Why is everybody going crazy over OPPO F1s? I think it’s because of its numerous features plus, it has the best value for money than any of the other cellphones offered by other brands. It also boasts of the best front camera & selfie features in the market, no wonder it’s considered the BEST SELFIE SMARTPHONE in the market today.

It’s difficult to pick just one favorite feature but if I really have to choose, aside from its selfie camera, I think the feature that has me amazed is its Touch Access.

My Favorite Feature of OPPO F1s 

Out of the many awesome features of OPPO F1s, my favorite feature would have to be its 0.22 second Touch Access.



OPPO F1s Touch Access

Most phones use fingerprint access for privacy purposes but for OPPO F1s, it has other useful ways of using it, which is via the TOUCH ACCESS.

It boasts of a 0.22 second response which is amazingly fast and would definitely help us boost our productivity level.


With Touch Access fingerprint recognition feature, you get to unlock your phone instantly. You can also assign apps to each finger (or fingerprint) so when you use that specific finger to access your phone, OPPO F1s automatically launches that app.

This is very important so that if you’re in a hurry or in a situation where your movement is limited (like being stuck inside the MRT) and you want to call, send a message, take a photo, etc., you can do it almost simultaneously.

No more typing of codes and looking for a specific app or function you need so you don’t miss that important moment. That’s probably the most convenient and amazing feature of OPPO F1s that got my attention and that’s the reason why I WANT AN OPPO F1s! 🙂

dividerWhy I Want the OPPO F1s & Why I deserve it

I really want to have an OPPO F1s because I know that it would greatly boost my productivity and creativity.

I deserve it because I value productivity, time, professionalism, happy memories where I am able to share what I can with other people and of course, most importantly, unforgettable moments with my family.



I’m a multi-tasker

I’m a hardworking and busy person and I believe that I deserve a device that keeps up with me and my truckload of tasks per day. As an online social media manager, it’s really difficult to manage and do things simultaneously. OPPO F1’s Touch Access will enable me to quickly move from one task to another such as managing social media via Hootsuite, email clients, have a skype meeting with my team, etc. Everything is literally at the tip of fingers and that’s what I love about OPPO F1’s Touch Access.

Save More Time

OPPO F1’s Touch Access saves us time and time for me, is very valuable. Sometimes, work projects can be overwhelming so saving time would enable me to get more family time that I deserve. I deserve to have more time and that’s why I deserve an OPPO F1s!

Contactable in any situation

Whether I’m stuck inside an MRT or in traffic, or if ever I’m in an emergency situation, being contactable or being able to contact anybody at a fly is necessary especially when we have had a series of natural disasters, etc. Also, I have to meet the high expectations of demanding clients who might get angry when I’m not able to update them at specific times. I deserve to use OPPO F1’s Touch Access because I don’t want my family or my clients to worry and I’m professional so I value work ethics. I deserve peace of mind and an OPPO F1s.



Enjoy & Have Remembrance of Volunteer Works

I don’t post my volunteer works on social media but I would love to keep some memories of them as remembrance of the kids and people I met, as well as to remind me the pure happiness I felt when I was doing volunteer works. Aside from my family, volunteer works give me a sense of purpose in life. Making other people happy without expecting anything in return definitely fills the hole inside me that only love and happiness can fill. OPPO F1’s Touch Access can help me enjoy volunteer works and instantly take images and videos with just a few touches of my phone. Because most of the time, we’re so busy that we forget or don’t have the time to even take pictures. I deserve to enjoy my hobbies and volunteer work without disrupting anything. That’s why I need and deserve the OPPO F1s.



Record memories as they happen

There are so many times that I have been really frustrated because I was not able to capture a specific situation, happening or milestone just because I was too slow to type my password or I couldn’t find the camera icon fast enough. In an instant, the once in a lifetime moment is already gone! I hate it when that happens. Because of the 0.22 second speed of OPPO F1’s Touch Access, I would be able to make memories as they happen and I would be able to capture them without worrying that I won’t be fast enough to get my phone’s camera ready. That’s why I think OPPO F1’s Touch Access is the best feature of all! 🙂 I deserve to keep special memories and not miss anything that’s important to me, and this is probably one of the main considerations why I want an OPPO F1s!

To have an idea how this amazing feature works, please watch the video from Oppo F1s below.

dividerOther Awesome Features of OPPO F1s 

Oppo F1s specializes in Selfies and OOTD. The “S” in Oppo F1s might as well symbolize “Selfie” because it’s specifically built for selfie lovers and here are the features that proves it is the best SELFIE PHONE in the market today. Here are the BEST features  of OPPO F1s that

I’m sure you’re wondering what other awesome features OPPO F1s has.

Here are the BEST features  of OPPO F1s that makes it a must-have for people who want smart phones with high-end features at a very affordable price.


If you want to know more about each feature, please visit my other blog post that discusses each feature in detail:




5.5-inch HD IPS LCD display 1280 X 720 pixels, 267ppi
Corning Gorilla Glass 4
1.5Ghz octa-core MediaTek MT6750 processor
Mali-T860MP2 GPU
Android 5.1 Lollipop
32GB internal storage
Expandable up to 256GB via MicroSD card (dedicated slot)
13MP rear camera, f/2.2
16MP front camera, f/2.0
Dual-SIM (Nano)slot
Wi-fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth v4.1
4G LTE connectivity (Category 6)
Fingerprint scanner
OTG enaabled
3,075 mAh non-removable battery
Fast charging capable
154.5 x 76 x 7.4 mm
Color: Rose Gold, Gold, Gray



One would wonder how much the ultimate OOTD and selfie phone is, but it’s actually very affordable at PHP 12,990 (Philippine Pesos).

That is definitely amazing and a definite value for money or bang for the buck because its features are definitely more than what it is worth.

You also have an option to pay it monthly (PHP 2,165/month for six months) at zero interest via Home Credit.  You can ask your local stores and dealers if they have this option or better yet go to http://bit.ly/F1sHomeCredit for more information.

So is it worth it? My answer would be a resounding YES!!! I haven’t seen a smart phone with these features that’s so affordable and the total look of the phone is too classy compared to its price. I didn’t even believe that it’s priced so low at first. Honestly, if I didn’t know how much this was worth, I would have guessed that it’s around 20k or more.  More than that, it’s easier to save money to buy this phone so in case “something” happens,  I wouldn’t have a heart attack. So yeah, this phone is definitely on top of my NEED-TO-BUY list this year. And you definitely should check out this phone so you too can have an amazing phone at a not-so-scary tag price.



Sarah Geronimo is currently very hot right now especially now that she’s the cover of several Tech Magazines because of her endorsement of OPPO F1s.



Here is her commercial for OPPO F1s!  🙂

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