To all fans of Korean entertainment, especially Korean Drama and KPOP, this is your chance to win a trip to Seoul for two and other prizes! Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a contest that is open to Hallyu fans everywhere. Getting a chance to win is very easy too, you only need to choose your top 10 Hallyu attractions in Seoul, cast your votes, provide your details (in case you win this will be used to contact you) and wait for the announcement of the winners as well as the top 10 Hallyu spots in Seoul which would be on September 28, 2016. The 10 chosen Hallyu spots will be the representative of Hallyu in Korea and will be intensively promoted.

You can win one of these wonderful prizes:

  • 1 winner of Round Trip to Seoul for two (2)
  • 10 winners of $100 worth of Amazon Gift card
  • 100 winners of an invitation ticket to the 2016 Melon Music Awards

1.) Go to
2.) Watch the video found on that site and list down 10 Hallyu spots in Seoul that you wish to vote for. The video looks like this one. Note: This is just an image and not the actual video.
3.) Click on CAST YOUR VOTE to go to the page intended for casting your votes.
4.) Select TEN (10) Hallyu spots clicking on the square to set a tick mark on it like so.
5.) Once you’re done, click the cast your vote button again to go to the area where you can input your details.
6.) Input your details and double-check whether you’ve provided all the required details completely and correctly.
7.) Click on the square portion to set a tick mark on “I agree”. Clicking this means you agree that your information would be used (name announced, you will be emailed using the email address provided and your mailing address will be verified) in case you win the contest.
8.) Lastly, click on CAST YOUR VOTE and wait for the announcement of winners on September 28, 2016. This contest will run only until September 20, 2016 so hurry before time runs out! Don’t forget to share this with your friends so they can also have a chance to win any of the awesome prizes!

In line with this, and in an effort to boost South Korean tourism, 2016 Korea Sale FESTA will be held from September 29 to October 31, 2016 at Yeongdong Daero (Boulevard) in southern Seoul. K-Pop stars like 2PM, SHINee and Sistar will be there to open the festival and will be broadcasted live by KBS. Other details shall be provided on the official website by mid-September. The opening ceremony will also highlight the 6 Themes: K-Brand, K-Beauty, K-Fashion, K-Food, K-Culture and K-Tour. Enjoy Sale events, parties, makeup shows, Traditional Korean Culture, and other performances. I haven’t been to Seoul but I have already been to Jeju and it was an amazing experience so let’s all join this contest and good luck to all of us!


This is just a promotional post of a contest by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The blogger does not have any control or responsibility regarding this contest.