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This blog post was done on October 20, 2016. Currently, we’re awaiting Episode 17 of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

As we close in on the last few episodes to the much awaited final episode of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, fans (including myself obviously) have been searching and googling endlessly for clues and wondering if the ending of the said Korean Drama would be similar to the sad ending of its Chinese counterpart, Scarlet Heart.

Based on actual Goryeo history, some similarities of the two dramas as well as some clues we gained from previews, stills and images online, here are some possible events that may (or may not) happen in the next few episodes of our favorite Korean Drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Please note that these are just guesses so some of these may not actually happen and these are not actual or official “spoilers”.




If Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo stays true to Goryeo’s history, Wang So will marry Hwangbo Yeon-hwa (Wook’s sister) and she would be known in history as Queen Daemok. They will have 2 sons and 3 daughters.

Since Yeon-hwa is attracted to Wang So (they also have a triangle love affair with Wang Yo) and even asked him to marry her, there is a strong chance that the marriage between Wang So and Yeon-hwa would happen soon. I’m actually sad while typing this so let’s just hope this wouldn’t happen in the last few episodes but I really think we would see Wang So’s marriage to Yeon-hwa since she seems to be more prominent in Episode 17’s previews and she’s pretty determined to be the Queen of Goryeo.


Also, it can be noted that Wang So was asked repeatedly regarding what he was willing to sacrifice to gain the throne (by General Park Soo-kyung and Princess Yeon-hwa). Notice also that Yeon-hwa’s clothing above (only her hair ornament is different) is similar to the one she was wearing in the promotional images and posters, this must mean that it’s time for Yeon-hwa to take the spotlight.


In Wang So’s flashback, General Park mentioned to Wang So that King Taejo once said that to become king, one must be willing to throw everyone away.

His love for Hae Soo is clearly being targeted here and I’m pretty sure they won’t have a happy ending in Goryeo. It could indicate that an arranged marriage between him and Yeon-hwa would end the power struggle between him and 8th prince Wang Wook. Out of all the remaining princes, only Wang So and Wang Wook want the throne. Wang So will get to become the King of Goryeo if he agrees to marry Yeon-hwa and this would also ensure that Wang Wook’s family wouldn’t revolt against him. On the other hand, Wang Wook, Yeon-hwa and his mother wouldn’t be exiled nor harmed by Wang So.

I’m thinking that there’s a high possibility that Yeon-hwa (or even Wang Wook himself) might also use Wang Wook’s previous relationship with Hae Soo to ensure that Wang So agrees to marry her. It can be noted that Hae Soo didn’t reveal to Wang So who she had feelings for and in Episode 14, Wang So even asked her if it was Wang Jung, which meant that he was still clueless that it was Wang Wook who shared the same feeling with Hae Soo in the past. These are just speculations so these may or may not happen.


Also, it is already known in the Korean drama that Wang So will also marry Princess Gyeonghwagung (first daughter of Wang Mu) as his second wife. Historically speaking, Wang So only had two wives and he doesn’t have any children with Princess Gyeonghwagung, probably because he only married her to save her from a bad arranged marriage and to prevent her from becoming a hostage of the Khitan forces.

Since Hae Soo wasn’t recorded in history books, we can assume that they didn’t get the chance to actually marry each other even if they really wanted to.


Don’t lose hope though since the Korean Drama “twisted” some of the facts (for an example, read the trivia at the end of this blog post) and did not follow Goryeo history per se, so we may see some scenes that are different from actual Korean Goryeo History. We don’t really know what would happen until they air the final episode. 😉

It can be noted that in another Goryeo-based Korean Drama, Wang So was able to marry another woman aside from Yeon-hwa and Gyeonghwagung. However, they didn’t have a formal marriage. The same thing may happen to Wang So and Hae Soo in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo so let’s keep our fingers crossed! 🙂

Oh, and another observation I had was her hair. Notice that when she was transferred to the Damiwon, she only had her hair in a tight bun. However, in the episode 17 preview as well as a promotional image, she let her hair down again. This might mean that she would no longer serve the King at the Damiwon because she would be one of his consorts.

