned why we must travel offbeat is to discover new sights and have more unique experiences.

Since we’re bloggers, we should look into discovering more places and not just featuring the same sites that others are already featuring. He even suggested that we ask the locals for suggestions since they are the ones who know more about their place and it would be great to experience unique cultures and traditions with the locals. Some of the places he mentioned were Linapacan, Bontoc, and Batanes.

Main speakers for the BONAMINE Travel and Win blogcon were: Ms. Larisa Lim, Mr. Tito Tolentino, and Ms. Lovelea Dungca.

Main speakers for the said blogcon were: Ms. Larisa Lim, Mr. Tito Tolentino, and Ms. Lovelea Dungca


Mr. Tito Tolentino, Country Head and Regional Director for SEA Commercial Operations, discussed a short history of Taisho Pharmaceuticals Phils., Inc., the company who provides us with their major product, Bonamine and other popular medicines such as Tempra and Flanax. He even mentioned that the company is undergoing research to help patients suffering from Diabetes, which is good news because many Filipinos have Diabetes because of our genes, food and lifestyle habits. Bonamine, he said, is already a household name existing for about 50 years already.



Brand Manager of Bonamine, Ms. Lovelea Dungca, mentioned that Bonamine is the leading brand when it comes to motion sickness medicines. It used to be with Pfizer, then it was transferred to J&J, and in 2012, it was acquired by Taisho Pharmaceuticals Phils., Inc. She also mentioned that even before they acquired Bonamine, the brand was active with their partnership with the Department of Tourism Philippines. It holds true up to now because Bonamine is the main medicine that we travelers need in order to combat motion sickness and enjoy our travels without worrying about nausea while traveling.



Right now, Bonamine is still active with travel events and participates in major Philippine festivals such as the recently concluded Sinulog Festival, Dinagyang Festival and soon in Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival. The Bonamine team will also be at major terminals in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, including the ones in Araneta, Cubao, where most of the bus terminals are located.



Ms. Lovelea also stressed that Bonamine should be an essential part of every traveler’s journey and that Bonamine should be taken 1 hour BEFORE the actual travel. Others take Bonamine when they are already showing signs of motion sickness, which is a big NO-NO since it takes some time before the medicine can kick in and once the symptoms of motion sickness start, it is really hard to stop it even if you take other medicines. To make it effective, Bonamine should be used as a PREVENTION and not as a remedy for people suffering from motion sickness.

Mr. Tito Tolentino even added that Bonamine should be taken as a prevention for motion sickness the same way as we use umbrellas so we won’t get wet from the rain. We don’t use umbrellas when we’re already soaking wet right? We use umbrellas for our protection. Bonamine is our “umbrella” against motion sickness.



People shouldn’t worry about taking Bonamine because it provides 24 hours of relief from motion sickness. Ms. Lovelea also reminded us not to overdose on Bonamine as it should be taken only once per day. Also, it is safe to be taken on an empty stomach and even if travels are canceled and you’ve already taken Bonamine, it is okay and will not hinder your activity. And it should be noted that Bonamine is an anti-vertigo medicine.

One precaution though is for DRIVERS and those who are operating machinery, not to take Bonamine as it makes the user a little drowsy and therefore risky for the driver and the passengers. Bonamine is usually safe to use with other over the counter drugs but if you’re suffering from heart ailments or any sickness that require lots of medicine, it’s better to consult your doctor first before you use Bonamine along with your other medicines.



Bonamine is available in two (2) formats, the 12.5mg BONAMINE FOR KIDS (2-12 years old) which costs only PHP10.25 and the 25mg BONAMINE FOR ADULTS (13 years old and above) is just PHP12.50. Both Bonamine products are very affordable, especially if you take into account the overall convenience it gives to us travelers.




So what causes motion sickness?

Motion sickness happens when the body, the inner ear, and the eyes send conflicting signals to the brain. Ms. Larisa Lim also mentioned that the motion sickness has something to do with our sense of balance and that prevalence of motion sickness is higher in kids and for some adults who are not used to traveling. Ms. Lovelea added that even frequent travelers can experience motion sickness so it’s a must to use Bonamine as our way to fight motion sickness. Ms. Larisa says that Bonamine helps relax our inner ear so that there won’t be a disconnection, conflict, nor imbalance that causes the symptoms of motion sickness.


What increases the chances of motion sickness?

  • Reading or Watching something while the vehicle is moving.
  • Prolonged looking out the window while the vehicle is moving.
  • Certain smells like air freshener, body odor, etc.
  • Sitting opposite of the direction of the vehicle.
  • Sitting in the back seat where the humps and bumps on the road are overemphasized.
  • Poor ventilation.
  • Sitting in the back seat or where you cannot see out the window.


What can we do to avoid motion sickness?

  • MOST IMPORTANT: Prevention is better than cure so TAKE BONAMINE 1 HOUR BEFORE TRAVELING.
  • Always bring a plastic bag with you in case of nausea and vomiting.
  • Bring candies especially those which are menthol-flavored.
  • Bring an ointment that can help block unpleasant smells and help soothe dizziness and nausea.
  • Do not travel while bloated or when you’ve just eaten.
  • Try not to sit in the opposite direction of the vehicle or in the back seat.
  • Actually, you don’t have to do all of these, just make sure to do the first one, which is to take BONAMINE and ensure that your travel companions have all taken Bonamine and Bonamine for Kids to ensure a motion-sickness free travel.

What’s more is BONAMINE is giving everyone a chance to win a trip to HONGKONG for 4 as well as other amazing prizes and joining is so easy!

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Note that the Promo period is from March 1 to July 31, 2018.

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