It’s only a few more days before Christmas and everybody is busy buying Christmas gifts for loved ones and friends, checking their budgets, and listing down what they want this Christmas. This Christmas and for the coming year, MY GOAL is to cook healthier and better-tasting food for my family. I love experimenting in the kitchen and it’s fun to post them in social media and exchange recipes with my family and friends.


Also, I love to fry things and use my special sauce, however, it takes a lot of oil when frying. Honestly, I don’t have much choice since my husband loves fried food.

My list of home-made recipe is limited so there are times when we are forced to go to the mall to eat something new and refreshing.

My husband & I love to eat in fast food restaurants and hang out in coffee shops so I’m also concerned about our health and lifestyle.

Not to mention, we have to travel to the mall to meet and eat instead of enjoying quality time at home.  I’m still in the learning phase when it comes to cooking dinner and snacks so I have to get a “sidekick” in the kitchen which would help me realize this goal.

It’s timely and a coincidence that as a blogger, I’ve been introduced to De’Longhi products (via Nuffnang Philippines) and looking at the product list, it’s so easy to form my own Christmas List. I was hesitant to form my De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist but seeing the products  really inspired me to write about some of them.

After reading this blog post, I’m absolutely sure that you’ll also be very interested in buying your own De’Longhi product.

Below are the TOP3 items on My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist.



Out of all the De’Longhi products, I’ve listed 3 of them that I want for Christmas.

These three items are the MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363, an ICE CREAM MAKER and a COFFEE MACHINE.

Find out more details and the reasons why I want each of these items to be part of my kitchen by clicking on the “Go to Features” button below each item. You can always return to this list by clicking or tapping the appropriate button.



First on my wishlist would have to be the De’Longhi LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363. delonghi2 Multifry is an innovative cooking appliance combining a low-oil fryer and a multicooker. It enables us to cook food faster and healthier because we can use minimum oil requirements for each recipe. There’s also a wide array of food that we can prepare using this product.

Among those that we can cook are: 

PIZZA !!! 

d10 OMG! Yes! You’ve read it right. You can make pizzas at the comfort of your own home.  Normally, we call the delivery hotlines for pizzas but it would be so cool to make your own pizza at home. It would be more economical and healthier. I don’t know how to bake using the conventional oven and I know that using the microwave oven is a huge health risk because of the amount of radiation. Usually, we buy pre-made pizzas in the supermarket. You know, the cold hard ones that we call “instant pizzas”. I know this isn’t healthy but when we are “budgeting” and want to eat pizzas, we buy those instant pizzas. However, with De’Longhi LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363, I can make my own pizza without having to learn how to bake or operate the oven and I don’t need to use the microwave either. The pizza made using De’Longhi Multifry would have fresher ingredients and it would be healthier because I can control the actual ingredients I would use. Just imagining the possibilities and pizza recipes I can invent using this product makes me so excited to buy and try it!


Those who are trying to limit the amount of oil in meals would definitely love De’Longhi LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363. You can cook French Fries without having to deep fry them and you get to cook them with the least amount of oil possible! Now we can eat “healthier” french fries. Also, when you’re frying FROZEN POTATOES, instead of fresh ones, you don’t have to put in additional oil.  oil Making fries is so easy using these steps:

1. Insert the paddle into the bowl.

2. Peel the potatoes and cut them into chips of about 1 cm per side.

3. Put the chipped potatoes under running water for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

4. Drain and dry thoroughly with paper towel.

5. Add the potatoes and the right amount of oil to the bowl.

6. Close the lid, set the thermostat dial to position 4, press the lower heating element power button and press the on/off button.

7. Cook for 27 minutes, add salt and serve.


What’s more is it takes only 27 minutes to cook 1kilo of frozen potatoes. Achieving an even cooking using a normal pan takes a lot of patience, and though deep frying is probably faster, just imagine the amount of oil that you intake when you eat deep fried potatoes. So for me, using a De’Longhi Multifry is the best way to cook french fries. potato

MEAT !!!