Also in the preview of Episode 17, she let her hair down while wearing white clothes and the Dowager Queen was also wearing white which might mean that Wang Yo just recently passed away at that time.


I’m not sure though if they will get married officially or not because Hae Soo is technically not recorded in the history of Goryeo but it is certain that Hae Soo will become the King’s woman (probably as a consort or concubine) because in the preview of Episode 17, Wang Wook mentioned Hae Soo has become the King’s (Wang So) woman plus Episode 17 previews show them on the royal bed.



On a side note, I really hate the fact that some people would fool others by creating photoshopped images meant to confuse and give false hopes to the fans of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

I’m not sure where it first appeared or who did it but the image below (left side) is currently being spread in the internet. The image looked like Hae Soo was dressed to marry King Gwangjong (Wang So). In reality, it was actually an image still from Episode 6 when Hae Soo was being forced to marry King Taejo. The head of Wang So was merely photoshopped into King Taejo’s head. Below is a side by side comparison of the real and fake images. I’m not sure how many fans were fooled by this but I’m pretty sure many Moon Lovers fans noticed that the image on the left is fake.




Remember when Hae Soo had some visions of Wang So’s future self, GwangJong killing his brother Wang Eun on Episode 9?


She got so frightened that she told Wang Wook to “be careful of Wang So and to not stand in his way“.


This somehow caused Wang Wook to think about what she said repeatedly and that was when he seemingly became obsessed that he slowly changed from a warm-hearted and peace-loving Prince to a cold-blooded murderer (he was the one who killed his own brother and “great king”, Wang Mu). I think that this change in Wang Wook was what triggered the events to change based on Ji-mong’s version of the future. We even saw Wang Wook mulling over it in Episode 15.


Promotional posters of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Scarlet Heart

Similar to the Scarlet Heart Chinese Drama, Hae Soo had inadvertently manipulated Goryeo history into what we actually know about Goryeo today. In the Chinese version of Scarlet Heart, Zhang Xiao (Ma’ertai Ruo Xi) thought she didn’t alter history because when she checked the history books, it was still the “same” when in fact, she was the one who caused history to be written the way it is today. This is called “predestination paradox“.


Hae Soo of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (left) and Maertai Ruo Xi of Scarlet Heart (right)

Both female leads of the two dramas go back in time and they try to change the course of history but history remains the same because what they actually did when they went back to the past was the actual thing that dictated history which means that they were destined to that fate and the series of events (including them being sent back in time) were already meant to happen or predestined.

At a certain point in the drama, Choi Ji-mong mentioned that it wasn’t meant for some things to happen and he wondered what may have caused the future to be altered. Most probably, in Choi Ji-mong’s version of the future, Wang Yo wasn’t supposed to be a king because he didn’t have the “Star of a King” like Wang Mu and Wang So.


moon-lovers-scarlet-heart-ryeo-makeupAnother notable thing is during Hae Soo’s visions of what was bound to happen, Wang So didn’t have a scar in any of them. That meant that Hae Soo was predestined to travel back in time to help Wang So to be seen as a “King” material since he couldn’t have ascended the throne if he had the scar. It was even that gesture of Hae Soo that made him love her even more. It was also mentioned by the General Park Soo-kyung (Wang Eun’s father-in-law) that Wang So was a perfect candidate to be the next King if not for his scar. So when Hae Soo hid his scar using makeup, she actually made Wang So a strong candidate for the throne.

Some may be asking why is it that Hae Soo remembered that it was Gwangjong (Wang So) who killed his brothers. This may be because at that time in Goryeo, history was written as it was perceived by the person who wrote it. It was believed by the other people that it was Wang So who mercilessly killed Wang Eun (in the Korean Drama) because of the struggle for power and to gain favor from the King because he was eventually rewarded with land and riches after the death of Wang Eun.

We all know Wang Yo was the one who ordered Wang Eun and his relatives to be killed and Wang So only performed the dying wish of Wang Eun but none of the people during that time could attest to that. Some of the deaths during that time may have also been attributed to Wang So because of the perception of people that he was still the wolf dog.

