UPDATE: November 17, 207, Kang Gary’s son/baby was announced via his WEIBO account, read more here: http://www.joysofasia.com/kang-gary-son-junior-baby-boy/

ExRunning Man Kang Gary recently posted on Instagram that he got married to a non-celebrity woman but they did not have an actual wedding ceremony (Read more here: http://www.joysofasia.com/no-monday-couple-kang-gary-married).

Many of us were shocked and there were different reactions among the Running Man and Leessang fans but most of them did wish Gary and his wife the best.

We’re sure that most news & entertainment sites, as well as blog sites here and abroad, have tried to search for at least an image of this mysterious wife. I have tried googling it to no avail. What I did found was some speculations and photos (some were even cropped or photoshopped) on social media but most of them turned out to be just fans who had a selfie with Kang Gary.

There were even funny speculations such as the pictures below:

It was taken from the Weibo account of bignawansui (not sure who that is because I don’t have a Weibo account).

The picture circulating is the one on the left side since it’s a little blurred but looking at the second picture and comparing it to BYUL (Haha’s wife), you can really tell it’s her.

Here’s a picture of Byul with Haha side by side the pics above:

Byul is really beautiful but sorry guys, she’s already married to Gary’s RM bestfriend Haroro (Haha or Ha Dong Hoon). The pictures were apparently taken when Gary visited Haha’s Korean barbecue restaurant. Haha was not there at the time but Byul was so they took this picture.

There were some interesting pictures online as well as seen below:

I’m not sure if the two pictures have the same person (girl) in it but if she’s one and the same, then maybe she knows Gary well based on her poses. Her first picture had another guy in there that I’m not sure if he’s her boyfriend, friend or brother. If she’s just a fan, she’s really lucky and my gosh, she’s so beautiful, even prettier than some Korean idols and actresses. P.S. Whoever you are, sorry for posting your picture here, I just had it screen-capped from social media circulation.

To my dear readers, sorry I had to place a smiley on her picture, this is to protect her identity as well. However, her picture is circulating online so it’s only a matter of time before people start to recognize her. The two pictures are quite old, taken in 2014 and 2011 respectively.

If she’s the mystery wife, then Gary is really lucky as well since she looks nice and she’s really very pretty.

I respect Gary’s decision in making his marriage to his wife a secret so let’s just wait until he reveals more about her. Hopefully, they’ll get to have a marriage ceremony too since it’s every woman’s dream to have a lovely and memorable wedding.

Does she really exist? Here is a link to our opinion: http://www.joysofasia.com/see-believe-kang-garys-mystery-wife-really-exist/