My husband loves to hang out with friends and jam. When they do that, I usually prepare finger food for them. What I love doing is deep frying hams and cutting them into “Fries” form so it’s easier to eat. I also prepare other types of meat that would compliment what they’re drinking so having the  De’Longhi LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363 would be a better and healthier alternative in terms of cooking meat. Also, if I’m to use the Multifry, it would be easier for me to learn new recipes that I can do for lunch and dinner. The picture below is a sample of what I prepared for them recently.


…and since it’s CHRISTMAS SEASON, let’s not forget the mouth-watering Christmas Ham! 🙂



Fish is certainly one of my go-to meal when I’m trying to lose some weight so having a De’Longhi LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363 would definitely inspire me to come up with more fish recipes. What’s more, frying fish and meat sometimes makes me so nervous because hot oil might hurt me but with the Multifry, I know that I won’t have problems with getting burned.


Another of my favorite meals is BUTTERED SHRIMP. Using a De’Longhi Multifry would make things simpler and easier because shrimp should be cooked evenly.  Below is a picture I took of the buttered shrimp I made recently. When I use the DeLonghi Multifry, i would probably make some melted butter first & for sure, I would be doing more than just simple recipes so I am really hoping to have one this Christmas! 🙂 It’s perfect for our kitchen and it would be my number one cooking buddy.




Cakes and pies are usually made using conventional ovens. However, I can’t bake nor know how to use our oven (lol) so having a Multifry would definitely be an advantage because I would be able to make Cakes, pies and doughnuts without even knowing how to bake. I can make these food for CHRISTMAS, BIRTHDAYS, and other special occasions!



Using the Multifry, I can make vegetable dishes in a jiffy! I also want to try out the RATATOUILLE recipe ever since I’ve watched the movie with the same name. If I’m lucky enough to own a De’Longhi Multifry, I would definitely document and blog recipes so that other people can benefit from my discoveries and new recipes using the said kitchen appliance.

Here are some more ideas on what you can do with the De’Longhi MULTIFRY!

These are great recipes that I would hopefully get to try soon! 

The DE’LONGHI LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363 is part of my Christmas Wishlist because it helps me do healthier frying by limiting the oil needed, it helps me cook tastier food (that I definitely wouldn’t be able to cook properly using normal pans), and it would definitely help me improve my recipe list and give me unlimited menus to choose from so we won’t have to be forced to go to the mall or a restaurant just to eat something different. This product is definitely worth checking out!!! 🙂 delonghi23 I’m sure that you are very interested to find out more about DE’LONGHI LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363 so below are a few more reasons why I’ve included this product in my Christmas Wishlist.



Easy to Assemble

I hate machines, gadgets and things that take too long or is too hard to assemble. It just ruins the fun for me. But with De’Longhi’s LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363, you are presented with just a few parts and items that you just place on top or inside of each other. It would only take minutes for us to assemble or disassemble it. I doubt that I would be disassembling this and putting it on storage because it would be my go-to kitchen partner when it comes to cooking healthier food for my family.


  • A Lid
  • B Power level
  • C Removable viewing window
  • D Maximum level MAX
  • E Paddle
  • F Ceramic coated bowl
  • G Handgrip slide
  • H Bowl handgrip
  • I Oil measurer (level from 1 to 5)
  • L Handle for lifting the appliance
  • M Appliance body
  • N Removable timer
  • O Bottom heating element button
  • P ON/OFF button with light
  • Q Lid open button
  • R Condensate tray
  • S Viewing window release buttons
  • T Hot air discharge grille

Easy To Use

Instructions on using this can be found in the manual and recipes, with regards to the time and thermostat settings, it’s so easy to use that even kids can do it. Actually, it would be so amazing if parents can teach their kids (specifically the teens) to cook food. Not only will it teach them responsibility, it would also be very helpful for the whole family.

Using the De’Longhi LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363 is so simple and it’s of high quality and standard. It’s also handy for those people who can’t cook or are still learning how to cook, like me.  It opens up tons of possibilities and I really want to surprise my husband by cooking something really amazing using this product!

The completely transparent lid permits us to check the food during cooking/frying so it’s easier to see if the food is ready without having to open and close the lid from time to time.  In case you’re wondering, It is completely BPA free and safe for use.

The very easy steps to using this Multifry can be found below.