As an example, Wang Jung was right there when Wang Eun begged Wang So to kill him yet he was convinced that Wang So was the bad guy. Even General Park who trained Wang So believed that Wang So killed Wang Eun and his daughter because he was the “dog” of the king. Even if all Wang So did was grant his dying brother’s final wish, he was viewed in a different light by others. So how can we expect history records to reflect it? We believe what we read or study and what history records tell us. That may be the reason why Hae Soo blindly believed that Gwangjong killed his brothers for the throne.


As far as history is concerned, Gwangjong did sentence rebels to death during his reign as king but he also made reforms that were actually beneficial for his people by freeing slaves and making sure civil officials were recruited based on merit and not because they were nobles. This was not accepted by the nobles that time and these nobles may have done something and that may have affected how Gwangjong was perceived in history. The said history was studied by Hae Soo so she recalls things differently since she wasn’t aware of the actual events as they happened and merely relied on history books to guide her. This was evident when she saw Wang So’s handwriting and told herself that she still don’t know a lot about him. History may tell us what occurred in the past but it won’t tell us the actual details behind it.



This is already a given. In the preview of Episode 17, we can already see Wang So walking towards the throne while people are shouting “Long live the King!”.



We’ve also seen in one of Hae Soo’s visions how Wang Yo would die (Episode 6, right after she slashed her wrist to save herself from becoming the king’s wife). Though it was obscured, it really looks like Wang Yo because of the beard and the shape of his jaw. He seemed to be holding a paper, letter, or a piece of cloth of some sort.


There seems to be no blood and his tight grip seemed to indicate that he was in a lot of internal body pain so it may have been a heart attack, stroke, or an organ failure from mercury poisoning that killed him.

There are two possibilities regarding his death. The first possibility is, he suffered another stroke which ultimately kills him and the other reason may be because like Wang Mu, he was also unknowingly poisoned using mercury as part of Wang Wook’s plan. The only way for Wang Wook to become king is if Wang Yo dies. Let’s think about it, how will Wang Wook get rid of Wang Yo without the people thinking he killed or revolted against him? On episode 13, Wang Wook told his sister that he didn’t want to want to look like a traitor when he would become a king.


Remember when Wang Mu seemed like he totally lost it and he could even hear the Khitan forces’ horses supposedly approaching the palace? He also has trouble sleeping that time and he was too paranoid.


Wang Yo also heard Wang Eun’s voice pleading for his life when Wang Jung left the arrows he got from Eun’s dead body. He even saw shadows and ghosts, including King Taejo himself.  He also seemed to be lacking sleep and was also paranoid.


The second reason has a strong possibility because of the symptoms of mercury poisoning that can be seen in Wang Yo such as:

  1. Schizophrenia (he hears and sees things that are not there)
  2. Insomnia (notice the dark circles under his eyes)
  3. Mood swings, nervousness, irritability (notice how he talked to his mother and how he suddenly accused her of using him, then he suspected his own brother Jung of being interested in taking over the throne)
  4. Weakness (Choi Ji-mong mentioned to Wang So that King Jeongjong or Wang Yo became weak)


After analyzing the symptoms, it seems Wang Yo has also been poisoned like his brother Wang Mu. If it wasn’t mercury, it must have been something similar.

How did he get poisoned? I’m not really sure, but if I had to guess, it might be one of these:

  1.  His drink was being poisoned with mercury and that’s the reason why the effects seem fast. This is possible because Chae-ryung is still inside the Damiwon and can slip in the mercury into King Jeongjong’s
  2. His ring was exposed to mercury. This is a long shot. I think the first one is more believable but I can’t help but notice how the camera seems to be focusing on his ring. First, he kept looking at it when he was talking to his brothers. Then the camera focused on it when he first shot Wang Eun. The ring is familiar because he gave a smaller female version of the ring to Yeon-hwa and told her they were a match made in heaven. Yeon-hwa threw the said ring when she learned that she was being sent to Khitan. Would she be too angry enough as to poison Wang Yo so her brother would become king? There’s only a small possibility that his ring was poisoned so I think either the heart attack or the poisoned drink is more likely to happen.


The reason that made me think that it was poisoning which caused the death of Wang Yo is because Wang Yo was exhibiting signs of mercury poisoning and Wang Wook seemed too “concerned” for his brother Wang Yo as if it was an act. Remember that Wang Wook was behind the mercury poisoning aside from Wang Won. Plus, he mentioned he was going to Wang Sik Ryeom.


I think that’s still part of Wang Wook’s plan. Wang Sik Ryeom was the cousin of King Taejo and if you can remember, he was in episode 1 asking King Taejo to replace Wang Mu as the crown prince because he thinks Wang Mu has an illness. He is also the uncle of Wang Yo, So and Jung. He supported Wang Yo before and in return, he requested to make Seokyeong (Pyongyang) the capital city of Goryeo.


In another Goryeo-based Korean Drama, Shine or Go Crazy, Wang Sik Ryeom was a prominent antagonist who wants the throne for himself. I wonder what this character would do in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo…

On episode 17’s preview, we’ve seen Wang Yo wearing white (see image below) which is very similar to the one he was wearing in Hae Soo’s vision. So it’s definite that he would die on Episode 17.  Wang So returned to Goryeo on the 3rd year of Jeongjong’s reign (948), this means that based on historical facts, Wang Yo only has 1 year left before he died (949).  Jeongjong (Wang Yo) died when he was just 26 years old and ruled Goryeo for only 4 years.

Wang Yo Wearing White - Death

I don’t like Wang Yo but I feel that he was a “bad person” because of his upbringing and his mother’s influence. I really pity him because once he was no longer of any use to his mother, she asked him to turn over the throne to Wang Jung. I think that whatever the reason for his condition is, he was heartbroken when his mother seemed to not really care for him as her son. The paper or cloth I mentioned earlier being held by Wang Yo during his death might be paper after all… It might be the paper he was supposed to use when his mother was forcing him to write down his last will and declare Wang Jung his successor. I really feel sorry for him. In the international version, we can see this preview, however in the SBS version, this part of the preview was missing.




If Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is following a similar storyline to Scarlet Heart, we can assume that Wang Jung (who had affections for Hae Soo ever since she saved him from a group of thugs on Episode 4 and she also almost sacrificed her life when she hid him inside her room) would propose marriage to Hae Soo. There was a scene wherein Wang Yo asked Wang Jung if he wanted anything aside from the throne. He only has one thing or one person in mind and we all know who that person is. 🙂


NOTE: The scene between Yo and Jung was missing in the SBS version but present in the international and Chinese versions. If you were able to watch that scene with Yo and Jung, then that means you missed out on Wang So and Hae Soo’s garden “back hug” scene. Why are there 3 freaking versions? The international version was the original one and they already translated everything but since they wanted to edit it for more Hae Soo & Wang So moments, the Korean (SBS) version was different when it was aired. Same probably goes for the Chinese version. I haven’t watched the Chinese version though so I’m assuming it’s the same with the international version because of the need to translate everything.


However, even if Wang Yo grants this privilege to Wang Jung and agrees to their marriage, their mother would definitely disagree. Also, we’ve seen in Episode 17 that the new king, Gwangjong (Wang So) has already ascended the throne so any favors granted by Wang Yo would be null and void.

His crush on Hae Soo was actually cute and it reminded me of the innocent crush that Wang Eun had for Hae Soo. Too bad Wang Eun realized too late that he actually loves his wife. Let’s hope we could see the reincarnated version of the couple when Hae Soo goes back to the present time.


There’s a small chance that Hae Soo would consider marrying Wang Jung in order to escape the palace and the dangers, power struggles and deaths occurring within it.



Remember Wang Mu’s mercury poisoning and the suspicious actions of Chae-ryung when she was putting more “herbs” to Wang Mu’s bath? I’m almost positive that Chae-ryung would be caught for her involvement in Wang Mu’s death. In the international version, we can see Wang Won handing something peculiar to Chae-ryung which she reluctantly accepted but in the SBS version, this particular event was missing.