Lower Heating Element

The lower heating element of the DE’LONGHI LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363 is at 200w.

It’s the lower tubular sheathed heating element that’s responsible for improving the speed of cooking.

There are three special functions which are Pan function, Oven function and Grill Function. More details on how to use each function can be found in the instruction manual that comes along with the product.

Quick Cooking

Aside from the lower heating element, DE’LONGHI LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363 also has an upper heating element and a fan.

These help distribute the heat around the food so you get an evenly cooked food plus it speeds up the cooking time.

SHS (Surround Heating System), the exclusive technology by De’Longhi, delivers exceptional performance because it surrounds the food with heat to cook it evenly: the upper heating element and fan deliver uniform heat from the top; the lower heating element delivers heat from the bottom; the mixing paddle takes care of stirring the food automatically.

Have you ever cooked or in my case, burned one side of a fried food? This is a quick solution to that, and you don’t have to be really impatient about the cooking time either.

This product ensures that our food is crispy outside but soft and perfectly cooked inside.

Perfect Meals

DE’LONGHI LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363 helps us make perfectly cooked meals that are of “restaurant quality”. I can’t wait to do experiments with recipes! I’m just that with DE’LONGHI LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363, I don’t have to be scared about oil popping and getting my hand burned while cooking. The timer and thermostat levels are indicated in the recipes so you don’t have to worry about ruining food because of bad time judgements. PERFECT MEALS are a breeze with De’Longhi! 🙂

You don’t even have to search for recipes initially since this product comes with its own recipe book.

Automatic Mixing

One thing I don’t like about cooking is when oil is popping because I’m scared that it would burn me.

Also, most of the time, food needs to be stirred or mixed constantly and for a multi-tasker like me, I often wish that the magic from Harry Potter is true so I can just wave my wand and the food would be mixed and stirred on its own.


It saves time because all you need to do is prepare the ingredients, put them inside and make sure that you are aware of the time and thermostat levels. I can do blogging, researching and online jobs while cooking!

No need to constantly mix it around, the De’Longhi Multifry does it for you. Plus, the paddle is removable so you can cook as if it were a normal pan. 

“Cool Touch” Walls

Kids love to touch things and sometimes their curiousity can be costly and dangerous for them. The I’m sure that you are very interested to find out more about DE’LONGHI LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363 has COOL TOUCH walls that don’t heat up so even if kids accidentally touch the Multifry, it won’t burn their delicate hands.

Adjustable Thermostat

The Thermostat has 4 POWER LEVELS. The highest of which is 4. Make sure to check the recipe books and guides before determining which level should be used.

This is probably one of the best advantages of using a MULTIFRY instead of normal pans.

In normal pans, the heat is not properly distributed and the level of fire using the gas range is estimated only.

MULTIFRY makes cooking easier and ensures that the food is cooked properly and evenly.

Easy To Clean

The parts of DE’LONGHI LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363 is easy to disassemble and assemble and its cleanable parts are easy to clean and are dish washer safe.

Just make sure to use dishwashing liquids that can really remove oil well.

High Food Capacity

One round of cooking using DE’LONGHI LOW-OIL FRYER & MULTICOOKER MULTIFRY EXTRA FH1363 can serve up to 8 people. The pan itself is actually big and deep so you can definitely cook for the whole family, including your friends.

Just to give you an example, up to 1.7 kg of fresh potatoes and 1.5 kg of frozen ones can be cooked and can serve to up to 8 persons.



Second on my De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist is the ICE CREAM MAKER II GELATAIO ICK 6000.



I know that it’s a little cold for ice cream right now but the Philippines is a tropical country and ICE CREAM is definitely one of the best things we can enjoy all year round.

The De’Longhi Ice Cream (Gelato) Maker is a must-have item and must definitely be part of everybody’s kitchen because we can enjoy ice cream in an instant.

No more buying ice cream in the supermarket and racing home so that it won’t melt.

Your kids will definitely love this product and you would be able to monitor the ingredients of the ice cream to make it healthier for your family’s consumption.

Your kids won’t have to buy dirty ice cream again.

You can also experiment with the different fruits, flavors, etc. that you can make ice cream with.