She could be caught when an investigation about Wang Mu’s death is done by the order of Wang So. Wang Wook might also implicate Chae-ryung or Wang Won or even both as part of his plans to get closer to the throne or at least throw a monkey wrench at Hae Soo and Wang So’s relationship.

Either that or Chae-ryung’s conscience would nag her into confessing the truth to Hae Soo. This might force Wang So to have her executed and this could be a big blow to Hae Soo if he refuses to save Chae-ryung from execution. She was, after all, her only female friend, confidante and her first ever friend when she emerged from the pool as Hae Soo.

It might not be just Chae-ryung who would be caught but the execution might also include Wang Won and the rest of the people who conspired in Wang Mu’s murder since she’s bound to tell someone who forced her to do it. I’m not sure though if Wang Wook would be included in the execution since Chae-ryung might not tell anyone about him and Wang Wook might become a traitor and rat out Wang Won to save his skin. In Goryeo history, Wang Wook lives so it’s highly unlikely he would be executed. What bothers me is he is missing from the Princes lineup when Wang So was crowned as King (based on the Episode 17 previews). Was he still at Seokyun to have a talk with Wang Sik Ryeom?


What forced her to do it?

She may have been promised to be emancipated and placed at the Damiwon to be reunited with Hae Soo if she did everything she was ordered to do. Wang Wook needed her because she was trusted by Hae Soo and she can slip in the mercury to the king’s bath without anyone knowing about it.

She mentioned about being emancipated by Wang Wook when she greeted and gave Hae Soo a birthday gift, wherein Hae Soo replied that her transfer to the Damiwon was the best gift she received on her birthday.

Both Wang Wook and Wang Won knew that Chae-Ryung was very close to Hae Soo because she was caught eavesdropping when Wang Wook and Wang Won were talking about Hae Soo’s execution (During the time of Wang So’s poisoning). She even pleaded to the eighth prince to help Hae Soo. This was probably the reason Chae-Ryung was used in Wang Wook’s plan to become the king. Wang Won was just an accessory to the crime because Won and was being manipulated by Wang Wook.

If Hae Soo finds out that Chae-ryung only did her part in Wang Mu’s murder because she wanted to be with her, Soo might try to plead and convince Wang So not to kill her.

Her execution might become a huge shock for Hae Soo and this might lead to the breakup of the romance between Wang So and Hae Soo. With no one else to turn to, this might lead to Hae Soo becoming closer to Wang Jung because Baek-ah might have problems of his own since Woo-hee also conspired with Wang Yo. This conspiracy and treachery might also be revealed during this time. Based on history, Gwangjong had all the traitors executed. This might be a turning point for Wang So as he becomes more ruthless and obsessed with getting rid of all the bad elements within the palace.




Wang Wook won’t die in the Korean Drama, because in Goryeo history, he would remarry and have a son who would become King of Goryeo. He married Queen Seonui,  2nd daughter of Queen Jeongdeok (King Taejo’s consort) and possibly, Wang Won’s sister. I can’t seem to find the name of the Prince where Wang Won’s character was based on but the closest to his name was Crown Prince Wonjang. That goes without saying that Wang Wook gives up on his love for Hae Soo and would not be able to rekindle the romance they had.


Though Wang Wook didn’t become a King of Goryeo, he was posthumously known as King Daezong and his 2nd son, Wang Chi grew up to become Seongjong, 6th King of Goryeo.



Based on Goryeo history, Wang So lived until he was 51 years old and died supposedly of illness. I said supposedly because that was what was recorded in the history books but we can’t really say because poisoning and foul play is common during that time. He had a 26-year long reign as the 4th Great King of Goryeo. That was already an incredible feat since he succeeded his brother Wang Yo, who only had a 4-year reign as Jeongjong, 3rd King of Goryeo.

So that means Wang So won’t die in the Korean Drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, that is unless they had to show him die so he can be reincarnated in the “future time”.


Promotional Image for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

As mentioned earlier, he married Yeon-hwa. Their son Wang Ju, grew up to become Gyeongjong of Goryeo. However, Wang Ju only had a 6-year reign and died supposedly of disease. Okay, I might be watching too much Korean historical drama because I keep thinking these people died because they were killed and not because of illnesses or diseases. However, since there were no hospitals before, then what has been recorded in history may actually be true. Wang Ju was succeeded by his cousin, Wang Chi, Wook’s son because the 2nd and only other son of Wang So died prematurely.


As already mentioned, the Korean drama twisted some of the facts so they may or may not follow what is written in actual Korean Goryeo history.



To understand the possible ending of MOON LOVERS: SCARLET HEART RYEO, let me recount the ending of SCARLET HEART. In the Chinese version, Ruo Xi (counterpart of Hae Soo) died in sorrow thinking Yinzhen (counterpart of Wang So) abandoned him even after she wrote him a letter. The letter wasn’t actually delivered to Yinzhen because of a misunderstanding between Yinzhen (4th prince) and Yinti (counterpart of Wang Jung). Upon her death, he was brought back to the present time and she noted that the history wasn’t changed, she couldn’t find her name (Ruo Xi) in history books and she shed some tears when she saw a man who looked like Yinzhen. It ended there. Note that there was a SCARLET HEART 2, which is a sequel to the original Scarlet Heart wherein they continue the story, however, the scenario was the present time. This was not part of the original novel though.


Scarlet Heart 2 Poster

For the possible ending of MOON LOVERS: SCARLET HEART RYEO, I think fans (including me) would cry our hearts out because Hae Soo is bound to die in Goryeo because based on the novel, she has to die in Goryeo in order to wake up from her coma in the present time as Go Ha-jin. It’s only a matter of time so I’m preparing myself for that exact moment.


How would Hae Soo die?

I’m not sure if she would be put to death, sacrifice herself or die of illness but if my observations are correct, Hae Soo would die because of an illness or a heart problem.

In Episode 6, during her mourning of Lady Hae, Hae Soo can be seen clutching her heart. In a later part of the same episode when she was being brought to the palace to spend a night with King Taejo, she makes a certain kind of face that indicates her heart is aching again.


Numerous times, throughout the drama, whenever she feels sad or disheartened, that certain part of her aches and she can be seen clutching her chest (near her heart). Lady Oh had the same reaction (clutching her stomach) but it was more intense because she had her illness (cancer) for a while. Even Wang Wook’s mother experiences pain on her head so I’m wondering if she would also die because of it. Though her death may not have that much impact since her role isn’t really intertwined with other characters aside from Wang Wook and Yeon-hwa.

Hae Soo's heart aching again when she found out Eun was the traitor So was looking for

Hae Soo’s heart aching again when she found out Wang Eun was the “traitor” that Wang So was looking for.

Hae Soo might experience a tremendous sorrow because of a misunderstanding (similar to Scarlet Heart) that would finally cause her heart to literally rupture and give up on her. It’s either that or she ends up sacrificing herself to save someone. She might have more in common with Lady Oh than we initially thought.

Some similarities between Lady Oh and Hae Soo are:

  1. They were both innocent and easily hurt especially when they were younger.
  2. They actually believed that their first love would choose them over the throne.
  3. Their man abandoned them to get the throne (King Taejo, Wang Wook and maybe even Wang So)
  4. They are both ill and hurting somewhere. Lady Oh had stomach cancer, Hae Soo might have some sort of heart problem.
  5. They are both Court ladies who control the Damiwon.
  6. A younger lady causes their downfall — protecting Hae Soo caused the death of Lady Oh and Chae-ryun might break up Hae Soo and Wang So or worse, she might become the reason for Hae Soo to sacrifice herself.

scarletheartmodernAnyway, the point is, Hae Soo would ultimately die (so she can return to the present time) and this would end the relationship between Wang So and Hae Soo but that doesn’t mean that the drama would have a SAD ending.