What can I say… I LOVE ICE CREAM SO MUCH!!!

Aside from coffee and dark chocolates, this is definitely my pick-me-up stress-relieving snack!

What’s great about having your own ice cream maker is you can create your very own flavors and you can use syrups (Chocolate, Strawberry, etc) to make your ice cream unique and tastier. You can even use rainbow sprinkles, cherries etc. to make the ice cream more mouth-watering.

I made this item as the 2nd item in my De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist because I love to experiment. I would love to create different colors and different flavored ice cream that’s unique and amazingly creamy and delicious. The internet is rich with information and recipes so I would definitely look into existing recipes and personalize it according to my preferred taste.




Easy to Assemble

The DE’LONGHI ICE CREAM MAKER II GELATAIO ICK 6000 is very easy to assemble because there aren’t much parts that are separated.

Putting it together would be easy especially if you’ve read the manual.

Easy To Use

Each lever and knob is detailed and has symbols to make identifying them easier.

Once you create your very first ice cream, I’m sure that you would be very addicted to creating one flavor after another. It’s very easy to use that even your kids can help you create your ice cream masterpiece!

Special Paddle

The DE’LONGHI ICE CREAM MAKER II GELATAIO ICK 6000 has a special paddle that enables the ice cream to get thicker faster than the competitors’.

Dishwasher Safe

If you use dishwashers, you don’t have to worry because most of the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

You can also clean the parts using conventional dishwashing liquid and water. I suggest not using bars of soap since if you’re unable to rinse it properly, the soap residue might contaminate the ice cream.

Recipe Book

The product comes with a Recipe Book, complete with instructions on how you’re going to make an ice cream.

You can also research online for more ideas because having an ice cream maker ensures that you get countless possibilities of ice cream flavors.

Instant Ice Cream

No more waiting for ice cream vendors…

No more going to Supermarket to buy ice cream…

You can get instant ice cream right inside your home with your very own DE’LONGHI ICE CREAM MAKER II GELATAIO ICK 6000. 

This would be perfect for friendly get-togethers, family occasions, and celebrations, etc.

Fresh Ingredients

What I love about having my very own DE’LONGHI ICE CREAM MAKER II GELATAIO ICK 6000 is I can choose which fresh fruit I want to turn into an ice cream.

I can even mix and match fruits to make the taste even more unique.

Transparent Lid

Having a transparent lid is a must especially if you’re super curious like me.

I would most definitely ruin the ice cream process if the lid wasn’t transparent because I would be to worried and curious what the ice cream looks like and how it is being formed inside the machine. So.. thank goodness for the transparent lid! 🙂


ECAM 650.75.MS

DE’LONGHI FULLY AUTO COFFEE MACHINE ECAM 650.75.MS is the third item on my CHRISTMAS WISHLIST. I know it’s a bit expensive but if I have the budget to buy this, I most definitely will!


I have different moods and with every change in mood, I prefer different types of coffee. Having a FULLY AUTO COFFEE MACHINE ECAM 650.75.MS would be a dream come true because I can enjoy different types of coffee at home without having to go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to buy expensive coffees.


There are actually other brands of Auto Coffee Machines but I personally think that DE’LONGHI FULLY AUTO COFFEE MACHINE ECAM 650.75.MS is the best. WHY? Check out this comparison between DE’LONGHI and another brand.

In terms of DENSITY, DE’LONGHI FULLY AUTO COFFEE MACHINE ECAM 650.75.MS produces MICRO BUBBLES which means the foam is smoother and more frothy, exactly the way I love it!


In terms of creaminess, DE’LONGHI FULLY AUTO COFFEE MACHINE ECAM 650.75.MS produces more foam using the same amount of milk as the competitor.


The temperature of the coffee using DE’LONGHI FULLY AUTO COFFEE MACHINE ECAM 650.75.MS is precise. It gives the perfect temperature which is neither too scalding hot nor too cold. 


Checking the frothiness of the coffee, DE’LONGHI FULLY AUTO COFFEE MACHINE ECAM 650.75.MS, using the LatteCrema System lasts longer than the competitor’s, which means the froth is not too airy.


I really think that having this De’Longhi Coffee Machine is definitely a nice addition to anyone’s kitchen. Companies who want to pamper their managers and office personnel should also look into buying this because for me, if this is in our office pantry, I would enjoy and love my work more.

Children can also enjoy them because there’s a hot chocolate option. For Christmas, you can buy candy canes to act as “stirrer” and you can also put in whipped cream, choco sprinkles or marshmallows to make it look more enticing for kids.


Plus, if you buy yourself coffee patterns and stencils, you can use these to make the home-made coffee more enticing. You can definitely use this to start a small coffee business. 

Below is a sample of those stencils. Since it’s nearing Christmas, I prefer the Christmas tree stencil.




4.3″ Touch Screen Colour Interface

The FULLY AUTO COFFEE MACHINE ECAM 650.75.MS has a 4.7″ TFT Coloured Monitor.

The graphics of the coffee being made looks really awesome.

The instructions are sometimes provided in the touch screen as well.

What’s great about it is you don’t have to spend time trying to figure out what certain symbols mean. With the use of touch screen, symbols are accompanied with words so you can make your selection perfectly.

Easy To Use

It’s so easy to use and sometimes, if you aren’t sure about it, you can read the instructions on the screen to serve as your guide. Navigation is easy and all you need to do is tap on your choice of drinks as well as be mindful of the instructions.

Chocolate Function

Your kids can enjoy chocolate instead of coffee. You can also choose whether to place milk or not.

There are also some non-coffee recipes online that you can use to create your own preferred drink.

Personalized Recipes

You can program and customize the coffee recipes according to your liking and preference by just adjusting control dials and saving them.

Coffee Link App

This is really the digital age because now, you can make your coffee by using the COFFEE LINK APP. Your cellphone will be the remote control and you control what coffee or drink you wish to make. Like I said earlier, this is definitely a DREAM MACHINE especially for coffee lovers like me.

Fresh Coffee

FULLY AUTO COFFEE MACHINE ECAM 650.75.MS is a Bean to Coffee machine. It produces Coffee from coffee beans or even slightly ground coffee beans. You can order coffee beans in bulk which would give you more savings than when you keep ordering coffee from coffee shops. 

Adjustable Foam Level

How much Foam do you want? Understandably, we don’t have similar preferences when it comes to foam level. Some like it thick while some don’t like foamy coffee.

You can adjust the level of foam within the machine itself or by using your cellphone (app).

Thermal Carafe

Notice the Thermal Carafe at the left side?

Yes, it’s a thermal carafe and it’s not metallic. It can hold in the heat though so you can still enjoy your hot coffee.

LatteCrema System

Lattecrema system is perhaps what gives FULLY AUTO COFFEE MACHINE ECAM 650.75.MS its edge over its competitors. 

It produces the perfect cappucino with:

  • the perfect density
  • the perfect creaminess
  • the perfect temperature
  • ENJOY it till the last drop!

Easy To Clean

Each part has instructions on how to clean it.

Make sure that you read the manual prior to doing the cleaning so that you’d get tips and warnings on what to do and what not to do.

There’s also some levers that you can use to clean specific parts.

The Thermal Carafe is removable and when you put milk into it, you can place it inside the refrigerator when you’re not using the item so the milk is fresher longer.

That’s it! Those are the top 3 items on my



I’m sure that you’re interested to learn about the other products as well. These would make awesome Christmas parents to your parents and loved ones. Also, it would make great gifts for newly weds as well.

De’Longhi may also be used in small or start-up businesses like coffee shops. Just imagine making and selling your own coffee and cake. 🙂


Another good thing is, if I would have my Christmas wishlist in my kitchen right now, it would feel like I have my very own coffee, pastry and ice cream shop + restaurant inside my home and breakfast, lunch and dinner would be absolutely magical!

For more information and instant updates, please see the website link and social media links below.



Be updated by visiting and following DeLonghi Philippines’ website and social media accounts!

Also, please check out the other products from Philippines’ official partner and distributor of De’Longhi Products, which is the CONCEPT SPECIALIST INC. (CSI). They have been in this business since 1998 and have continued providing consistent high quality products here in the Philippines.




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