Even the Chinese counterpart had a Part 2 in order to make the “ending” better so I’m guessing Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo would have a happy ending when Go Ha-jin meets the reincarnation of Wang So. It would be a bittersweet ending for them because they failed to have a happy ending in Goryeo but they may have the chance for a happy ending in the present life. 🙂

Cheer up and instead, be excited to see the present time counterpart of our main couple! 😉


Who knows? We might even be treated to a happy ending for some of the cast and our favorite love teams. I’m hoping for that so we can see Wang Eun and Park Soon-duk again in the present time.


So let’s all hope for  Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s  HAPPY ENDING.

One sad thing to think about: If ever Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo would have a happy ending, we might not have a sequel like the Chinese version.


Again, please note that everything I’ve posted here are merely speculations and just possible spoilers and ending so don’t get angry or dismayed if some or none of these turned out to be true. 😉


Here’s an extra trivia…. in history, there really was a Lady Oh in Goryeo. This Lady Oh, similar to the Lady Oh in the Korean Drama, also had a humble background and was King Taejo’s first love. However, in history, Lady Oh actually married King Taejo before he founded Goryeo and became King. They had a son named Mu, who King Taejo declared as the crown prince or first in line to the throne. As we all know, in the Korean drama, this was not followed since Prince Mu wasn’t the son of Lady Oh and Lady Oh in the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo drama had a miscarriage. 

Kang Ha-Neul (Wang Wook) and Kang Han-na (Yeon-hwa) both share the same surname in real life but that’s not the only thing they have in common. Both of them worked on a Joseon-based movie called Empire of Lust, it’s a mature film about General Kim Min-jae who falls in love with a Gisaeng called Ka-hee (played by Kang Han-na) who becomes his concubine. He was tasked to keep an eye on Yi Bang-won (5th son of King Taejo of Joseon). Ka-hee carried out a vendetta against the General. Kang Ha-Neul’s role was the son of the general who had a bad boy image and was attracted to Ka-hee. Coincidentally, Yi Bang-won was instrumental in overthrowing GORYEO and the founding of Joseon Dynasty.





  • Lee Joon-gi as 4th Prince Wang So / 4th King of Goryeo, King Gwangjong
  • Lee Ji-eun as Go Ha-jin / Hae Soo
  • Kang Ha-neul as 8th Prince Wang Wook
  • Hong Jong-hyun as 3rd Prince Wang Yo / 3rd King of Goryeo, King Jeongjong
  • Yoon Sun-woo as 9th Prince Wang Won
  • Byun Baek-hyun as 10th Prince Wang Eun
  • Nam Joo-hyuk as 13th Prince Baek-ah
  • Ji Soo as 14th Prince Wang Jung (Later known as Grand General Jung)
  • Kim San-ho as Crown Prince Wang Mu / 2nd King of Goryeo, King Hyejong
  • Jo Min-ki as King Taejo
  • Park Ji-young as the Dowager Empress Yoo (Taejo’s 3rd Queen) – mother of Yo, So and Jung
  • Jung Kyung-soon as the Empress Hwangbo (Taejo’s 4th Queen) – Wook and Yeon-hwa’s mother
  • Kang Han-na as Hwangbo Yeon-hwa, Wook’s sister
  • Park Si-eun as Lady Hae, previous wife of Wang Wook
  • Z.Hera as Park Soon-duk, Wang Eun’s wife
  • Seohyun as Woo-hee, gisaeng and last Princess of Later Baekje
  • Jin Ki-joo as Chae-ryung, Hae Soo’s maid and friend
  • Kim Sung-kyun as Choi Ji-mong, King’s astronomer and homeless man in Episode 1
  • Sung Dong-il as General Park Soo-kyung, Soon-duk’s father
  • Park Jung-hak as Wang Sik-ryeom, Goryeo official and uncle of Yo, So and Jung
  • Woo Hee-jin as Court Lady Oh Soo-yeon, head of the Damiwon Palace
  • Kim Kang-il as Lady Kang, Taejo’s 22nd consort and 4th Prince Wang So’s adoptive mother
  • Choi Byung-mo as Park Young-gyu, Woo-hee’s uncle and the foreign minister of Goryeo

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